Put your own feet into other people's shoes.

Put your own feet into other people's shoes.

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there is such a story.

A drunken man ran into a passenger on the train.

the little girl beside her asked her mother: is he a bad guy?

Mom replied: no, he's just unhappy.

Kill a Mockingbird has a good saying:

put your feet in other people's shoes.

only in this way can you put yourself in other people's shoes to understand other people's feelings and situations.


tell the story of a Ford boss and employee.

because the manufacturing work itself is very tired, coupled with the long working hours, many employees can't afford it.

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when Ford, the boss, found out, he made an amazing decision: shorten the working hours, and employees only need to work eight hours a day.

you know that in those days, many companies in Europe worked overtime very badly.

the time is shortened, but the income of the employees is low, and their living expenses are beyond their means.

Ford made another exception and paid his workers a high salary of $5 a day.

at that time, many scholars laughed at Ford, thinking that he was digging his own grave and that his company would soon go bankrupt.

the result is just the opposite. instead of going bankrupt, Ford's profits soared after the high salary.

Ford once said:

coincidentally, a boss named Dan Price in Seattle in the United States accidentally ran into an employee taking a part-time job at McDonald's.

later, he learned that the employees of the company are living a tight life because of their wages.

so he made an unprecedented decision to raise the minimum annual salary for all employees to $70, 000 and reduce his annual salary from $1.1 million to $70, 000.

the decision caused an uproar.

to everyone's surprise, six years later, the company's revenue tripled, its employees increased by 70%, and the number of customers doubled.

people's hearts are all mutual. Learn to compare heart to heart in order to win people's hearts.

the boss is willing to change positions, put himself in the shoes of employees to understand their hardship and situation, and really care for them.

employees will, in turn, work harder and gain more value for the company.

those who know how to think of others are often people with great wisdom and great structure.


there is a question on Zhihu: "what is the sign of a person's maturity?"

there is an answer that I like very much: "mature people tend not to be critical. After all, everyone has difficulties."

in life, we will inevitably encounter things that make us uncomfortable. Some people are penny-pinching, others are tolerant and magnanimous, and different ways of dealing with them reflect different qualities.

Lexuo Yang, an entertainer, wrote such a thing on Weibo last winter.

it has snowed heavily for two days in Beijing. This is the heaviest snow Yang Leduo has seen since he arrived in Beijing.

when she was too lazy to go out, she bought some vegetables on her mobile phone. As a result, the delivery boy fell because of the slippery road and accidentally broke the eggs she bought.

the takeout boy cried and said, "I'll pay you, please don't give me a bad comment."

Yang Leduo took the bag from the takeout boy and said, "it's all right. I'll handle it myself. You don't have to pay for it."

when Yang Leduo had entered the community, he looked back and found that the takeout boy was still standing where he was, looking at her guiltily.

Yang Leduo shouted to the takeout boy again: "it's all right, you go and deliver the next order."

the takeout boy bowed to her deeply: "I'm sorry."

when he got home and opened the bag, Yang Leduo found that all the eggs were broken.

she picked up her phone and sent a text message to the takeout boy: "it's all right, only one is broken." The road is slippery in the snow, so pay attention to your safety. "

Why send this text message?

she said, "because I know that the eggs have been broken like this, and he must have fallen badly."

if not forced by life, who would like to come out to work in the ice and snow in spite of the heavy snow?

there is no real empathy in the world, but tolerance that learns to be considerate of others.

know how to think of others, understand people's difficulties, understand people's difficulties, and forget people's mistakes.

when the heart is wide, the world is warm and lovely.


two days ago, I brushed a video on the short video platform and was moved for a long time.

after a busy morning, Feng Li, director of the Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, is finally free for lunch.

as soon as Director Feng opened the lunch box and pulled two mouthfuls, the assistant pushed the door and said that a non-local patient came to see a doctor and was in a hurry to catch a car home, and asked Director Feng if he could take a look at it for him first.

Director Feng immediately closed the lunch box and asked the assistant to bring the patient in.

Director Feng said afterwards that it was not easy for patients to seek medical treatment, and since they came from other places, the burden must be very heavy, regardless of their psychology or life. What they can do is to try their best to help them and lighten the burden a little.

Director Feng's words remind me of Dr. Tao Yong.

when Tao Yong sits in a public hospital, he not only cares about the patient's condition, but also considers the problem from the patient's point of view.

at five or six o'clock every afternoon, he will provide bread and mineral water to patients out of his own pocket.

he said that when people wait in line until nine or ten o'clock and don't eat in the middle, they will be very upset.

Tao Yong's clinic is often open until eleven or twelve o'clock at night, because he never has a limited number.

the reason for the unlimited number is that many patients bring their families to Beijing to see a doctor. If you wait for one more day, you will have to spend one more day to eat and stay.money.

at any time, Tao Yong will put himself in the patient's shoes and think of the patient.

because of this, he has established a far more relationship with his patients than that between doctors and patients.

so, when he was faced with a ferocious gangster, a patient's family came forward to block the knife for him, and he saved his life.

when he returned to the consultation room, the white-haired old man came all the way to visit him with flowers in his hand.

Life is an echo. To understand others is to be kind to yourself.

people who know how to think of others have goodness rooted in their hearts and will accumulate good luck for themselves.


the Gospel of Matthew says: "you must treat others as you want others to treat you."

think about everything from other people's point of view. Thinking of others is the best lubricant for people to get along with.

if you understand more, you will be less critical; if you are more considerate, there will be fewer contradictions.

people who are really good know how to think of others and be kind to others.

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