Recommended by Harvard University: 20 little things to make yourself happy (suggestion collection)

Recommended by Harvard University: 20 little things to make yourself happy (suggestion collection)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

what is happiness?

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maybe everyone has a different answer to this question. Our life experiences are different, so we have different interpretations of happiness.

but no matter what kind of happy retelling, it all comes from the warmest cognition and the richest feeling in one's heart.

Happiness is not a vanity on the face, but an inherent need; happiness is not in the eyes of others, but in your own heart.

these 20 little things recommended by Harvard University tell us that happiness is not far away from us, and that the little things in life are the source of happiness.


with a smile

first of all, please remember: it is not the sunshine that makes the world bright, but your smile.

as Sanmao said, "when I laugh, my noodles are like spring flowers." It must be touching, no matter who he is. " The power of a smile reaches the heart in any time and space.

Life is not different because of a roar. But because of a smile, become particularly beautiful.

so, the first moment you open your eyes, smile.


Don't care what others think

Life is your own after all, don't care too much about what other people think of you.

if others praise you and flatter you, you will not be ten years younger; if others ignore you or even laugh at you, you will not become stupid or stupid.

you know, there are only three things in this world: your own business, other people's business, and God's business. What do you have to do with anything else?


spend at least 10 minutes a day on meditation

have some time alone every day, because you will be able to give birth to wisdom.

A wise man also said:

the best realm of life is rich silence.

not only do we need a period of quiet, but when we reach a certain age, we will enjoy all the quiet time.

A lot of disturbing things, we will figure it out for ourselves in this quiet time.

so, don't walk too fast, wait for the soul.


spend some time with people over 70

and children under 6

one can't give up at least two things in life: wisdom and innocence.

when we get along with the elderly, we can gain more wisdom in life, get along with our children, and we will briefly regain our innocence.

and this is precisely the beauty of life.


Don't take it too seriously

whether it's a preset or unexpectedly such thing, they all share a common name-- helplessness.

We are powerless to change, so it is better to admit that we are powerless than to hold on.

so, do your best and listen to your destiny.

this is the greatest calm in the world.


you don't need to win every argument

Life is not a battlefield.

try to listen to the opinions of others, but also to identify with yourself.

A gentleman is harmonious but different. Your self-cultivation will make you happier.


Don't devote your precious energy to gossiping

if you smell sweet, butterflies come; if you are depressed, bad luck comes to you.

the Law of attraction tells us that you will attract what you pay most attention to life.

so, try to do something more meaningful. After all, it's not just gossip that enriches life.


Life is too short. Don't waste time hating anyone.

the greatest accomplishment in life is tolerance.

it is neither cowardly nor patient, capable of being cynical, capable of mocking others, satirizing their shortcomings, blaming others for their mistakes, but observing people's difficulties, making up for their weaknesses, promoting their strengths, and understanding their mistakes.

know that time is your own, so instead of spending a lot of time hating others, it's better to forgive others and let yourself go.

stay away from all negative emotions, life will eventually teach us that no one is responsible for our lives but ourselves.


drink plenty of water

70% of the body composition of adults is made up of water, while 80% of children's body water.

Water is very important to human health. We often say that people can skip meals for three days, but absolutely not without water for three days.

Water can not only promote metabolism, but also be very useful for relieving emotions.

therefore, always drink water when you have nothing to do. Drinking water is the source of health, and water is comparable to any good medicine.