Please tell your children: to get married, try not to find these three families.

Please tell your children: to get married, try not to find these three families.

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some people say: "the marriage of one generation determines the fate of three generations."

Marriage is like a big gamble. Everyone is happy if you win the bet. If you lose the bet carelessly, your life after marriage will be in endless pain.

you know, the old saying "choice is greater than effort" is not aimless.

the quality of marriage determines the survival of the family.

as parents, with rich social experience and sophisticated human feelings, we must check the marriage of our children. If the children are old enough to talk about marriage, please tell them:

Don't find these three families to get married, or it will be too late to repent.


A few days ago, such a sad news rushed into the hot search:

A 29-year-old mother of two, with her son and daughter, jumped off a building in her mother-in-law's neighborhood and committed suicide. Her 4-year-old daughter and mother died on the spot, and her son, who was less than two years old, died after being taken to hospital.

nothing in the world is more tragic than the fleeting of life.

maybe your first reaction to this is: this mother is so ruthless that she doesn't let go of her own flesh and blood.

but if you learn more about her married life, you can understand her.

the 4-year-old daughter suffers from congenital ear disease, and her mother-in-law dislikes her for giving birth to a burden and is unwilling to help her with the child, so she quit her job and specializes in taking care of her daughter at home.

this is the beginning of her conflict with her parents-in-law.

later, the youngest son was born weak and sick. because she was a stay-at-home mother and did not have any source of income, she could only ask her husband for money to treat the child and to cover the cost of food and clothing.

for this reason, her parents-in-law belittled her to nothing, saying that she only wanted money and did nothing, and her husband never put in a good word for her.

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my mother-in-law thought: "you are gluttonous and lazy. You have been eating and drinking for five years for free, and all you have spent is my son's money."

but the truth is that every time she reaches out her hand and asks her husband for money, he will plead all kinds of excuses, saying that he has no money and even punching her.

in desperation, she had to keep borrowing money from her mother.

in a few years, she borrowed nearly 50,000 yuan from her mother's family.

the desperation of life made her make up her mind to divorce.

in order to quickly break off the marriage, she agreed to leave the house clean, provided that custody of the two children belongs to her.

however, the marriage did not get divorced.

starting from 2021, divorce registration requires a 30-day cooling-off period to go through the formalities.

and this tragedy happened four days later.

you know, a good husband never depends on training, but on the edification of a good family.

in a family that favors sons over daughters, not only do they have no status, but if they give birth to a daughter, the daughter will suffer.

I'd rather meet the right person later than let the child become scarred on the wrong path.


spoil offspring, children are unkind

a family, the greatest sorrow is not poverty, but doting offspring.

it is true that there are no parents who do not love their children, and there is nothing wrong with giving meticulous care to their children, but once this concern is excessive, love will change.

do everything for the child, give the child what he wants, and even try his best to meet some excessive demands, never say no to the child.

such children do not know how to love their parents from an early age, and will not be filial to their parents when they grow up.

as the saying goes, "see old at the age of three."

Children's own character habits have begun to appear when they are young. At this time, if parents do not do a good job in education and set up correct values for their children, the child will easily become a "crooked neck tree."

I have a classmate named "crooked neck Tree".

because he is the only child in the family, his parents spoil him from an early age and listen to his various demands.

whatever he wants from an early age, they will try their best to satisfy him.

I still remember that once he took a fancy to an expensive Transformers, but his parents didn't have enough money with him. He advised him to buy it next time, but he didn't expect him to satirize his parents directly and said a lot of nasty things.

when he got home, he lost his temper and threw things everywhere.

his childhood mantra is:

"you take care of it", "I want it", "it's all your fault".

now that he has got married and started a career, he drained his parents' savings like a vampire and drove them to live in a leaky tiled house.

I think of a fable I saw before:

when the old man picked up a bowl of meaty rice and was about to import it, his wife snatched the old man's rice and handed it to the child. "it's not so selfish," he said. "it's time for children to grow up."

the old man changed a bowl of white rice with tears, while the children happily ate meaty rice with relish.

time flies. Thirty years later, the old man has passed away and his wife has become an old man.

having dinner with her son and grandson, she picked up a bowl of meaty rice, which had not yet been imported, and her son snatched it from him and handed it to her son.

it seemed like a familiar scene after a lifetime, which made the wife burst into tears.

to cultivate a filial child, it is never oral education, but requires parents to put it into practice.

parents are a mirror of their children, which can exert an imperceptible influence on their character, thought and character.

parents who dote on their children have basically zero education for their children, which will only lead to the situation of unaffectionate children.

be sure to have a clear look at each other's family before you get married.

if it is a family that dotes on its children and their children are unkind, it must be carefully considered, otherwise there will be endless troubles.


the room is messy and disorderly

A family, as long as the owner is diligent and willing to clean up the room, will be neatly arranged regardless of the size, decoration and layout of the room.

if the whole family is diligent, life will prosper, parents will pay more attention to their children's education, and their children will become better and better if they receive a good education.

this is a virtuous circle.

the better the child is, the more energetic the parents will be. The two interact and promote each other, and everything will develop for the better.

if a home, the room is messy all day, which only shows that the owner of the home is lazy, content with the status quo, does not want to make progress, and muddles along.

how can you sweep the world without sweeping a house?

lazy people only complain about their living environment, but they don't want to change it and how to get their families out of the status quo with their own hands.

lazy parents do not pay attention to their children's education and cultivation at all, and their children's life will be in a mess under the influence of their parents.

A survey by Harvard Business School shows that

Harvard Business School survey shows that

Children have a strong ability to imitate, they will inadvertently imitate what their parents do, if you often clean up the house very clean, then in this environment, he will soon develop a good habit.

on the other hand, if the home is disorganized, then his life and mood are also messy, his academic performance will not be good, and his future living conditions will be a mess to a large extent.

the state of marriage can be easily seen from whether a person's room is tidy or not.

if you want your children to have a happy marriage, go to each other's house before they get married.

look at the other person's life, look at the appearance of his room, if the room is untidy, then you must reconsider.

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if you encounter the above three kinds of families, you should have less contact.

parents must have a ruler in mind before their children get married.