People with real good character all have these characteristics. Please make a deep acquaintance for a lifetime.

People with real good character all have these characteristics. Please make a deep acquaintance for a lifetime.

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A person's real capital is not beauty or money, but character.

character is not only the foundation of a person in society, but also a person's most precious wealth.

Kangxi once said: when a country employs people, it should be based on virtue, and talent and art should be the end.

No matter how highly educated a person is, no matter how good his ability is, if his character fails, he will never be valued.

character is a person's hardest card.

people with good character all have these characteristics. If you meet, please make a deep acquaintance for a lifetime.


people with good character never take advantage

Zeng Guofan once mentioned in his family letter: those who like to take advantage of bargains cannot be paid.

people who like to take advantage of others are often selfish.

they pay more attention to some petty profits in front of them. On the surface, they may have taken advantage, but in fact they have suffered great losses. Please stay away from such people.

and those who are willing to take the initiative to suffer losses often have nothing to lose.

during the Spring and Autumn period, there were two weak countries: Yu and Yu.

Jin has always wanted to annex these two countries, but they have long made a permanent covenant that when Jin attacks one of them, the other will send troops to help.

for this reason, the State of Jin cannot be broken for a long time.

someone gave advice to Jin Xiangong and sent the sweat and blood BMW and the wall of vertical thorns of Jin to Duke Yu.

after receiving the gift, Duke Yu was so happy that he broke his alliance with Jin and broke his covenant with Chen.

before long, the State of Jin wanted to attack the State of Yi and asked to borrow the State of Yu. Although the Duke of Yu was unwilling to do so, he had no choice but to agree.

after the war, the Jin army passed by the State of Yu and gave him a lot of trophies. Duke Yu was overjoyed, and the army of the State of Jin was stationed in the State of Yu for several days.

A few days later, the Duke of Jin came to see Gong Yu in person, and Gong Yu went out of town to meet him.

who knew that Jin Xiangong launched a mutiny and hijacked Duke Yu, and the city was soon occupied by the Jin army.

Duke Yu betrayed his allies for petty gain, so that the whole country lost it.

and people with good character will not only not be greedy for petty gain, but will take the initiative to suffer losses.

Yu Minhong came back to help him unconditionally when he founded New Oriental because he helped his roommate "lose" in college for four years.

Hu Xueyan is precisely because he always gives way to others when doing business with others, and finally becomes a generation of "red-top businessmen."

they all seem to have suffered losses at the moment, but they have won greater development in the long run.

some people regard taking advantage as shrewd. However, people like mirrors always take advantage, and the people around you are bound to be farther and farther away from you.

people with good character will not take advantage, because they know that it is a blessing to suffer losses!


people with good character know how to repay gratitude

the ancients said that the kindness of dripping water should be rewarded by spring.

Thanksgiving is the foundation of being a human being. Only by knowing the kindness and seeking the reward can we have a foothold in heaven and earth and be worthy of our hearts.

during the Song Dynasty, there was a man named Lu Zhong. In his early years, his family was poor, his life was poor, and he had no one to rely on. Since his parents died, he has been begging for a living.

but Lu Zhong has a hobby, especially love reading, often because of reading attentively, others do not know that others steal his money.

one day, Lu Zhong was so ill that he fainted while begging in the street.

A mother and daughter happened to pass by. Seeing that Lu Zhong was seriously ill, he took Lu Zhong home and asked the doctor to treat him.

after Lu Zhong recovered from his illness, he stayed with the mother and daughter for a few days. after learning that Lu Zhongzhi was an official, the mother and daughter gave Lu Zhong a small amount of money as a gift to Lu Zhong for his entrance examination in Beijing.

Lu Zhong was very grateful and said to his mother and daughter, "if I were in high school in the future, I would certainly repay you well." "

after saying this, I left and went to Beijing.

later, Lu Zhong went to Beijing and invested under the prime minister at that time, and he was rewarded, and it was not long before he achieved the position of Shangshu.

Lu Zhong was ordered to go back to his hometown for business, specially to the home of the mother and daughter at that time.

now that mother and daughter are living in distress, Lu Zhong is very sad when he sees it. From then on, he put the mother and daughter into his own house and treated them like his own relatives.

A grateful person will never forget the kindness and kindness of others, which will be remembered at any time.

the most valuable thing in life is nothing more than character. People with good character have a heart of gratitude.


people with good character know how to respect others

Xunzi said: benevolent people must respect others.

A person with good character must be someone who knows how to respect others. Respecting others is not only an act, but also a person's inner self-cultivation.

I have heard of such a thing:

A beggar dressed in rags went to a cake shop to buy cake. as soon as he entered the door, the shop was brought into a very bad smell.

other guests in the store look disgusted, and the waiter is wondering whether or not to invite him out.

at this time the owner of the shop happened to be out and came back to receive him in person.

"what can I do for you?" The boss poured the beggar a glass of water and said to him with a smile.

the beggar took the coin out of his pocket and said, "I want a cheap cake."

the boss took out a very exquisite cake from the cupboard, packed his hands and handed it to the beggar himself, and said, "Thank you for your purchase. Welcome to come next time!"

the beggar was flattered and bowed his thanks.

after the beggar left, the waiter asked questioningly, "Boss, why are you so enthusiastic?"This beggar? "

the boss said, "since he has come into our store, he is our guest. Everyone is equal, and he should be respected."

the shop assistant nodded straight and couldn't help admiring the boss.

Mencius said: those who love others will always love them; those who respect others will always respect them.

knowing how to respect others is the most basic requirement of being a man.

people who know how to respect others, no matter how good they are, will not look down upon others. No matter how successful you are, you will not belittle others.

people with good character know how to treat others fairly and will not treat everyone differently because of their status and status.

the true respect is "to see the respectable without flattery, and to see the lowly without arrogance".

the essence of morality is to have others in your heart.

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people who know how to respect will think of others and give them dignity. Such a person will certainly not be too bad in character.

as the old saying goes, "those who are close to red are red, those who are close to ink are black." .

Life is short. Don't keep company with people with bad character. Don't let people with bad character waste your time and life.

in dealing with people and doing things, only by being with people with good character can you meet a better self.

for the rest of my life, if you are lucky enough to meet someone who takes the initiative to suffer losses, repay your kindness, and respect others, remember to make friends with your heart for the rest of your life.