Reference Handbook of long-distance relationship in Summer Holiday

Reference Handbook of long-distance relationship in Summer Holiday

I've heard a lot, but guess how sad I am.


before returning home from the summer vacation, the young couples around them bid farewell to each other on campus, as if the coming three months were not a holiday but a disaster. My friends always tell me that holidays are the easiest stage of "emotional change", because couples who go back to their homes are about to go through the biggest emotional test, "in a different place".

the day after the college entrance examination, there were several couples in our class, of which the two most favored couples were hastily separated before the summer vacation. Just because both sides traveled to different places according to the arrangement of their family during the holiday, they could not stick together all the time. After returning home, I found that in just a few months, the other person was no longer the person in my memory, so I didn't like it.

I disagreed at that time. I said, it doesn't matter if you don't want to be separated by feelings.

A few days ago, I met my long-lost friend Moy in bar. After talking about their general situation in recent years, Moy suddenly approached me and quietly asked me, "have you been in touch with Rachel in the past two years?"

I said, "I talked a few times before, but then I found that there was too much difference, so I stopped talking." Moy rare smile, I said: "Don't think about it, don't mention you, after I am far away with her, my best friend's feelings have faded." He bowed his head and took a sip of wine and secretly scolded: "Fuck in a different place."

Rachel is my best friend in junior high school. She went to a different school with me in high school. As soon as she entered the school, she found a new friend, wearing a best friend costume and a best friend bracelet. Wechat was not popular at that time, and she set another girl to pay special attention on Renren. There are only two people on her special attention list, one is her new best friend in high school, and the other is her boyfriend.

but it's not that she doesn't pay special attention to me. I'm sad that I don't even know when she has a boyfriend.

in fact, our schools are only one city away from each other, but the difference in living environment makes us different early on. The last time we met was in the second year of high school. She had permed her hair and dyed her nails and wore her mother's earrings. I had just finished school with a schoolbag full of papers and a rustic school uniform. We seldom find common ground in our conversations, and the way we talk and even think is no longer the same as in junior high school. I can feel that we are all disappointed with each other in that date. When I left, I said, "I'm glad you're better off after graduation." She said, "so are you."

finally, she chose to go abroad, while I chose the college entrance examination.

and Moy is Rachel's boyfriend in high school, and the two have been role models of love in high school. But now Rachel has gone to college, just like when we were in high school, she quickly integrated into the new environment, turning over the old people, leaving only the nostalgic Moy sitting next to me.

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it is no exaggeration to say that our friendship is dead because of a long distance, not to mention her love with Moy.



I have heard a lot of fairy tales: from school uniforms to wedding dresses, who has conquered seven years of love for four years and finally got married. But at the same time, I have seen my friends cry again and again because of a long-distance relationship, and finally come to an end.

everyone starts a relationship looking forward to a long time, can expect each other is the last person to accompany them for the rest of their lives. Even if you know that one day you will have to part and face the threat of a long-distance relationship, you will always believe: "the plot of the long-distance breakup will not happen to me, we can all keep our original heart."

unfortunately, regional differences will not only separate you and me, but also imperceptibly change the way we think, and even our worldview. Many times, you say that you will not change, but unwittingly be assimilated by the environment and become a completely different you. So you and I met different people, things and things in a completely different environment. And I have become a completely different person from your memory in my world. When you start smoking, I learn to wear makeup; sometimes you drink all night, and I party all night occasionally.

We began to get used to not seeing each other everywhere in life, and began to use mobile phones instead of daily communication. At first, we had the patience to introduce our new friends to each other and let each other into our circle of friends as if we were still together every day, but suddenly found that one day you said you were a little tired and I said I was a little bored. So I turned off my phone and hung up, and we cut off the only connection between you and me in the world.

We will quarrel. I don't understand why you want to learn to smoke and why you want to go out drunk for your buddies. You suspect who I put on makeup to see who I study with today and who I will have dinner with tomorrow. In the end, we broke up.

you see, unconsciously, I also told a story, a long and simple story about you and me.

I admit that this reality is cruel and not a fairy tale.


the boy I liked in high school confessed his love to me after the college entrance examination. The answer he gave me at that time was: "Let's take it one step at a time." I remember the moment when I suppressed my ecstasy, and I calmly asked him, "where do you think you can go?"

I recalled this scene many times later, and I was annoyed at my bitterness at that time.

because there is no answer to this question about a different place. He said he wanted to have a good time, but I said it would take a long time. It's just that I didn't believe I could be consistent, and he didn't insist. I said, "I'll tell you what, let's make an agreement for a year." If a year later we still like each other as much as we do now, then we will be together. "

at that time, he swore back to me: "sure."

it seems that this year's college entrance examination has passed.For a long time, I have met him several times this year, but we all have a tacit understanding not to mention this one-year agreement.

A few days ago, I hurriedly found his buddy from high school and immediately asked, "I heard that you have a friend to introduce him to a blind date?" Are you serious? " The guy said, "I don't know. You can ask him face to face." I said, "forget it."

the original promise of a year, really only one year, I lost contact with him. It seems that I know very little about him from some point in time. My knowledge of him changed from "you told me" to "I heard about you". Obviously, we had something to talk about before, but now we don't talk anymore. Because he no longer told me about him, no longer let me know his important decisions in the first place, and no longer gave me a chance to get to know him. I was afraid to ask, but I wanted to know that I could only learn about him from others.

I don't know if it's your fault or mine. I saw you leave, I didn't wave, I didn't ask to stay.

because I expected this result long ago, because we are not in the same city, because you don't like me that much.


long-distance friends and lovers.

I have known my best friend Qiu Qiu for ten years, eight of which have been in a different place. The foreign countries from primary and secondary schools to universities, we have always maintained a very close relationship. I never get jealous because she has made any new friends, and she doesn't worry that I have forgotten her in the new world. Whenever I make a big decision, the first thing I think of is her. And I have no doubt that she does, too.

I always like to believe that maybe long-distance relationships can be like Qiu Qiu and I, for a year, five years, or even ten years, we can't meet, but we have the same heart. But the world can not be what people want, in less than a year, you will be tired of me, and then leave me. You no longer have new things to find me the first time, no longer see delicious food to take pictures and send me, no longer chirp, no longer tell me what I have seen and heard every day. I no longer wait for you every morning and good night, no longer expect to wake up the phone Wechat will explode, no longer post moments to show you, no longer complain to you about the most annoying person.

I think the distance between us is really too far. You and I, lovers, or friends, can't do it. Interestingly, when I really wanted to inquire about you, it was hard to get a satisfactory answer, but now I don't want to remember you, but there is always a sound blowing into my ear inexplicably. Help me piece together your drips.

I only heard that you changed your new frame. I heard that you were going to Europe during the holiday. I heard that you were handsome. I heard that you were as beautiful as in high school. I heard that you made a new girlfriend. I heard that you took her home to see your mother during the Spring Festival. I heard that you broke up. I heard that you drank to drown your sorrows.

I've heard a lot, but guess how sad I am.

I want to hear you say, "you know who I met today". I want to hear you say "guess what I'm doing." I want to hear you say, "you go downstairs and we'll have midnight snacks together." I want to hear you say, "wait till I see the time. I'll see you on the next bus."

instead of waiting in a city without you as I do now, I can only hear about you or hear that you are not good.

actually I'm not that pessimistic.

most of the feelings that can be eroded by distance are not because of distance itself, but because of lack of love. Three months of summer vacation, three hundred days of a school year, or a year, three years, five years. Long is long, short is short. If you love me enough, or you cherish me enough, how can you let me go with a long or short time and distance as an excuse?

the class couples who broke up less than three months after the summer vacation in high school, and most of the couples who were reluctant to part with suspicion and jealousy because of a holiday in college just couldn't raise more confidence in their relationship. In fact, it really doesn't matter, if we trust each other enough, even if I see you again after a period of time and find that you are no longer what you used to be, I will certainly choose to continue to like the new you.

you don't have to say that we are too far away, nor do you need to emphasize the similarities and differences between our cities. In fact, I all know that those are just excuses you find for you no longer like me.

I would rather be the optimistic self all the time. I believe I can travel to so many places in the world.

if I like you enough.

\ "can you give me a minute?\"