Reference Manual for Summer Internship

Reference Manual for Summer Internship

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Wen /Zhang Jingzhi

in the message area yesterday, I saw a reader asking, "Zhang Jingzhi, when on earth are you going to write?"

it's not that I don't want to write, it's just that I was jointly killed by eel whale and Tong c a while ago, otherwise we would have met through words the day before yesterday. Recently, I was a little distressed. I always felt that I wanted to say something, but I was afraid that as readers, you would not be able to understand my state of mind at that time, so I added a lot of unnecessary causes and consequences.

finally found that there are some things, no matter how hard you spend, how much time, it can not be understood by others.

the people who often don't understand you are precisely the people you want them to understand.

well, I haven't had a heart-to-heart talk with you for a long time. Next, please feel free to read the Summer Internship reference Manual.


should we go for an internship or not?

first of all, we have to make sure that internships are not part-time jobs.

many readers leave messages in the background asking us whether we should work during the summer vacation. Students who usually ask this question do not actually have the concept of "internship" and think that "work" means "trading time for money." But the difference between internships is that you need to take time in exchange for knowledge of an industry, or even real work experience.

but as a freshman and sophomore, I only have the concept of "summer job" in my mind, and I have only one purpose for doing a summer job, that is, to make as much money as possible in as little time as possible.

but the problem is that I didn't have any ability to put it on the table at that time. At that time, the chaos was still a very bad official account, and no one would ask me to be a new media operator because of chaos. And my writing is not good, it is impossible to become a qualified copywriter, even the media company in our town thinks what I write is very bad, let alone the advertising company that I have always wanted to join.

so in the end, you have to rely on the recommendation of relatives to become a company archivist.

at that time, I typed the paper files into the computer in the office every day, then bound and sorted them out. Although my salary was up to three thousand that summer vacation, in fact, none of my abilities have been improved. Not to mention "networking", because I can't even see people during working hours, so I have to stay in the archives every day.

in retrospect, there is really no need to do a "summer job" for this kind of money.

because if we spend the whole summer vacation on jobs that we will never be able to do in our lives, it means that we will not make any progress in the major we aspire to. So the next summer vacation, our professional ability is still not on the table, thus entering a vicious circle.


I remembered what an old employee in his fifties said to me when I was doing filing, and she asked me, "actually, do you like working part-time at McDonald's?"

"if I could find something else to do, I would never do this." I answered her.


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"because it gives me nothing but money."

"you are right to think so. If it were my son, even if he had nothing else to do during the summer vacation, I wouldn't want him to come here and waste his time. Because he can learn what he wants to learn, or even travel. Young people should go out and don't stay in such a small room, even if they can't do anything. You can't learn anything here. This is a place for people like me to be lazy, not for hard work. " Speaking of which, her voice trembled a little.

I didn't react to it at that time. I only used the sentence "you're right" to put her off. In retrospect, I always feel that when she said this, she seemed to have a little bit of "hatred for me".

in fact, she is absolutely right that jobs that trade time for money can't teach us anything. On the contrary, it is those internships that require us to pay some time costs, or even material costs, that can improve our ability in a short period of time.

I used to care about the problem of "money", but I finally found that the more I care about money, the less I can make money. Because I used to think that if you give me ten yuan, I will give you ten yuan of work.

but when it comes to work, others will not take the initiative to explore our abilities like teachers, others will only wait for you to prove yourself through work. So sometimes if we do a little more, our interests will not be missing, and we may be able to get more attention because of this.

if you do a workload of 20 yuan or even 100 yuan, and he keeps giving you 10 yuan, it shows that there is no need for you to do this job.

Summer job is to work for others, internship is to work for yourself.

so don't worry so much about yourself.


from handing out flyers as a freshman, to McDonald's during winter and summer vacation, to doing file management for the company in the utility room in the first semester of sophomore year, and in the second semester of sophomore year, I delivered newspapers to the school office three days a week. At that time, my salary was no more than 500 yuan a month.

for two whole years, I spent my time changing money.

until the summer vacation of my sophomore year, I officially went to work as an intern in a media company in the city. At that time, my salary was still 1500 yuan /month. During the winter vacation of my junior year, I went to another media company with a probation period of 2500 yuan /month. It's not much, but it's much better than 9.4 yuan per hour. In the second semester of my junior year, I began to send resumes to some famous advertising companies, and I also received some interview opportunities one after another. But I didn't go to any company for an internship this summer, because I wanted to be the best in college.It will be better in the next year.

the reason why I can make such a change, from exchanging time for money, to using my ability and work to earn living expenses, is actually because in these three years, I have been doing the same thing: writing.

when I was a freshman and sophomore, there was no appreciation, no fees and no advertisements, but I still insisted on writing. Not only because I like writing, but also because I always firmly believe that all efforts will fall to the ground one day.

in those two years, I never gave up self-growth. I could earn a small amount of living expenses by handing out flyers, newspapers and being a McDonald's. But I know in my heart: after a year, I will certainly earn the living expenses through my own ability.

if one year does not work, it will be three years, and if not three years, it will be ten years.

the result is here. It took me two years to complete the transition from "exchanging time for money" to "making money with ability".

what about you.