Quantity (good text in depth)

Quantity (good text in depth)

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as the old saying goes: the eye is a ruler, measure yourself first; the heart is a scale, call yourself first.

after reading thousands of sails, the highest level of practice is to call yourself.

the most precious wisdom is to measure yourself.

the "four quantities" of life are inclusive.



it is instinctive to speak, and it is the ability to control the volume.

Xunzi said: "the voice is not small but not heard, the action is not hidden but invisible."

Soong Ching-ling, a 15-year-old student studying abroad, encountered such a thing.

when everyone was discussing history, an American student complained loudly: "the so-called ancient civilization, such as China in Asia, has been eliminated by history!"

Soong Ching-ling was dissatisfied and patiently waited for her classmates to finish her speech before slowly retorting:

in terms of tone, this statement was not magnificent or incited, but the whole classroom applauded the strength of softness and firmness.

the art of speaking is reflected not only in the content, but also in the volume.

the movie "braving the Wind and waves" says: you don't need to be so loud. Controlling your voice is the most powerful aura.


Shen Linshi in the Northern and Southern dynasties of China was a very magnanimous man. Su Dongpo did not hesitate to praise "being like Shen Linshi".

once, the shoes on Shen Linshi's feet were identified by a neighbor and said, "these shoes are mine!"

he smiled and said, "are those your shoes?"

immediately took off his shoes and gave them to him and left barefoot.

later, the neighbor found his lost shoes and sent Shen Linshi's shoes back.

Shen Linshi smiled and asked, "aren't these your shoes?" , and then put the shoes back on your feet.

mentality can be seen in self-cultivation, while belly size can be seen in the true chapter.

as a couplet said: "A big belly can tolerate things that cannot be tolerated in the world; laugh at the funny people in the world when you open your mouth."

the big pattern of a magnanimous person, a person who is too calculating, will only narrow his own pattern.

only by tolerating small people and small things can we tolerate all things.


the Zen master was asked, "what does the carp do before jumping over the dragon gate?"

the Zen master replied, "cultivate your character in a deep pool."

then asked, "what if you jump over the dragon gate?"

the Zen master replied, "after jumping over the dragon gate, you will take off to the sky, and the fish will be hard to catch."

then asked, "so what?"

the Zen master replied, "Dragon, walk the clouds and spread the rain and nourish the world." Everyone has their own situation, self-cultivation when diving, after the achievement of the blessing of the world. It's not important to be a fish and a dragon, it's what you do in what environment. "

people are expensive in the atmosphere.

the so-called atmosphere is calm in any environment, open-minded and open-minded after half a lifetime away.

Zhu Zhiyu once said that those who are angry draw their own pictures, and those who are narrow-minded are easy to make profits.

people in atmosphere shine without shining, and are quiet and far away.

in the long hustle and bustle, it is a kind of unfrightened wisdom to cultivate your own bearing and improve your mind.



there is no shortage of smart people in the world, but smart and daring people.

Shakespeare once sighed that he who has courage is the first to win the crown.

more than 2000 years ago, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty needed an envoy to serve as a bridge in the Western regions, and finally Zhang Qian got the opportunity.

what he is going to explore is a hard road that "no one has ever seen before".

he was captured twice, and the first time he traveled through thousands of miles of Huangsha, covering a total of more than 20,000 li. The Huns married him and had children, but there was no way to change his mind.

since then, countless envoys, business brigades, and armies have traveled along the road taken by Zhang Qian to the Western regions.

Zhang Qian opened up the "Silk Road" with the strength of one person, which is also the previous life of today's "Belt and Road Initiative".

Kill a Mockingbird has such a sentence:

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go in the direction of your heart, knowing but fearless, bold and worth it.