Reference Handbook for staying up late in Summer Holidays

Reference Handbook for staying up late in Summer Holidays

I only have night, not nightlife.

Wen /Tong c

yesterday we had an offline activity about "relieving annoyance". The activity review can be seen in tonight's deputy tweet.

on the evening of July 23, we plan to do the first 12-hour all-night activity in Dongguan at the first 24-hour bookstore in Dongguan.

time: July 23rd 8:00 pm-July 24th 8:00 am

venue: Dongguan Vanke 769 Cultural and Creative Park

activity theme: take 12 hours to solve the troubles from primary school to university

activity content: 1. Use ten yuan to realize "childhood dream"

2. Eat a bowl of authentic roast goose wrasse noodles

3 in Dapai stall. Walk down the street at midnight to the mysterious place

4. Go under the overpass and be a tramp

make a short film of "Zhiming and Chunjiao"

5. Cure social fear, but also hook up with

6. The "farewell troubles" sharing meeting before dawn

7. Take the earliest bus to the old city, eat the most authentic breakfast

Editor: Zhang Jingshu, eel whale, Tong c

activity fee: 50 yuan (non-profit activities)

number of participants: 15 people

Registration method: click to read the original text and fill in the registration form

We will be here to ease your troubles.

/one /spend twelve hours in the dark, take off the mask and unconventionally discover your emotions.

yesterday we chatted with a reader present. When we talked about reading habits, he said that he usually watched the messy updates after 12:00 in the evening, and that the occasional night talks in their dormitory were often after 12:00. Sometimes we can even talk until two or three o'clock. When I asked him why he waited so late, he said, "because people have negative emotions at night, and negative emotions are more real and make us more emotional and remember something."

that's why we know that staying up late can lead to enlarged pores and endocrine disorders. How many hours late to sleep equals how many packs of cigarettes we smoke. We still choose to sacrifice part of our sleep every night to enjoy this masochistic sadness.

/two /two /steal people at night, steal yourself.

A friend came to me one night. She asked me if I was busy. I thought she wanted me to help her, so I asked her what was wrong.

"No, just asking about how you are doing." Knowing that she wanted to care about me, knowing that I expressed negative feelings in last night's article, she wanted to comfort me, but I turned her down, "nothing, it's fine. I'll go to bed tomorrow morning. Good night."

it took her a long time to reply. "I don't know why, I don't think you'll go to bed so early, but good night."

in fact, she is not the only one. No matter who calls me in the evening, I will refuse to chat on the grounds of "going to bed early in the morning", because in the evening, from 11:00 to two or three o'clock at night, I will keep a diary by myself. Listen to music and read the official account tweets that I really like. I don't care whether the diary is good or not, whether other people like it, how long those songs are out of date, whether I can find inspiration for writing those songs, I don't care what the official tweets are worth learning.

because I am not a day professional, I am a night walker at night. I do not have to face different people, play different roles, listen to others patiently, deal with things carefully, and deal with my temper meekly as I do during the day.

this is why I turn off my phone to sleep for a long time. People who go to bed when they turn it off are because you know that no matter how late or how many nights you wait, the person you miss will not come to say good night to you. But I am not, because not only do I know that the people I miss will not come, but I also know that I do not even have people I miss. No one is worth waiting all night for an uncertain good night, no one's message I can't wake up the next morning and reply.

I don't like to be controlled by others to control the pace of my Night Ranger's life. I don't like to be occupied by others for utilitarian purposes other than "9 to 5". I just have to be free to miss myself crying and relaxing and hypocritical.

/3 /be yourself where others can't see you.

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yesterday we were doing offline activities at the FA woodwork store. Sally said that there was a girl in her dormitory who hated reading Chinese very much and did not like to write 100 essays. She was also the last one in the dormitory to check her exam results, because she was afraid that her grades would be the bottom of the class again.

but suddenly after two o'clock one night, when Sally went to the bathroom, he found that this classmate, who didn't even like to write a composition, was tapping the keyboard to write a novel. Sally asked her, "Don't you like writing?"

she said: "when no one interrupts me in the evening, I find that I actually like to write."

there are people who don't even know what they like to do when they are free because they just go to bed when they are undisturbed late at night. Some people say that they live a boring life, but they just go to bed too early.

it is only when we are not working at night that we think of people who are too busy to ignore temporarily, and hear the voice of our hearts. Sometimes it is very quiet, saying nothing, and sometimes it has very few words, only two words. It is called "miss you", but "miss you" is almost equal to "miss you but can't get you".

the more sad you are at night, the more the inspiration for writing comes out.

/IV /the mood during the night is different from that during the day, but it is supposed to exist.

I remember the first time Orange broke up, which was the first semester of her freshman year. Oddly enough, during that day, she was almost the same as usual, even easier than ever.Laugh irrationally, sometimes in a daze. But at night, especially after turning out the lights and going to bed, I can always hear the sound of sobs and paper towels across the dark blue curtains.

wait until the next day when she is like a normal person again, I know that she is not happy at all. She laughs because people laugh like a fool when they are sad to the extreme, and she cries, which is what she should have done.

I just realized that everyone expresses their truest emotions in the dark in a way that no one else can see. Maybe the night is a sanctuary for all of us, it blinds the eyes of all who care about you, it gives you freedom to be negative or makes you happy.

every sleep-deprived morning we will flag to say that we should go to bed early tonight, and when we start our Night Walker at night, we will find a hundred more reasons to stay up late, such as overtime, hungry, insomnia, browsing on Weibo. But in fact, we just lust for the "perceived self-time" that is squeezed out as much as possible in the "sleep time".

during the day, we are all hedgehogs, protecting ourselves to cater to the masses. We have worn masks during the day for a long time, thinking that we have really become what we look like on the mask. Maybe only in the middle of the night, the darker we are, the more we can see what we look like.

/5 /We want to take you to face troubles and the emotions it brings unconventionally at night.

most of the day is for others to live, not happy to laugh, sad can not cry, want to chat up but stop out of politeness, want to be presumptuous but because of the environment and other people's eyes and hold back, so at night we know that harm to health, we have to leave time to ourselves, even if this kind of work and rest is unconventional.

but what does it matter? The precious thing about night is that it protects your character and fun, not the sleep time it gives you.