People have three Shun, one Shun then Bai Shun (depth good text)

People have three Shun, one Shun then Bai Shun (depth good text)

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Saints often move in accordance with the times, but wise people must be driven by the opportunity.

in the Chinese cultural view, "Shun" has always been a special existence.

in self-cultivation, people pay attention to "a gentleman with Shunde".

means to be careful of your own virtue and constantly practice it in order to become a noble person.

in terms of behavior, the ancients thought that "if the name is not correct, the words are not right, and if the words are not right, things are not done."

first of all, you have to win the trust of others before things can be done smoothly.

knowing obedience and learning to obey is the foundation of an unwritten life.

longing for a smooth life, looking forward to a smooth career, and praying for smooth sailing is a good wish from beginning to end.

people discuss conforming to fate and pinning their hopes on letting nature take its course. It can be said that "Shun" has been regarded as a very important part of people's values, outlook on life, and outlook on development.

and also point out the essence of "Shun": everyone wants to be "Shun", but Shun is not in heaven, not in God, not in gossip, in fact, it lies in ourselves.

to sum up, one should practice the following three obediences in one's life: obedience, good words, and good things.

if you cultivate these well, you will have a beautiful and successful life.


Xinshun: learn to cultivate and control yourself

the ancients said: nine out of ten things go wrong in life.

in the face of these unhappy people and things, different attitudes often lead to different results.

controlling your heart and emotions directly affects people's happiness index and the quality of life.

Zhuangzi once said: "respect but do not like, insult but not anger, only those who are in harmony with heaven."

means that don't be ecstatic in good times and don't get angry when you are insulted. Only those who know how to be in harmony with heaven and earth can live well.

success means being able to control and control yourself, not irritable, not discouraged, not sad, not flinching, so as to achieve a consistent state of humiliation and disgrace.

in the time of Wu Zetian in the Tang Dynasty, there was a prime minister named Lou Shide who had this realm.

once someone called him "worse than an animal", but he ignored it.

because of his huge size, people often make fun of him as a "country bumpkin" and walk slowly. He mocked himself, "I'm not a country bumpkin, who does?"

when my younger brother was promoted, he said to his younger brother, "We two brothers, one prime minister and one stabbing history, are bound to be envied." If we do not confront people head-on, if they spit in their faces, instead of wiping them off, we will smile and wait for our spits to dry. "

later, Lou Shide recommended Di Renjie. Di Renjie did not know the inside story and often despised him, saying in front of the queen that he was too Buddhist.

the Queen praised Lou Shide so much that she couldn't help saying to Di Renjie, "do you know who recommended you?" It's Lou Shide! "

Di Renjie was ashamed when he heard this, only then did he know that Lou Shide's moral character was noble, and he has admired it ever since.

with "obedience", in the era when cruel officials were rampant and officials were purged, Lou Shide not only was not convicted, but also saved the future of the whole family.

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if you practice your heart and be calm, you will not compete with trifles, setbacks, or unhappiness.

the road of life will be wider and wider if there is nothing outside the mind.

Life is smooth, and life is naturally full of happiness.


it goes well: peace is expensive, it is expensive everywhere

the world we live in is the world of human beings. It happens all the time to communicate with people.

when you encounter problems, there are fewer excuses, modesty and obedience are the second things to learn.

with good intentions, saying good words and doing a good job, everything will go smoothly.

the Book of songs says: "the words are obedient, the people are harmonious; the words are beautiful, and the people are at peace."

means that macroscopically, the monarch should respect the people in terms of words in order to make people subservient.

Xunzi also pointed out the following three points in detail: "only those who come for advice can discuss moral methods with him politely and respectfully; only with obedient words can they talk about moral principles with him; only when they are willing to listen can they talk to him about the essence of morality."

you see that people who agree with their words always get extra favor and opportunities.

the former Soviet psychologist Davidova did an experiment.

he chose four groups of people with different personalities to go to the theatre, and let them all encounter this situation, 15 minutes late, unable to enter the theater.

the staff stopped them and said, "Sorry, sir, you are already 15 minutes late. In order not to affect others, you cannot enter."

according to everyone's reaction, there are four results.

the first kind of person quarreled with the staff. The staff more resolutely prevented him from entering and forced him to evacuate, but naturally did not see the play.

the second kind of people do not argue with the staff, but find other ways to enter the theater and continue to play tricks.

the third kind of people comfort themselves, find a snack bar, sit down and wait for the interval to re-enter, and see it as a play.

the fourth kind of people constantly complain about themselves, go home and spread their anger to their families. As a result, the family is tit-for-tat, making everyone unhappy.

different ways of doing things lead to different consequences.

Master Xuecheng once said, "what you say is actually what other people think of you." Everyone wants to change their own destiny, and to speak well is to change their destiny. "

people who speak well and are in a good mood not only minimize the risk of rebound, but also achieve their goals unexpectedly.

A good word warms you in three springs, but a bad word hurts you in June.

speak well, love at the bottom of your heart, virtue in your mouth, and goodwill in the world.

words are the voice of the heart. Instead of being disgusted by it, it is better to say the words well and make people feel like a spring breeze.


things go well: the top vision is to move at the right time

the Chronicles of the three Kingdoms says: "Saints always move according to the time, and wise people must move because of the machine."

Smart people have top horizons and know how to adapt to trends.

they know that fate is partly self-contained and partly made by providence. You can get what you can grasp, and if you can't reverse it, you won't be forced to let nature take its course.

according to different situations, adjust your attitude and methods towards people or things, "plan and move from time to time", and master the initiative.

Xue Baochai in A Dream of Red Mansions, Cao Gong alone gave her the word "time" because she knew how to go well and moved according to time.

she said, "A good wind, by force, sends me to the clouds."

Baochai doesn't ask for it all the time.

her family is in decline, and her food and clothing expenses are halved by herself, all new and not old.

Jin Jing died, and Mrs. Wang asked her for advice. she soon saw from the chaos that people could not be brought back to life after the dead, so it would be better to care for her family. So, I don't mind taking out her clothes and giving them to Jin Yi.

Baochai can see deeply and clearly.

all the time, everywhere, to meet the needs of others.

for example, send bird's nest to Daiyu with snow candy; give Xiangyun a crab feast regardless of money; when you see the thin clothes worn by Xing Xiuyan, you know that she has become a winter coat.

those who conform to the way of heaven can achieve humanity. Only those who conform to the times can seek innovation and change.

Life is a curve, no one's life is plain sailing, a turn is a different day.

complaining that God is unfair and fate is bad, but he will never get up.

Sanshun is about heaven and earth, about reason, about you and me.

in this day and age, there are many temptations and a lot of material desires.

only when you have something to do, can you have something to uphold, and only then can you have something to pursue.

Xin Shun makes us calm, broad-minded, clear-minded, and practices our hearts.

obedience allows us to speak kindly, to talk kindly, to be gentle, and to complement our actions.

everything goes smoothly so that we can do things well, be quiet when things happen, and broaden our horizons, which contribute to our future.

only by returning to calmness and omitting fickleness can we brighten our personality life.

restore purity and omit hypocrisy in order to create a satisfactory life.