People, why do they change? (every sentence goes to the heart)

People, why do they change? (every sentence goes to the heart)

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nothing in this world is immutable.

one second, I made a promise; the next, I really ran aground.

there are some passers-by who were once strange to them, but finally became each other's dearest existence because of their acquaintance and acquaintance.

on the contrary, those who thought they would love most for the rest of their lives ended up being just passers-by, even feeling so strange.

someone has said:

people, why do they change?

in fact, it's not that people have changed, but after the vicissitudes of life, you and I both understand.

time is moving, people's hearts are changing

the three most poignant words in life are "I think":

think that after a deep acquaintance, you will not change your heart;

think that if you trust each other, you will not be separated;

you will not leave if you have truly loved each other.

No one knows that the human heart is the most fickle in the face of time.

A lot of feelings fade away when they are in love, and many people break up as they walk. This is the normal state of life and a reality that everyone has to accept.

I have read such a story on the Internet.

A person who runs a company and starts his own business is in urgent need of a sum of money because of the economic downturn.

in desperation, he thought of the old classmate he had helped.

at that time, the father of an old classmate had an operation, and watching the high cost of the operation, he gave all the money in his hand to his old classmate for emergency without saying a word.

he thought that with their classmates and troubles together, his old classmates would certainly help.

but when I called, my friend dismissed him with any excuse when he heard that he wanted to borrow money.

what made him even more sad was that he couldn't even get through to the phone after that.

it was only then that he discovered that the people he had always treated with all his heart could only share wealth, not adversity.

after that, he told himself: never overestimate your relationship with anyone.

in this world, no relationship is permanent, and no friendship is unbreakable.

it is a disaster to attach too much importance to the hearts of the people.

there is a saying in

there is a saying in "the Dead of Mountains and Rivers":

there is a saying in

the Dead of Mountains and Rivers

the most important thing is to learn to hold an umbrella for yourself.

as for those who are separated and their feelings fade away, fate is the attitude they should have.


Life is a passer-by, and all gains and losses go with fate

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from the beginning to Shanghai to work hard, and then to the fire all over the network with goods cp, they are the best partner in the hearts of countless people.

encourage each other when they are down, and stay with each other when they are down, thus getting through the most difficult time of starting a business.

but after success, one to the left and one to the right.

this can't help but remind people of a sentence in "swallowing alive":

the things in the world must be together for a long time, and they must be divided for a long time.

whether it is affection, love, or friendship, separation is inevitable. In the end, any relationship is a separation.

some people stay yesterday before they have time to say goodbye; some people promise not to leave, but say goodbye in the twinkling of an eye.

Life is so cruel that all relationships darken and hearts fade, but in an instant.

therefore, instead of entangling, it is better to be bearish. Only by letting go of obsession can we be calm and calm.

in the face of people who change their minds, it is a leisurely attitude towards life that gains and losses follow fate;

in the face of those who leave, it is an open-minded realm of life to go or stay at will.

as Xunzi said:

Truth and falsehood, gain and loss are all between one thought.

if letting go can make you happy, it is another kind of accomplishment.


time is a good medicine, it will take away the false that can not be retained, but it will also precipitate the truest feelings.

everything is doomed.

believe that what happens in life is the best arrangement and the greatest respect for life.

maybe this is also the ultimate meaning of growing up. Keep leaving some people, and then get to know some people again, and then life becomes colorful and colorful.

therefore, learn to look down on human feelings and the world.

No matter what changes take place in the world, as long as you live up to the present, you will have a better tomorrow.