Read when confused, exercise when sad, precipitate when low, and introspect when alone.

Read when confused, exercise when sad, precipitate when low, and introspect when alone.

Good morning, accompany you to read.


Reading when confused

some people will ask: after reading so many books, why bother to go back to an ordinary city, take an ordinary job and set up an ordinary family?

what is the meaning of reading?

Reading can make people live neither humbly nor arrogantly, and make their hearts clean.

Reading can solve more than 80% of confusion.

the main problem for many people is that they don't read much and think too much.

Reading can quietly wipe away the superficiality and ignorance on your face.

as the saying goes, "Books are like medicine, and good reading can cure fools."

when you encounter problems, the books you have read can make you think and weigh more, and less blindly and credulously.

Are you ready to buy a magnificent simple wedding dresses with sleeves that will make you stand out in any crowd? Buy the dress you always dreamed of now.

Reading can make you rich.

in the book, you can always find famous mountains and rivers, historic sites, deep forests and valleys, strange flowers and plants.

this is a journey of the soul.

so, anyway, get into the habit of reading and spend at least half an hour reading every day.

No one can take away the thought and power you have acquired.


exercise when you are sad

A netizen once shared the story of getting out of a difficult situation by exercise.

frustrated by his career and love, he lives in denial of himself every day.

my friend couldn't bear to watch it and forced him to exercise.

he was reluctant at first.

but after one exercise, his mood unexpectedly relaxed, and the depression accumulated in his heart seemed to go out with the sweat.

since then, exercise has become a part of his life.

exercise brings about physical changes: you can control your weight, keep your body healthy, and make yourself energetic.

but it's more of a kind of self-sublimation: from laziness to diligence, overcoming procrastination, exercising willpower, and ushering in new opportunities.

it's never too late to start exercise; if you keep exercising, you'll get something.

when a person's body moves, his heart moves, and he has the energy to explore life, discover the world, and enjoy life.


precipitate at a trough

be at a trough, what is the most important ability?

the trough of life is that an individual's ability does not reach that ability.

the ability has been improved, and after the height has changed, those ridges and mountains that were previously thought to be insurmountable have become flat.

in fact, the so-called adversity is that your current ability is not enough to support the life you want.

enter the trough, all you have to do is practice and wait for the flowers to bloom.

maintain self-discipline and make some plans and goals for yourself.

you can learn a new skill, such as swimming and shooting;

you can adjust your state to be more positive, optimistic and upward;

you can also develop the habit of getting up early, going to bed early or taking a nap.

learn to precipitate, precipitate words and deeds, precipitate emotions, precipitate the heart, reanchor the direction, and pick up upward passion.

work hard, dare to break the situation, and spread all grievances, grievances and grievances on action. No matter how long the road is, you will eventually reach the top.



A person should set aside time for introspection every day.

make a self-review of your words, deeds and even thoughts on this day:

you might as well give yourself more time alone, have a long talk with your heart, and settle down to examine yourself and face your life squarely.

A person who understands introspection has the ability to renew himself.

only if you are willing to face up to your mistakes and deficiencies can you constantly improve and improve yourself.


keep a good mindset

to be strong in heart

people who worry about gain and loss will not have an open mind, will not have a calm state of mind, and will not be really brave.

Don't be too anxious in the face of difficulties, let go of what you should let go and let go of what you should let go.

learn to live as Feng Zikai wrote: "since there is nowhere to escape, it is better to rejoice; since there is no pure land, it is better to meditate; since there is no wish, it is better to be relieved."

people who want to be calm and modest and

care too much often have a bad life.

there is no such thing as "perfect". Sometimes it is counterproductive to worry about everything and pursue perfection.

"the great wise will be modest, and the great good will be tolerant."

if you don't measure others with your own ruler, you will find that life will be much less "unsatisfactory".

to be open and inclusive

if you want to live a rich life, you should maintain a positive and open "empty cup mentality", learn more, and get in touch with new things.

Don't always be prejudiced, let alone blindly resist, let go of what you have learned, heard and seen in the past for a while, accept and learn more.

only by opening your horizons can you change your perception and open a door to a new life.