People, why do they change? (after watching it with tears)

People, why do they change? (after watching it with tears)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

people, why do they change?

Love, why is it weak?

Heart, why is it so far away?

A cup of tea is cold when you leave it; a relationship makes you a stranger.

No emotion, no heart, no heart;

any relationship, if you don't cherish it, you can't get deep love!

people, why do they change?

what will remain the same in this world?

in the past, we were simple and believed everything you said, but now we are mature and consider things comprehensively.

in a relationship, if you get hurt, you will be on guard;

between heart and heart, you will get cold sooner or later.

two people get along, if I am as good as ever to you, but do not get the slightest response. Who will be foolishly enthusiastic all the time?

people, why do they change?

give sincerely, all want to accompany wholeheartedly.

give wholeheartedly, all want to care without two minds.

how many relations, because do not know how to cherish, gradually drifting away.

the result of going their separate ways, who has ever thought? Who wants it? But love is like a bundle of burning firewood, burning, if there is no more wood, it will go out sooner or later.

the wood that has been burnt out has become ashes, like a heart full of ashes, never going back to the past, never a trace of enthusiasm.

people, why do they change?

people will become more resolute when they run into a brick wall again and again;

if they are aggrieved, they will need the warmth of others;

people will be at a loss and will want to be accompanied with sincerity.

if you fall into the trough, who are you to make a comeback?

when I need it most, I can't hear from you. When I don't need it, you can't get into my heart.

people are mutual! When others need you, you are comforted; when you need someone to come, you are grateful for him to come.

only the love that goes to each other, and the love that accompanies each other, can we go on without fear of change.

people will change, their hearts will be cold, and their feelings will break!

cherish the person who needs you, because not everyone has the opportunity to get in touch with his weakness!

give back to the person you need, only by knowing how to be grateful can you make others care more!

the heart is not cool in a day, people do not change in a day, do not know how to cherish the outcome, is doomed to the person who once cared about you, step by step away from you.

to be kind to a person, you don't have nothing to do, you don't have to, but you really care about it, and you will tolerate, compromise, make concessions, and forgive again and again!

We have to change. If we don't change, our hearts will be broken.

those who see clearly, we choose not to be close; when our hearts are cooled, we choose to be strong.

cherish the one in front of you, who is good to you, who gives way to you, who cares for you wholeheartedly.

some feelings, lost, is a lifetime thing.

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those who share weal and woe may not meet that one if they miss this one.

when the tea is cold, you can make a pot. If you leave, you'll never see it again. Cherish what you have and be kind to the truth, so that we can avoid regret!