People's Daily: educating your children well is your most important career.

People's Daily: educating your children well is your most important career.

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nowadays, many parents are busy with their work and careers, throwing their children at school and handing them over to teachers.

the good or bad of children is the teacher's problem, which is obviously wrong.

No matter how good the school is and how good the teacher is, parents can never be replaced in the hearts of their children.

educating your children well is not just a matter for teachers, but also the most important career in your life!


A teacher cannot guarantee your child's good conduct

A person's character is the key, whether his grades are good or not.

morality can make up for the defect of ability, but ability is difficult to cover up the defect of morality.

but a child's conduct is largely related to his tutoring.

the teacher is only the one who preaches and teaches, but the parents are the influencers of their children's life.

parents' words and deeds are always greater than teachers'45-minute classroom education.

therefore, if you want your child to have good conduct, family education is the key, and there is nothing the teacher can do!


the teacher can't give your child good habits

the children who grow up at the mahjong table and in front of the TV must be very different from those raised by parents who love reading.

this is why many parents often receive strong rebellious psychology when they urge their children to study seriously while watching TV.

they don't think about what they can't do, how can they force their children to do it?

most of the children raised by parents who are enterprising and have good living habits are small adults who love learning and can arrange their time reasonably.

parents will save a lot of worry in education, so when you can't figure out why your child has so many bad habits, review yourself first and you may find the root cause!


the teacher can't give your child the interest in reading

many parents complain that their children don't like learning and reading.

but don't ask yourself, do you like reading?

Children's interest in reading is cultivated from an early age. Two or three-year-olds should start reading instead of waiting for teachers to develop your children's reading habits after school.

there are many books in your family and many books for your children.

parents play a good exemplary role, the child will follow, on the contrary, the child can only imitate you to do other things.

whether reading from an early age or not will be shown in the following aspects of knowledge, cognitive ability and writing level.


the teacher can't help you cultivate your child's will

what the teacher gives to the child is more textbook knowledge, good living habits, truth in life, and strong will, all of which depend on parents to cultivate.

the teacher has no obligation to help you cultivate, these can only be cultivated by parents in daily life from an early age.

if you ignore it, your child may have good grades, but he or she is weak-willed and can't bear any setbacks, so EQ education is also very important.


A teacher can't give your child a sense of long-term happiness

A person's original family has a great impact on his life. A child who grows up in a loving environment is doomed to have a lot more sunshine than a child who grows up in an unsound or noisy family.

and this is the teacher can not give, but can determine the child's life!


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A good teacher may influence children for three or five years, but parents' influence lasts a lifetime!

the child is not a teacher's, but yours. Parents will always be their first teachers and role models, so please be a competent parent.

to say ten thousand things, your child is only one of the teachers'N students, and educating your children is only part of the teacher's job.

but you are different. The child is your only one, and educating your own children will always be your most important career.