"people who post on moments have never seen the world."

"people who post on moments have never seen the world."

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

do you agree with this view?

before I write this article, I will first tell the story of a friend around me.

this friend of mine, who usually likes to record her life on moments, has recently closed her moments.

she said that she once sent photos to share her mood, but she didn't expect that everyone's attention was all on her neck.

some people say that you always wear this platinum necklace to show off, others say that the necklace is blind, please don't wear it.

even one of our mutual friends secretly asked me that she often posted that valuable necklace in her moments. Could it be that she was kept by some tuhao and dared not take it off?

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as everyone knows, that necklace was left to her when her grandmother died.

whenever she misses her grandmother, or goes through something special, she will take pictures.


Mr. Lu Xun said that human joys and sorrows are not the same. I just think they are noisy.

the world in your eyes is sometimes not what you think.

and a person's greatest malice is to impose his own understanding on others and always think that he is right.

in the picture, this is a mask of Einstein's face.

is this face concave or protruding?

you must say it's protruding. Yes, it looks protruding.

and the following is a side view of the mask.

look at it this way, it turns out to be a concave face.

in fact, this is an example mentioned in a BBC program. Why does looking at the first picture give you an illusion?

the cognitive scientist explains:

since we have never seen a concave face, we cannot form an image of a concave face in our mind.

therefore, judging the whole picture of a person by only one side is easy, but it is also unfair.

in the same way, many things you can see are just the tip of the iceberg. You can't empathize because you haven't experienced it, and your so-called truth is just what you think.

but I don't know since when, many people are used to guessing things themselves.

before, a photo of a female customs worker wearing a black halter skirt handling business at the customs administrative examination and approval window was circulated on the Internet.

you don't wear overalls to work?

such a casual style makes netizens satirize: "improve the working style of windows?" The Customs is really at the forefront. "

netizens think that the staff member is very unprofessional and that it is unsightly to dress up like that.

what we don't know is that she actually asked for leave in advance that day.

when she changed into casual clothes and was ready to leave, someone happened to run errands.

in order not to delay the other party, she postponed her departure and accepted the business temporarily.

it was originally a warm-hearted act of helping others, but it was photographed and posted online to be abused.


Psychology, there is a "projection effect":

means that people often have an illusion and are used to analyzing and judging others according to what they think and see. And think that the other person is the same.

this phenomenon is terrible.

do you remember Dr. Ann who committed suicide?

Dr and Mrs Ann quarreled with two boys in the swimming pool.

the family of the boy came to Dr. an's unit and asked his boss to fire Dr. an. After

, a video with no cause and effect and only partial facts, "suspected that his wife was hit and a man hit a child in the swimming pool" went viral on the Internet, setting off a public opinion violence.

if the needle doesn't prick you, you never know how painful it is for others.

Doctor Ann was subjected to a cyber manhunt, and a few days later she was stressed out and committed suicide.

have those people ever thought that when you criticize the innocent without knowing the truth and criticize the innocent, it may be the last straw to crush the innocent?

prejudices in people's hearts are like a mountain that is difficult to move.

most of the time, the person we spread by word of mouth may not be the real Ta, but the Ta we imagined.

the miser who saves every expense in your eyes may be because he sends all his savings home;

the material girl you call a BMW with a LV in her mouth actually often sacrifices her weekends and works hard.

your boss, who looks cold and mean, is particularly humane in times of crisis.

and vice versa.

the person who is always kind to you may also be the bad guy waiting for the opportunity.

similarly, posting selfies on moments must be narcissistic personality, and must be pretending to send travel photos?

sometimes you want to post about the difficulties of life in moments, but you are accused of being hypocritical, online, and poor stress resistance.

"Yes, whose life is not hard, a lot of things are not worth mentioning."

the saddest thing is that no one can understand your feelings.

both happiness and sadness of modern people need an outlet. The original intention of posting moments is to record life and share feelings.

in fact, posting shiny certificates is the result of a year of hard work; the big-brand cosmetics bought by Singles' Day choppers are trophies to work overtime through countless all-nighters.

so you can't deny the special significance of these results to people who post on moments.

while some people rigidly judge it as showing off, but forget that it is more and more complete and real him.


I think of such a story:

A girl putThe newly bought iPhone was put on the piano. When her classmate saw it, she said, "what a fake!" Put your phone in such a conspicuous position.

the girl smiled and said: I play the piano for 800000 yuan, but you only see a cell phone for seven thousand yuan.

the girl's mother said to her daughter: you live in a 50 million villa, but all you see is the piano.

the girl's father said to her mother: you enjoy the company of a husband worth 1 billion, but all you see is a dilapidated villa.

as the saying goes, vision determines the realm.

the more unworldly people are, the more self-centered they are, and the narrower their horizons are.

in fact, the more things a person dislikes, the smaller his pattern will be.

when you come into contact with all kinds of people and see more and more of the world, you will realize that many people who use luxury goods are not showing off;

people who drive luxury cars and live in luxury houses are not showing off their wealth. Xiuen love and promotion are just sharing joy.

that's their most normal life on weekdays. We don't need to talk about it. We can block it if we don't like it.

I also like to post on moments. Fortunately, no matter what I send, my friends can understand it, and it doesn't hurt to tease me occasionally.

I cherish this kindness and tolerance, and often give likes to their moments.

I think there is only one reason for all prejudices between people: these things don't happen to you.

what may be insignificant in your eyes has a different meaning in someone else's world.

you have not experienced other people's lives, so you are not qualified to measure other people's lives by your own standards.


I quite agree with this passage:

"if you approach the Potala Palace and see the nearest blue sky and the whitest Hada, you will have a different view of life and death;

if you travel around the Seville Cathedral, you will not think that if you lose an ex-boyfriend, you will lose the whole world."

of course, all this is not to show superiority in the next chat;

but to be leisurely, humble, arrogant and inclusive of the diversity of all things in the world at any time, but to make a fuss.

"look at your Wechat profile photo, I know you are low";

"look at your designer bag, I know you like to show off";

"I know you love money when you work late into the night";

"when you get divorced, you don't care about your home";


from now on, I don't want to hear these childish black and white remarks any more.

do not judge others at will, do not spread rumors, is a person's deep-rooted self-cultivation.

May you and I respect each other and look at people without tinted glasses.

I also wish you and I dare to tear off the labels easily affixed by others and be ourselves bravely.