Punctual people are the most worthy of deep acquaintance.

Punctual people are the most worthy of deep acquaintance.

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Mr. Lu Xun has a famous saying:

to judge whether a person is worthy of a deep acquaintance, it is enough to see whether he is punctual and trustworthy; to know how far a person can go, his attitude towards time can also predict one or two.

punctuality is not only the treasure of time, but also hides a person's deepest accomplishment.

throughout ancient and modern times, the more punctual people are, the more successful they are, and the more successful they are, the more punctual they are.


in order to be punctual, you can get a good friend

Zhihu Q & A, someone asked:

there is an answer:

in this regard, I am deeply convinced.

if she arrives late or breaks an appointment twice, we can believe that her incident is sudden and tell our friends that they should understand each other.

but if this is the case every time, it only means that you have too little weight in her heart.

in Shi Shuo Xinyu, there is a story of Chen Taiqiu and Friendship period.

said that Chen Taiqiu, the father of Yuan Fang, made an appointment to travel with his friends at noon. But his friend didn't arrive until after noon. Seeing this, Chen Taiqiu left. Friends didn't arrive until Chen Taiqiu left.

while Yuan Fang, who was only seven years old at that time, was playing outside the door. Chen Taiqiu's friend asked Yuan Fang, "is your father here?" Yuan Fang replied, "my father has been waiting for you for a long time, but you haven't arrived yet. He has already left."

Chen Taiqiu's friend said angrily, "what a gentleman!" He made an appointment with others, but left without them. "

Yuan Fang said, "you made an appointment with my father at noon, but if you didn't arrive at noon, you didn't keep your word; it was impolite to scold the father to the child."

hearing the words of shame, my friend immediately got out of the car and wanted to shake hands with Yuan Fang to apologize, but Yuan Fang walked through his door without looking back.

writer Ikeda Daisaku wrote a sentence in his book:

many people think that there is nothing serious about getting together with friends, and it doesn't matter to be late and early. But forget, no matter making friends or doing things, behind punctuality is a person's education and self-cultivation.

unpunctuality, we lose not only our credibility, but also our mentors and friends, and even our loved ones.

A few days ago, a male colleague at work complained to us:

"do you lesbians like to cut corners?" Let's say my girlfriend, just because when I first met her parents, I was more than half an hour late, so she refused to break up with me, saying that I didn't take her seriously. "

but as a matter of fact, are girls really playing tricks? No, a person's attitude towards time hides how much he attaches importance to others.

with friends, punctuality is the best welcome gift, which hides your trust and respect for him. As a result, punctuality has become the first step in the friendship between gentlemen.


punctuality makes it easier to get lucky

Bon Tracy wrote in eating that Frog:

in this society where time is money and time is life, some people start a new journey of life because of punctuality, while others miss their own bright future because of unpunctuality.

at an Alibaba job fair, someone missed a good job opportunity because he was late.

there is a candidate who has excellent qualifications in all aspects and is very proficient in Internet knowledge.

in the process of the interview, he won the unanimous approval of the interviewer through his own courage and opinions, but Jack Ma was unimpressed and asked the young man, "Why are you late?"

like most of us being late, the young man gave himself a lot of reasons.

I thought Jack Ma would hire him for the sake of being a rare talent. Unexpectedly, after the young man left, Jack Ma silently drew a cross on the resume.

the interviewer present asked, "Don't you believe his explanation?"

Jack Ma shook his head and said:

No, I believe what he said is true, but these are external causes.

if he really attaches great importance to the interview, he should think about it and go out early to avoid emergencies, instead of panting to apologize when he is late.

you can be late for anything you think is important, so how can you rest assured that you can give him a job opportunity?

Yes, you can be late for major events related to your future opportunities, so how dare you expect him to race against the clock to create value for the company?

some people say that punctual people are not necessarily good, but good people must be punctual.

take this for granted.

because punctuality represents self-discipline and a strong sense of responsibility. People who are punctual will make them feel down-to-earth, reliable and have sense of security, so it is easier to get good development in the team.

my boss is a person who is very strict with time.

when he first took office, we all secretly complained about his harshness, inhumanity and lack of leadership.

later, in a team-building activity, he shared with us the story of his "all the way up", and we realized his painstaking efforts.

he said that Miss Z, who competed with him at that time, was better than him in terms of academic qualifications and working ability, but finally turned things around because of an attendance record.

because he arrives at work about 10 minutes early every day, while Miss Z steps on the spot to go to work every day, and even often uses the "5-minute late time" given by work.

in this way, the detail of punctuality inadvertently made up for his lack of qualifications, allowing him to successfully defeat his opponent.

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May 2014, a social survey led by Christopher Barnes, a professor at the University of Washington, also showed thatPeople who come to work early are more likely to be praised by their boss.

because punctuality is not only an attitude, but also a quality.


people who are more punctual

Xu Teli said, "if you want to become a career, you must treasure your time and make full use of it."

for most people, lateness is not caused by daily routine, but by their own micro-habits: severe procrastination on the one hand and self-paralysis on the other.

only by strict self-discipline and planning in advance can we ensure that each activity arrives before the agreed time.

1. Set your clock forward 5 minutes

there is an old military adage that says, "if you don't have 5 minutes earlier, you will be 10 minutes late!"

people who are often late are often those who step on the door. On the contrary, those who are never late have basically moved up the appointment.

when I was a sophomore, there was a time when all our dormitory classmates dragged their feet and almost all of them trotted to class. In this way, how can you not be late?

after a few times, the counselor talked to us and asked us to speed up the time of our watch or cell phone by 5 minutes on the spot.

it's amazing that in a few days we all forget that our clocks are five minutes fast and go out at the same time, but we're never late again.

until now, whether I go to work or send my children to school, I have continued the habit of setting the clock forward five minutes, so I have rarely been late because my children are stuck in bed, traffic jams, and so on.

2. Do a good job in predicting the time of emergencies on the road

as the old saying goes, "if you don't anticipate, you will be wasted."

every time you go out for an appointment, you should make route planning and time budget in advance.

for example, check the traffic and weather conditions in advance, if you are taking public transport, you need to check the route in advance and prepare the change;

if you drive yourself, you should fuel the car in advance and plan the route. if the invitation location is in a place you are not familiar with, it is best to follow the navigation route in advance and calculate the time required for the whole journey.

if it happens to be a cloudy and rainy day, traffic jams are generally more serious, so it is more necessary to estimate the time in advance and go out early. Add an extra 15 minutes to each leg of the journey in order to deal with emergencies along the way.

3. Form a good habit and prepare the necessities for going out in advance

apart from procrastination and failure to predict the time, losing things is also one of the main reasons why we are late.

for example, when I get up, I find that I haven't found the clothes I want to wear today, and the things I need to use later will be confiscated into my briefcase.

as the saying goes, I get busier and busier when I panic. I am about to go out, or when I have already gone downstairs, I find that I don't have my keys, or I can't find my cell phone, wallet and other items.

come and go, wait until we have everything ready to go out, and find that it is too late. Faced with this situation, we can be ready the night before:

find the clothes to wear the next day; collect the items that must be carried in advance; and put the keys, wallets and other important items in the same drawer or plate, the best position by the door.


punctuality is not only a respect for others, but also a manifestation of one's own quality. It hides not only our view of time, but also our attitude and future.

if you miss the bus, you can wait for the next one, if you miss the florescence, you can wait for the next season, but some things will last forever once you miss them. Such as family affection, love, friendship, such as employment, promotion and so on.

opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared, just as opportunities are reserved for those who are punctual.

the more punctual, the more severe; on the contrary, the unpunctual person is very sad to have a good life, because he misses every day in regret.

there is still a long way to go in life. From today on, be punctual.