Professor Li Meijin: habitual children are like killing children

Professor Li Meijin: habitual children are like killing children

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parents love their children and always expect to give them the best education.

however, everyone can be a parent, but not everyone is qualified for the position of parent.

most of the problems with children are actually reflected in their parents' education.

it can be said that children are what their parents are.

parents' educational style determines the future of their children.

but Professor Li Meijin pointed out:


habitual son such as killing a son

doting is a sharp blade hanging over a child's head

Tolstoy said:

it is true that parents love their children.

you love your children and give them everything, but have you ever thought about the harm of doting?

do you remember the Li Tianyi case? Li Tianyi is the son of famous singer Li Shuangjiang and Dream Pigeon.

at the age of 15, Li Tianyi drove without a license or license, and even went to juvie for beating the owner of the community.

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after that, Li Tianyi, who came out of juvie, did not turn over a new leaf and be a good man. Instead, he became more and more violent until the gang rape that shocked the country in 2013.

the son is not the fault of the godfather, and the end of Li Tianyi has something to do with the doting of Li Shuangjiang and his wife.

Li Shuangjiang once said, "I don't want to hit my children. I don't want to. Sometimes I really want to, but I can't. Let's just scare it." Before I could fight, my tears fell first. "

on the other hand, after her son committed a crime, the mother Dream Pigeon excused her son, saying that her son was the victim. "my son already has the sexual ability, facing a beautiful girl," she said. It is impossible and inhumane to make my son, who is in adolescence and experienced in this field, completely free from temptation. "

Professor Li Meijin once said:

it is only natural for parents to love their son, but excessive love for their son is a "sharp knife".

under this sharp blade, how many children have paid a heavy price for their actions.

parents, please remember: a habitual son is like killing a son, spoiling a rebellious son.


for children to grow up

first of all, children should be taught to be "people"


it is said in the warring States Policy that parents' love for their children is far-reaching.

how to be far-reaching? It is necessary to teach children the most fundamental and important things in life as soon as possible.

A university professor told such a story.

he once taught a student with excellent academic results, but this student has the disadvantage that he likes to be late.

later, he was sent abroad by his parents. in his first summer vacation of college, he went to work in a Chinese restaurant. As a result, he was ten minutes late on his first day of work and was fired.

he did not expect that the punishment for being late was to lose his job, but what struck him was that the Chinese boss said to him:

as the saying goes, there is no rule without rules. A sense of rules is the best umbrella for children.

there are some responsibilities that children must bear by themselves;

there are things that children must do well by themselves;

there are some behaviors that children must correct themselves.

the key to guiding children to learn to abide by the rules lies in the education of their parents.

to love children is not to do everything for them, but to teach them how to be a man.

only when children are taught how to behave first can children become superior people in the future.


far-sighted parents

will discipline their children carefully

often hear some parents say, "when children grow up, they will understand."

in fact, this is not the case. don't expect children to grow up to be sensible. Every good child is carefully disciplined by his parents.

laissez-faire, indulge and spoil, only one bear child can be spoiled.

Education, don't expect children to be self-conscious. Especially for low-age children, adults do not necessarily understand what they know. Conscious children ultimately rely on the restraint and discipline of their parents.

CCTV host Dong Qing is knowledgeable and elegant. No matter how busy she is at work, she has to study for an hour in the evening.

who would have thought that she used to be an undisciplined child, and now her self-discipline comes from her father's strict discipline.

Dong Qing said that when she was 7 years old, her father asked her to wash dishes and do housework, let her run a kilometer on the playground before dawn, and recite ancient poems at the same time.

her father's strict discipline enabled her to develop a good habit of self-discipline, and self-discipline made her successful in her career.

parents should be aware that underage children are less conscious and must have adult companionship, supervision, and discipline in order to really be born with drive and self-discipline.

Mo Yan said that the excellence of children is soaked in the sweat of their parents.

behind every excellent child, there is a "cruel" parent.

parents are the starting line for children!

the more diligent and diligent parents are, the more excellent their children are.


the five habitual behaviors must abstain from

the earlier the five rules are laid down, the more beneficial they will benefit

as the old saying goes, small trees are being cut down and children are in charge.

A child is like a tree. Only by constantly pruning it as it grows, can it grow tall and straight.

parents must quit the following five habitual behaviors:

pay too much attention to their children and take special care of them everywhere.

protect the children face to face and easily meet the requirements.

do everything to the child, deprive him of independence

accustom to the child and be afraid of crying.

for children, there is a lack of spiritual enrichment.

the sooner you set rules for your children, the more beneficial they will be:

do your own things and help you do things at home.

take good care of your own things and don't touch other people's things.

We must know how to show filial piety to our elders and pay attention to words and deeds to treat others politely.

apologize for doing something wrong, and don't lie and be honest and trustworthy.

keep quiet in public places and don't cause trouble to others.

there are no children who can't teach well, only wrong ways of education and parents who are undisciplined.

only by disciplining children correctly can they achieve a brilliant future.