People fail because they are lazy, things fail because they are proud, and families fail because of extravagance.

People fail because they are lazy, things fail because they are proud, and families fail because of extravagance.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

have you ever found that there are always people living the life you want, and there are always people living the way you want them to be.

have you ever complained that others are always going well, but their own life is so hard and hard?

in fact, there is no casual success or failure for no reason.

Zeng Guofan once said in his family motto for future generations:

this is true.

laziness, arrogance, and luxury are the beginning of disaster for a person and a family.

if you want to avoid detours in your life, you have to avoid them.


people fail because of laziness

there is an interesting saying in economics called "lazy horse effect".

two horses deliver goods to their owners, one is fast, the other is slow.

in order to hurry, the owner had to move all the goods from behind to the front. The horse behind

smiled happily and thought to himself: the horse in front is so stupid that he doesn't even understand the basic truth that "the harder you try, the more you suffer."

after arriving at the destination, someone saw this and said to the owner:

since you only use one horse to pull the rickshaw, then bringing two horses is a waste of resources?

it would be better to keep the horse with good strength and kill the horse that pulled the empty carriage, so that the skin can be sold for a good price, which can be regarded as an income.

after hearing this, the owner thought the suggestion was very good, so he killed the lazy horse.

in life, a moment of triumph may lead to a lifetime of frustration.

the lazier you are, the less existential you are, and the harder it is to turn around in the end.

blindly lazy and slippery, it seems to take advantage of it, but in the end we still suffer from it.

so laziness is sweet before bitter.

makes people lose motivation in sweetness and sit back and wait for death in the midst of suffering.

I have seen such a short story.

one day, an idle young man saw a monk chanting sutras and asked casually, "Why do you hit wooden fish when reciting the Buddha?"

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the monk answered earnestly: "it's called banging fish, but it actually knocks people."

on the contrary, this aroused the curiosity of the young man, and he asked, "then why not beat the chicken and the sheep, but beat the fish?"

the monk said with a smile:

the monk's words seemed to wake up the young man, and from then on he no longer muddled along and waited for death.

the language of Confucius says: "the idle is the reason behind."

those who are lazy will eventually be left behind by the times.

truly wise people, they never stop fighting.

No effort, no gain.

on the way of life, we are never afraid of too many difficulties, only for being gluttonous and lazy.

keep diligent all the time, and only when the opportunity comes, can you grasp it accurately.


things fail because of pride

Wang Mingyang often exhorts his disciples:

once people are arrogant, they will inevitably be arrogant and conceited together, and the whole person will lose a sense of caution, from small mistakes to big mistakes, and will slowly decline.

if you observe carefully, you will find that the more arrogant a person is, the more half a bucket of water wobbles.

they are always complacent in their one-third mu of land, not listening to other people's opinions and seeing the outside world.

Tang Bohu was a famous painter and litterateur in the Ming Dynasty. He showed amazing talent in painting when he was young.

later, under the door of the great painter Shen Zhou, he was already extremely talented, and after being instructed by a famous teacher, his skill improved even more rapidly.

usually his works are often praised by Shen Zhou.

Tang Bohu gradually developed a feeling of complacency over time.

when facing other painters, I always feel superior.

the comments and suggestions of others are not taken to heart.

these Shen Zhou are seen in the eyes and kept in mind.

once at a meal, Shen Zhou asked Tang Bohu to open the window.

Tang Bohu reached out and found that his window was a painting by teacher Shen Zhou.

this surprised Tang Bohu: "there are people who can draw windows to the point where they look real."

then thinking of his arrogance and complacency during this period, Tang Bohu felt very ashamed.

since then, Tang Bohu put down his arrogant attitude, no longer looked down on anyone, and learned to listen to the opinions of others with an open mind.

after constant open-minded advice and painstaking practice, Tang Bohu's level improved faster and faster, and finally became a famous painter at that time.

as the old saying goes, "if you attract losses, you will benefit from modesty."

arrogant people rest on their laurels and turn a deaf ear to other people's opinions, and it is themselves who suffer in the end.

humble people know how to tolerate, they live like a sponge, the good and bad can be converted into their own energy.

I like the saying

"every man is the architect of his own destiny."

whatever you choose, you will have your destiny.

choose arrogance, it is difficult to improve, one step wrong, you will fall into the abyss;

choose modesty, you will be able to learn from each other and constantly improve and enrich yourself.


the failure of the family is all due to extravagance

Li Shangyin wrote in his poem:

diligence and thrift can make the family harmonious and make the country prosperous, but once the atmosphere of luxury is formed, it will not be far from collapse.

extravagance prevailed at the end of the Sui Dynasty.

during the reign of Emperor Yang Guang of the Sui DynastyHe only cares about having fun and completely ignores the government.

singing and dancing every day, wine pool and meat forest every night.

sure enough, within a few years, the Sui Dynasty perished.

there is no way for happiness and misfortune, but people call themselves.

while enjoying happiness, he also laid the foundation for the demise of the Sui Dynasty, and by the time he woke up, it was too late.

people's desires are infinite.

once the mouth of greed is opened, like Pandora's box, it can no longer be closed.

once luxurious habits are formed, they are hard to get rid of, and no matter how much wealth they have, they will be squandered.

Fan Zhongyan, a famous minister of the Northern Song Dynasty, lived a very difficult life when he was a child, and often had to study hungry.

later, when he became prime minister, he did not become extravagant because of his identity and environment. On the contrary, he kept the good habit of being industrious and frugal.

not only does he lead by example, insisting on eating coarse grains and wearing cloth clothes, but also sets rules for his children, requiring them to be diligent, frugal and pragmatic.

although they were born in an official family, the food and clothing expenses of several children are no different from those of ordinary families.

when his second son Fan Chunren got married, the woman wanted to have a grand wedding in order to show her illustrious family background.

after Fan Zhongyan knew this, he wrote a crossword puzzle:

Fan Chunren read it and realized that what his father said was the word "Yi".

he woke up and realized that insisting on the family style of diligence and thrift should not tolerate the slightest carelessness.

in order to never forget to maintain the character of hard work and plain living, Fan Chunren personally wrote "Bu Ming" on his desk, making a comparison between thrift and extravagance in history to warn himself.

later, Fan Chunren became an official and paid homage to each other twice, with boundless scenery.

it is precisely because of this thrifty family style that several descendants of the Fan family are particularly outstanding.

Zeng Guofan once said:

indulgence and indulgence can easily destroy a child, while forming the habit of diligence and thrift can benefit children for life.

if luxury is a delicious poison, it makes people gradually die in sweetness.

then diligence and frugality is the medicine of bitterness, which makes people grow in bitterness.


lazy people are mostly down and out all their lives, wasting their talents and wasting time;

arrogant people tend to rest on their laurels, can't see themselves clearly, and look down on others.

extravagant people often find it hard to fill their desires, squander wealth and destroy their families.

laziness, arrogance and luxury are the three mountains on our way of life, blocking our progress.

thrift in life, humility in dealing with others, and hard work in your career are the best choices for yourself and your family.

May you and I be able to climb over the mountains and meet better ourselves in the days to come.

encourage it.