Put it down, the heart will not be so tired (that's a good thing to say)

Put it down, the heart will not be so tired (that's a good thing to say)

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Buddhists often say, "put it down."

what does that mean to let go?

means to give up clinging to the mind, not to let go of anything specific, but to get rid of chaotic and disorderly thoughts, so as to make the mind stable, simple and clear.

Life is like a suitcase, which can be lifted or put down. If you only know how to lift it, you will be too tired; if you only know how to put it down, you will not be able to feel what you have.

being able to pick it up and put it down is the road of life.


learn to let go, let go is a kind of life

in the life circle of contemporary young people, there is a popular word called "separation".

at first, this is a way to organize at home.

"break" means not buying or accepting things that you don't need; "giving up" is to get rid of things that are useless at home;

"leaving" is to stay away from the temptation of matter and give up your attachment to things. Keep yourself in a spacious, comfortable, free space.

later, this way of staying at home has gradually become an attitude towards life, which is popularly understood as letting your heart get rid of complexity and return to nature.

put aside unnecessary social activities and enjoy your own space; let go of unnecessary quarrels and dispel clouds with smiling faces; let go of meaningless pursuits and let go with the wind what you can't get.

once people learn to let go, they can find another perspective of life, from rainy to sunny days, from winter to spring, is just an idea.


learn to let go, it is a kind of courage to let go

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half of our life has passed, and there are very few things we can grasp.

parents have white temples and the years are engraved with edges and corners; children have grown up and embarked on the road of chasing dreams; friends in twos and threes, only one or two can talk to each other.

looking back on the past, fleeting years will never return.

what is lost is like mist in the mountains and clouds in the sky, which are ethereal and uncertain in front of your eyes, but you can no longer hold on to them.

in the middle of my life, I dare to let go of the feelings I can't hope for. Some people are doomed to be unable to get close to me and waste my heart.

dare to put down undisputed profits and don't quarrel. Life actually grows old in a flash.

dare to put down the name you can't get. Fame and fortune are all false. Life does not bring death.

Laozi said, "the main road is doing nothing."

people in heaven and earth dare to let go is not to flinch, but to cherish the present and gain a foothold in the future.


learn to let go

he can't get over it and has been depressed all the time.

one day, he met a wise man and confided to the wise man.

the wise man said, "you follow me for three days, and you have to do what I say."

during the three days, the wise man did not eat, but only gave him some water. At night, the wise man slept in the inn, and he could only sleep in the stables.

on the third day, the scholar really couldn't help it and burst into tears: "it's all my fault. What am I doing here looking for you to suffer?"

the wise man said, "Yes, why do you punish yourself with my mistakes?" How can you talk about life even if you can't let go of your innocent self? "

excessive obstinacy is a long needle that penetrates the heart, and the longer it takes, the deeper it goes.

once pulled out, although the pain is extremely temporary, but comfortable for a lifetime; if it is not wrong, the pain will follow for a lifetime.

letting go is a good way to treat grievances and grievances, and a plaster to heal inner wounds.

those who know how to let go, let go of bitterness and bitterness, and let go of themselves.