People reach middle age: forget, fade, and let go

People reach middle age: forget, fade, and let go

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Life is a process of continuous precipitation, the days are getting simpler and simpler, and the state of mind is becoming more and more calm.

A person's best state is "thinking innocence, meaning without madness, action without dryness".

if you have too much, you will not be happier, but will only add to your troubles.

the second half of life, forget, light, let go.


forget the troubles

MiyazakiHayao once said: "some troubles, lost, there is a light opportunity."

the writer Haruki Murakami had a very difficult time.

he just got married, has no place to live, and eats entirely on instant noodles.

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Haruki Murakami and his wife kept looking for a house. Later, they saw a narrow triangular house in the intermediary. The rent was extremely cheap, so they rented it.

as soon as I open the door every day, the streetcar roars past, and the rear window smells like oil fumes, and the small house can only hold one.

if you were an ordinary person, you would already be sad, while Haruki Murakami writes and runs calmly.

he also joked: "We are poor enough to apply for the Guinness Book of Records!"

later, it wasn't long before Haruki Murakami published his first work, which was very popular, and his hard life was also the inspiration for his creation.

mindset can change a person's way out.

yesterday's troubles will be left behind; tomorrow's troubles will be talked about tomorrow.

British writer Winston Churchill said: "people worry too much in life, but most of the worries never happen."

90% of the troubles in life are due to thinking too much, mistakenly regarding the opinions of others as too important, and mistakenly thinking of their own state as too bad.

live in the present and practice the word "forget".

forgetting boredom is a blessing, and a broad heart is the way.

forget your troubles and lose your baggage, and the road of life will be smoother and smoother.


downplay right and wrong

A sentence that likes Bai Luomei very much: "it is better to be a light person and let the world go through the vicissitudes of life. I am leisurely and painless."

if you have ever walked in a right or wrong circle, you will want to stay away.

people are complicated, sometimes they quarrel over inexplicable interests, and sometimes they put money above feelings.

Last year, my sister-in-law and uncle divorced, and they have only been married for less than a year.

my uncle's family asked my sister-in-law to refund the bride price, but my sister-in-law thought my uncle was gluttonous and lazy.

the public argument is reasonable, and the mother-in-law is reasonable.

the two families quarreled in the street and even began to beat people. At last the police came, and the neighbors gathered around to watch the fun.

A bad thing has been argued for a long time, and no one is the winner.

many people think that being "lighter" is pretending to be arrogant, but in fact we are just tired of entanglement.

as the old saying goes, it is better to pay off debts than to give, and to avoid disasters than to cultivate blessings.

sometimes, it is better to mention it in a light way than with a lot of ink.

lighten right and wrong, far away disasters, and repair blessings.


release yourself

I have heard the story of the poet Wei Yingwu.

from a distinguished family, he entered the court at the age of 15 and became the personal bodyguard of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty.

Wei Yingwu, who should have been promoted step by step, encountered the "an-Shi Rebellion", and his fate has been changed ever since.

there are constant wars and vagrants. Wei Yingwu has been tortured and bullied.

if he woke up from a big dream, he learned from the bitter experience, abandoned Wu Congwen, read and practiced calligraphy every day, burned incense and swept the floor.

in 779 AD, in the third year after his wife's death, Wei Yingwu resigned his official post and lived in seclusion.

after decades of ups and downs, I finally let myself go, wayward, free and easy.

Wei Yingwu studies Confucianism, is proficient in Buddhism, and writes several "five unique poems":

"the sound of pine nuts falling to the ground can be heard in the silence of the empty mountain. I think you are also missing friends and can't sleep."

his poem has a clear rhyme, which is called "the five words in the Middle Tang Dynasty, the most ancient in Suzhou".

as the old saying goes, it is merciful to let others go and sad to let go of yourself.

in life, the trivia of the family, the troubles of life, and many burdens on the shoulders make people unable to escape.

however, if the rope is tied too tightly, it will break and we need to untie ourselves.

Let yourself go and see the sun in the clouds. Let bygones be bygones and the breeze comes slowly.

"what you are looking for is often impossible to find, and everything in the world comes and goes with its time."

one-year-old past, more experience, but also increased some knowledge.

often remind yourself not to push too hard and not to be too emotional.

forget your troubles and let your heart be wider;

lighten the right and wrong, make the day a little easier;

let yourself go and be a little more free and easy.

Sunrise, East China Sea and West Mountain, sorrow and joy. If you live a good life at the moment, you can feel at ease.