Pepsi starts from the heart, a smile to solve a thousand sorrows!

Pepsi starts from the heart, a smile to solve a thousand sorrows!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

in life,

troubles occur every day, sadness can be seen everywhere,

if you are bearish and unaffected,

if you care, your mood will be disturbed.

joys and sorrows start from the heart.

A smile relieves a thousand sorrows.

the world is big, people are complicated,

everyone will meet villains.

the sea of people is so deep that everything pulls.

everyone will be upset.

No one is perfect, nothing is perfect.

We cannot change our destiny, but

we can change our heart.

some people,

you don't have to worry about it, just stay away.

there are some things,

you don't have to worry about it, just look down on it.

there is no unhappy thing in the world.

only an unhappy heart.

the heart is big, the matter is small,

the heart is obedient, and the blessing comes.

Pepsi starts from the heart, smiles to solve a thousand sorrows,

when you are magnanimous and learn to let go,

will put a smile on your face.

will not be frowned because of chicken feathers and trifles, and

will not be upset by the remarks of others.

live at ease and live at ease.

when there are three thousand things in the world, smile calmly, and smile when you are aggrieved.

is a kind of relief.

when misunderstanding, smile.

is a kind of self-cultivation.

when you lose, smile.

is a kind of magnanimity.

when you are helpless, smile.

is an optimism.

smiling is the best investment.

without any cost,

can make more profit.

when you learn to smile,

when you smile often,

you will find that

more and more people are polite to you, and

makes you less and less upset.

Life becomes simple and easy, and

Life is at ease.

Life and life,

is actually like a mirror.

what you do to it, it does to you.

you cry to it, it cries to you,

you smile to it, it smiles to you.

Life with tears is meaningless.

Life with a smile is fun.

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there are thousands of people in the world, and people come and go.

whose body and mind is not hurt,

the one who can really cure you,

is never someone else, but yourself.

Don't think too much about everything, everything is light.

keep your heart, take the road under your feet, be kind to the people around you, cherish the feelings you have,

everything starts from the heart, smile to solve a thousand sorrows,

everything does not enter the heart, everything goes with him!