Raise and bow your head (incisive)

Raise and bow your head (incisive)

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I have read such a sentence on Zhihu:

although there are thousands of postures in life, the only one to bend over is to hide the great universe.

look up when you should look up, you can see the direction of the future clearly; when you bow your head, you can recognize the road under your feet.


look up in adversity and bow in prosperity

former US President Coolidge wrote such a sentence in his memoirs in his later years:

Shi Tiesheng, 21, was in his youth, but fate hit him on the head-- crippled his legs, never stood up again, and could only be accompanied by a wheelchair for life.

in those tortured days, he mocked himself that "the profession is sick, the amateur is writing."

while thinking about the meaning of life, Shi Tiesheng wrote works such as "me and The Temple of Earth", "recuperation Notes", "broken Pen in sickness" and so on, which was praised as "a peak of literature".

his perseverance and self-improvement in the face of adversity brought him to the other side of success.

A long life requires not only the courage to rise in adversity, but also the ability to bow in prosperity.

Yan Shu, a poet of the Northern Song Dynasty, was smart from an early age and was known as a "child prodigy".

after entering officialdom, he rose to the top, and his official career was smooth, and he hardly encountered too many waves.

one day, the palace was discussing the candidates to assist the prince in his studies, and Song Zhenzong hand-picked Yan Shu.

the ministers were puzzled and asked why.

Song Zhenzong said: "I have heard that many subjects are addicted to games and banquets, and only Yan Shu reads behind closed doors. People who are so self-respecting and cautious are suitable to accompany the prince to study."

when Yan Shu thanked en, he also said bluntly, "it's not that I don't like playing and drinking, but I just don't have any money at home." If I had money, I would have gone out to play. "

Song Zhenzong heard that this man was so honest and calm that he appreciated him even more.

the philosopher Francis Bacon has a famous saying that the virtue in prosperity is temperance and the virtue in adversity is tenacity.

when all the way is smooth, bow your head and act cautiously and steadily before you can go far and steady.

when you are at a low ebb, there is no insurmountable hurdle when you look up at the starry sky.


raise your head when you are humble, and bow your head when you are high

Mr. Yang Jiang once said:

"No matter where you go up in life, someone is looking up at you, and there are people looking down at you on the steps.

you look up and feel inferior and complacent. Only by looking down can you see who you really are. "

all friends who have seen the Strategy of extending the Jubilee must remember the character Wei Lulu.

A small palace maid, though of humble origin, never feels inferior.

after being bullied, she spilled water on the other side without saying a word and said, "I, Wei Liulu, was born with a bad temper and was not easy to mess with." If anyone keeps talking, I have plenty of ways to deal with him. "

even if she is punished to go to the Xin library to brush the toilet, she not only has no sorrow, but also brushes out a new realm and uses a wonderful prescription to deodorize the toilet.

if she does "humble things" in the spirit of "humble heart", then she will always be a maid of embroidery, and will not find out the cause of death for her sister, let alone become an imperial concubine.

after Wei Yiluo became the favourite concubine of the emperor, she was never conceited, but more humble.

in contrast, she changed her usual appearance of "fearless heaven and earth" and appropriately showed weakness to the emperor to gain understanding and forgiveness.

to the contrary, instead of bullying, beating and scolding her subordinates at will, like other masters, she sincerely regards them as one of her own.

raising your head when you are inferior is neither humble nor arrogant; when you are high, you bow your head and are compatible with each other.

when you are in a low position, you will be looked up to by others only if you think highly of yourself first.

in a high position, the higher you stand, the more you should learn to be humble and don't forget the hardships of climbing.

as the saying goes: above people, regard people as people; below people, regard yourself as people.

this is the best way to be a man.


raise your head when you are frustrated, and bow your head when you are proud

A writer once said:

the world is changeable, and you will be as high as your attitude.

Zhang Juzheng, a famous statesman of the Ming Dynasty, has been high achiever since childhood, but the road to examination is not smooth.

at the age of 13, Zhang Juzheng was expected to take part in the local examination.

however, Gu Xing, the governor of Huguang at that time, deliberately put him through some trials and let him fail the list.

it turns out that before the exam, Zhang Juzheng wrote a song "question Bamboo", in which there was a sentence "Feng Mao Cong Jian Jie, straight to the end pole."

he compares himself to a rarity and wants to go straight to the clouds.

Gu Jing feels that it is not a good thing for a 13-year-old child to be so conceited and arrogant.

A generation of high achiever unexpectedly failed in the list. Zhang Juzheng was very unconvinced.

Gu Jing went to Zhang Juzheng and admitted, "I insisted on not admitting you."

from this sentence and the expectant eyes, the young Zhang Juzheng was no longer proud, stopped complaining and went back to study harder.

at the age of 16, Zhang Juzheng took part in the second rural examination and successfully won the exam. Gu Xing congratulated him and gave him a belt.

at the age of 20, he took part in the exam with confidence and failed again. This time, there is no behind-the-scenes operation.

many years later, Zhang Juzheng reflected in a letter to his son Zhang Maoxiu:

"they all blame themselves for being too conceited and complacent at that time, not seriously learning the knowledge of taking the exam, but reading freely, resulting in failure in the exam."

because he was so proud, the examiner made him feel a "frustration education";

because he was too proud and self-inflated, he experienced another setback.Fold.

many people say that they are tricked by fate, in fact, it is more because of the nature of the mind.

when he is frustrated, Zhang Juzheng understands that he strives for the top; when he gets what he wants, he should have reined in his edge, but he begins to be pretentious.

the ups and downs of life are only for a moment.

as the saying goes, don't panic when you are down and don't shake when you are happy.

when you are sad and frustrated, you are hopeful and positive, and there is good scenery everywhere.

when you are happy, keep your mind steady and think carefully, and the rest of your life will be smooth.

once read a Zen master warning his disciples:

"if you always hold your head high, you will trip over the stones on the ground sooner or later;

if you always keep your chin down, you will go into a dark dead end because you can't see the light."

the best wisdom in a person's life is not blindly publicizing or keeping a low profile, but knowing when to bow and when to look up.

click to watch. May you and I have a successful life between looking up and bowing our heads.

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