People's Daily announced the secret of longevity: "one is clean and four are good". Health is never too old!

People's Daily announced the secret of longevity: "one is clean and four are good". Health is never too old!

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the life expectancy is 100,175 years.

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this is based on the results of cytology, embryology, genetic engineering, neurology, genetics and so on.

Why do most people not meet this standard? One of the main reasons is that we do not attach importance to health care.

earlier, People's Daily published an article in which he pointed out that

A study looked at 33 people over 100 years old and more than 50 people aged 98-99, and summed up a secret of longevity:

one clear, two white, four good.



means a light diet with more dishes and less meat. 100% of so many long-lived elderly people eat a light diet, like corn porridge, green leafy vegetables, porridge and other grains, and eat very little meat.

Jiang Tong, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine who died at the age of 102, was still very strong at the age of 101, persisting in consultation every day and walking like flying.

his way of keeping in good health is not eating rice for 50 years, reducing starch intake, eating more vegetables and deep-sea fish, drinking milk every day, not eating red meat, and stewing a pot of native chicken every week.



Erbai refers to drinking "boiled water" and "lunch break during the day".

most of the long-lived elderly people do not drink pure water, and more than 98% drink plain boiled water. if middle-aged and elderly people want to live a long and healthy life, they must adhere to 14 "ones" every day, among which there is a bottle of boiled water, that is, a warm bottle of boiled water.

means that a healthy person should drink 7-8 glasses of water a day. Some people have no luster and age prematurely, which is inseparable from the lack of water on the body.

how do you distribute these seven or eight cups of water?

it is best to drink one and a half to two cups each in the morning and evening, and the rest in the morning and afternoon, before and after meals.

Why should we emphasize drinking in the morning and evening?

drinking water at night can dilute the blood, ensure that the blood is not sticky overnight, and reduce the occurrence of cerebral thrombosis and cerebral infarction.

taking a lunch break for one to two hours during the day is also a good habit for long-lived elderly people. It is understood that most of the long-lived elderly people like to take a lunch break.


"four good"

A person's health and longevity depends 15% on heredity, 10% on social conditions, 8% on medical conditions, 7% on natural environment, and 60% on personal lifestyle and behavior.

countless cases at all times and all over the world have proved that

those with a good state of mind are good at self-regulation.

keeping a good mood can avoid "being ordered" (under 60 years old), improve "following orders" (under 60 years old), strive for "correct orders" (over 80 years old), and be happy to be 100 years old.

A good state of mind is the source of personal health, the foundation of self-improvement, and the root of longevity.

the historian Mr. Zhou Gucheng lived to be nearly 100 years old. On his 90th birthday, he told the secret of his longevity. He only said eight words: "Let nature take its course, do not bear the burden".

whenever something goes wrong, let it come and go without carrying the burden of worry and worry, otherwise it will be harmful to your health.

popular: help each other and have no troubles

the oldest person in the world, Alimihan, 130, goes to the neighbor's house to play with her children whenever she has time;

106-year-old Nur Ella, she always comes to help when there is something wrong with the neighbor's family.

moreover, the children of the long-lived elderly are very filial.

most of their children are old people with white hair, but in front of these centenarians, they still take good care of them like a child who has not grown up.

exercise well: live a healthy life, increase your life by 7 years

many long-lived old people have poor families when they are young, and hard work makes them have a good physique. Even when they are old, they keep exercising for a long time.

the team at the University of Saarbrucken in Germany found that taking a 25-minute walk every day increases life expectancy by seven years, and regular exercise reduces the risk of dying from a heart attack in half.

even if people start exercising at the age of 70, their probability of developing atrial fibrillation at the age of 80 is only 1 /10 in the same age group.

good sleep: can eat and sleep, good luck

regular daily life, good sleep quality. These old people all have a very good daily routine and maintain a good and adequate sleep.

A survey by the American Anti-Cancer Association shows that people who sleep an average of 7 to 8 hours a night live the longest, and 80% of those who sleep less than 4 hours a night are short-lived.

the elderly should go to bed before 12:00 every night, 7 hours or even 5.5 hours at night is enough.