Rules are the best feng shui for a family.

Rules are the best feng shui for a family.

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Han Feizi said: "if you want to become a square circle and follow its rules, then everything will work."

if a family is to prosper, it must have its own rules.

A family without rules is more frightening than having no money.


Rule 1: independent

writer Yu Hua wrote in "No Road is repeated":

there is no road in the world that is repeatable, and no life can be replaced. Everyone is experiencing a life of their own.

learning to be independent doesn't mean you don't need others anymore.

is to let you know that if you really face helplessness one day, you can save yourself.

I think so.

A lot of times, you lose if you count on others.

I have seen such a passage in Zhihu:

Don't rely on a person easily, or he will gradually become your habit and an inseparable part of you. When parting comes, what you will lose is not someone, but your spiritual support.

Luo Zijun, the hostess of the TV series "my first half of my Life", graduated from a famous university, young and beautiful.

because of the husband's "I support you" when he was in love, he chose to be a stay-at-home wife.

after marriage, Luo Zijun lives in a big luxurious house and is taken care of by a babysitter. The most common thing she does is to go shopping.

in her eyes, her husband Chen Junsheng's promise is his long-term meal ticket, and Chen Junsheng is his backer.

but she forgot that relying on mountains can fall, and everyone can run.

her husband's betrayal forced her to become independent and vowed to build a day for herself.

remember that Venus interviewed Yang Mi and asked her if you wanted to buy a house for your parents, would you discuss it with Liu Kaiwei?

Yang Mi said, "No, because I can afford it."

you see, it is better to rely on heaven and earth than to rely on yourself. only by yourself can you have the strength and mix with the wind and water.

after all, independent people have the best luck.


Rule 2: upbringing  American writer Mark Twain once said:

how much we think about ourselves and how little we think about others. Good upbringing shows that we can hide this fact.

upbringing has nothing to do with a person's birth, education, wealth, status, etc., upbringing is something that can affect a person's life.

there is such a story:

A company recruits employees, and many people participated in this application.

there are famous brand college students, master's degree students, returnee doctors, and ordinary university graduates.

on the day of the interview, there was a broom across the middle of the corridor in the company. All the candidates in front saw it, but they either made a detour or crossed over the broom. Only one of the students who graduated from a second-rate school picked up the broom and put it in the corner.

at the end of the interview, the manager announced that the man who picked up the broom was hired and the others were eliminated.

after hearing this, the others were very unconvinced and felt that they were much better than the person who was hired, so they asked the manager why.

the manager explained:

the broom in the middle of the road is also part of your interview. From your behavior to the broom, you can see that most people are only for themselves, not for the people behind.

the working environment belongs to everyone and depends on everyone to keep it together. If a person can't keep his working environment clean and tidy, will he still have the intention to do a good job?

when others hear this, they all regret it, but what is done is done, and it is useless to know it now.

even if the external conditions of educated people are not as good as others, they are likely to turn against the wind because of their excellent upbringing.

the degree of education can, to a large extent, determine the thickness of character, which is enough to determine the height of a person's life.

only educated people can make people feel like a spring breeze.


Rule 3: be trustworthy

, never break your word.

people who break their promises are not qualified in character and will not be able to do anything smoothly.

people who like to talk big often do not pay attention to honesty, which in the end will only lead to no one willing to trust themselves, let alone close to them, no matter what they do.

the story of "Zengzi kills a pig" should be familiar to everyone:

Zengzi's wife goes to the market, and her son will go with her, crying while walking.

his mother said to him, "go back and kill the pig for you when I get back."

when his wife came back from the market, Zeng Zi wanted to catch a pig. His wife stopped him and said, "that was just a joke between me and my children."

Zengzi said, "you must never play with children." Children are not sensible, so they should learn like their parents and listen to their parents' teachings. Now if you lie to him, you are teaching your children to lie. If a mother deceives her child, if the child does not believe his mother's words, it is impossible to teach the child well. "

Zengzi finally killed the pig.

A man cannot stand without faith.

Credit involves all aspects of one's life.

people in business are most taboo about doing business with people who break their promises.

between friends, if there is a person who does not keep his word, everyone will stay away.

even between relatives and neighbors, a person who is not faithful will be isolated and snubbed by everyone.


the greatest happiness in life is to be respected by others.

Mencius said: those who respect others, people always respect them.

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respect is mutual. Only by knowing how to respect others can we win respect for ourselves.

there is a well-known story:

Queen Elizabeth of England went to a party one day and came home very late.

when she went home, she went to the door and found the door closed, so she knocked on the door. Her husband asked, "who is it?"

Elizabeth said, "Queen of England!"

husband didn't open the door.

she knocked again, and her husband asked again.

Elizabeth replied, "it's Elizabeth."

the husband still hasn't opened the door.

at this moment, Elizabeth seemed to realize something. she thought about knocking on the door again, and without waiting for her husband to speak, she asked and answered, "Honey, I'm your wife Elizabeth!"

the door opened.

A person who knows how to respect others can be respected by others in turn.

if a person does not know how to respect others, no matter who he is always domineering in front of, no matter how high his position or power is, he will not be truly respected by others.

the best way to get along with others is:

is not arrogant at the top and not humble at the bottom.

as Lu Xun said:

I thought others respected me because I was excellent.

slowly I understand that others respect me because others are excellent, and excellent people know how to respect others.

knowing how to respect is the foundation of a person's life.