Please pass on these ten qualities of life to your children, which is better than ten houses!

Please pass on these ten qualities of life to your children, which is better than ten houses!

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people often say that "you can't be rich for three generations". Mencius said, "the splendor of a superior man will be cut off for five generations."

the blessings left to future generations through hard work will be exhausted and wiped out after a few generations.

A good family will not leave too much property to their children and grandchildren, and good parents will not value material comforts over family style inheritance.

leave your children with luxury cars and beautiful houses and thousands of family wealth, so you might as well teach them these 10 temperament of life.



living ability is very important for a person. Let the children do their own things, think independently, and solve the problems encountered in life.

if adults do everything, they will turn children into "giant babies" and "Neets". Children are not the private property of parents, children not only belong to the family, but also belong to the country and society.

the earlier the children are able to support themselves, the more likely they are to integrate into society.


modesty and diligence

Zeng Guofan said: "all the talented people in ancient and modern times are defeated by the word arrogant; the mediocre people in ancient and modern times are defeated by the word lazy. All kinds of maladies are born from laziness. Abstaining from arrogance and laziness is the way to protect your family. "

lazy in comfort and arrogance in complacency are everyone's inherent weaknesses, but they are not so easy to overcome.

parents should teach their children humility and diligence. Victory is not conceited, defeat is not discouraged, with their own industrious hands to open up their own day.


live a frugal life

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"Zhu Zi Family motto" said: "one porridge and one meal should be hard-won, and a trace of persistence is difficult."

the older generation has experienced an era of extreme material scarcity, and they know that today's affluent life is not easy to come by, so they cherish it.

worry about hard work can rejuvenate the country, Yi Yu can die, and the younger generation grows up with golden spoons, so they should teach by deeds and inherit the style of diligence and frugality.


be good at introspection

"the Doctrine of Rites": "Gou Rixin, every day new, and every day new".

Children grow up in continuous self-improvement, and every day is a new beginning and a new journey.

they will continue to make all kinds of mistakes, there is no need to worry too much, making mistakes is often the beginning of growth, help them, correct their mistakes and make their children a better person.


know how to listen

to listen at the same time is clear, partial listening is dark, it is really important to know how to listen.

forming the good habit of listening from an early age is not only a sign of breeding, but also a symbol of wisdom. Only by listening patiently can you understand the essentials of what others say.

if your child wants to learn to listen, you must first learn to listen to your child.


accustomed to reading

reading is the nobility with the lowest threshold.

it is very important to cultivate children's reading habits. Reading is the most effective and fast way to acquire knowledge, and the amount of reading can determine the direction of children's life.

when you get home every day, don't rush to turn on the TV, accompany your child to read a book, share an article, and be the best teacher in silence.


have the courage to express

everyone is a member of the team. When you have parents when you are young, when you grow up, you have teachers and classmates. If you are good at expressing yourself, you can be better accepted by everyone.

lack of communication skills will not only become a barrier between children and society, but also make them miss many opportunities for personal development.

in family education, parents must intentionally train their children's expression skills in the process of communication with their children.


those who love sports

those who do not manage well cannot manage their careers well; those who do not manage well cannot manage their lives well.

as the saying goes, the body is the capital of revolution. Exercising diligently from an early age is not only conducive to the growth of body and mind, but also saves capital in the future.

in physical education, use scientific laws and good habits to help children form a healthy lifestyle.


know how to share

sharing can double happiness, share can halve sadness, and know how to share holds the key to happiness in life.

encourage the child to share more, he will understand that the meaning of happiness is to be happy together, but selfish people will never understand.

Don't be stingy with the sugar in your hand, and others will give you the fruit in his hand.


A skill

as the saying goes, accumulating money is never as good as having a small skill. A skill is the source of self-confidence and sense of security.

instead of being familiar with everything and being loose in everything, it is better to have a skill to support yourself wherever you go and stand out in the social competition.

Learning a skill often requires solid child skills. If you lay a solid foundation from an early age, the future development will be smooth and relatively easy.

Lin Zexu said: "if our children and grandchildren are like me, they will lose their aspirations if they leave money for anything. If their children and grandchildren are not as good as me, if they leave money for anything, they will be foolish and have more money to increase their mistakes."

children and grandchildren have their own blessings, so there is no need to leave too much wealth and grandchildren, leaving these 10 kinds of life temperament, which is enough for future generations to last a lifetime.