Please tell your child that those who exercise self-discipline are outstanding and those who are lazy are out.

Please tell your child that those who exercise self-discipline are outstanding and those who are lazy are out.

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one day of Hengshui Middle School

some time ago, a video of "24 hours of Hengshui Middle School" was refreshed again.

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behind this super middle school, which is known as the "college entrance examination factory", there are two words projected: self-discipline.

at 6: 00 in the morning, when many children are sleeping soundly, students in Hengshui are already racing against the clock to start the first part of the day-morning exercises.

they don't even have time to wash or stretch. As soon as the bell rings, they must quickly put on their clothes, comb their hair and go to the playground.

at 7 o'clock, students insist on completing their daily morning readings. In order to prevent dozing off, many children stand up. The class begins at

8 o'clock. In class, no one was distracted and no one dozed off.

A few minutes of recess, and children rush to brush their teeth and wash their faces.

12:00, at lunchtime, students still remember to read and recite words between queues.

they make full use of fragmentation time to consolidate and strengthen knowledge.

13:00, students begin their lunch break. Even if they can't sleep, they must close their eyes and lie down quietly for a while.

17:00, the printer rushed to print the exercises for the next day.

someone calculated that during the three years in Hengzhong, there were more than 100 weekly tests and 48 large-scale examinations, with an average of more than 20,000 papers per year.

19:00, the students will have a day of study review at this moment. If they have any doubts, they will ask the teacher questions.

22:00, students can finally finish their evening self-study, put down their tiredness, and begin to have a night rest.

after watching the students of Hengshui Middle School, I found that the myth of Hengshui Middle School is actually only a realistic portrayal of "the harder you work, the luckier you are."

their road to Tsinghua and Peking University is paved with papers and piled up in time.

students in Hengshui Middle School, walking is a sprint, eating is wolfing down, brushing teeth and gargling is between classes, and even going to the toilet.

they study for at least 14 hours a day, only one day off a month, and no more than two weeks of winter and summer vacation every year.

behind their success, they seize every minute and every second, 24 hours a day.

whether in the past or at present, the world always rewards children who are self-disciplined.


behind all outstanding

is abominable self-discipline

Mr. Bing Xin said:

Yes, those excellent children are not necessarily smarter than others, but they must be harder and more self-disciplined than others.

not long ago, a video of a girl breaking down and crying went viral.

the girl's mother revealed that she studied consciously until 10:30 every night, and finally got two hundred in the mock exam.

when she got home, she couldn't help holding her father and crying: "I'm so tired. I'm really tired."

there is sadness and excitement in her tears, but more is the joy that her efforts have finally been rewarded.

netizens in the comment area cheered her up one after another: "in the future, you will certainly thank yourself for sticking to yourself now."

indeed, no one's excellence can come out of thin air.

behind all the achievements, there is ascetic-like self-discipline, which requires several times the efforts of ordinary people.

as Li Xuyang, the number one science student in Guizhou Province, said:

there is no achievement that does not require hard work, and there is no success that does not require ruthless persistence.

parents must let their children know:

there are no shortcuts to success, but there is one way to reach the end, and that is persistent self-discipline.

only when others go out to have fun, you concentrate on reading, when others sleep in, and you insist on getting up early, will you have a chance to get into a better school and have a broader future.


Children who are self-disciplined and undisciplined

worse than those who insist on self-discipline throughout life

the children who adhere to self-discipline will become better and better and throw themselves away from others.

and those lazy children will only lag behind more and more.

the picture once circulated on the network:

the 365th power of

1.01 is equal to about 37.8, while the 365th power of 1.02 is equal to about 1377.4.

if you think of it as a child's score, there is only a 0.01 gap, but after day-to-day efforts, there is an insurmountable gap between the two.

one indulgence may be just a gap in achievement, but countless indulgences are a lifetime gap.

Last year, Hunan girl Yao Ting was selected as Huawei's "Young Genius" with an annual salary of 1.56 million yuan.

she does not have the talent for intelligence and strong background. Her success depends on ten years of self-discipline.

her high school head teacher commented on her like this:

under this news, there is such a comment:

sounds very gripping, but the reality is so cruel.

the end that you struggle for the rest of your life will not reach, but it is only the starting point for others to step out of school.

Children who are self-disciplined and undisciplined are doomed from the beginning to a completely different life in the future.

Theodore Roosevelt once said:

there is a quality that makes a person stand out from the mediocrity of mediocrity.

this quality is not talent, education or IQ, but self-discipline. "

in fact, the gap between children and outstanding people is opened from the moment when they relax every day.

how many people envy the light of those who are successfulFresh, but unwilling to make efforts and experience hardships.

in the end, we can only find out helplessly that only those children who are self-disciplined to the extreme can have a bright future and an open life.


Don't be humble all your life because of temporary indulgence

. Why do parents always try so hard to persuade their children to study hard?

that's because they know very well that indulgence in youth will only lead to a lifetime of humility.

A sophomore in Henan Province, who was criticized by his mother for skipping classes, ran away from home in anger and went to work in a restaurant.

however, he regretted it after working for less than two days because it was too hard to work.

he is in charge of carrying dishes and washing dishes in the restaurant. His work is tired and dirty. He has to work for 13 hours every day, and he can only get 4000 yuan a month.

when he was too tired, he took the initiative to call his mother and said he wanted to go back to school.

as Zweig said:

if, at the age when you should be studying hard, you are greedy and lazy and indulgent, then the child will be squeezed at the bottom of society for the rest of his life, doing the most tiring work and making the least money.

there is such a passage on the Internet:

30-year-old helplessness leads to 40-year-old inaction;

40-year-old inaction establishes 50-year-old failure;

50-year-old failure breeds a lifetime of mediocrity.

if others are studying hard while your children are lazy, others are trying to make progress, and your children are enjoying themselves, the gap between them will slowly widen.

the child may have been relaxed and happy for a few years, but for the next few decades, he will be tired of work, forced by life, suffering and suffering.

they are too young to have experienced the hardships of life and do not know how difficult it is to survive.

as a parent, you must push them behind your back and let your children know that

you can choose to be self-willed and indulgent, but you also have to pay a price for it, and this price is your whole life.


Please be sure to tell your children

that those who are self-disciplined are outstanding and those who are lazy are out

recently, netizens voted for the "Top Ten regrets in Life in 2020". Among them, the top one is: failing to cherish the youth to be admitted to a good university, resulting in mediocrity in this life.

is also related to learning, and "wasting too much young time and energy" ranked sixth.

the most painful thing in life is not that I can't, but that I could have.

if life can start all over again, all they want to do is to study hard.

psychologist Lakra said:

parents are the lifelong responsibility of their children. Please wake up that fun-loving child as soon as possible and tell him:

your life has just begun. There are countless possibilities for your future.

if you choose to muddle and fall when you are young, you will be forced to make a living and regret for the rest of your life when you are old.

if you work hard now with self-discipline and persistence, you can go from nothing to success. Your tomorrow is decided by your today.

Don't wait for the gap to be opened to regret that you didn't work hard, and don't wait to be hit in the face by reality to hate that you used to live easily every day.

as a student of Hengshui Middle School said in his speech:

"you can only give, give your time, bet your dignity, give all you have, all you have."

when others are playing games, you are learning; when others sleep in, you are studying; you can avoid becoming an ordinary person. "

Life will always be. Those who exercise self-discipline excel and those who are lazy are out.

Child, may you live up to your time and yourself!