See you in November and December. Hello: winter is coming. May all the good things come as scheduled.

See you in November and December. Hello: winter is coming. May all the good things come as scheduled.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

time flies, unwittingly, the new wind is rising, and the cold winter is coming.

November is the harvest season. Autumn chrysanthemums are in full bloom, rice is ripe, sweet-scented osmanthus is fragrant, and wild geese move south.

at the end of the year, the yellow flowers show dew alone, and the red leaves have gone with the wind.

it's time to stop and take a breath, bid farewell to the autumn breeze of November and usher in a cool December.

November, good-bye, December, nice to meet you.

from today, let's not lose time, live up to ourselves, put an end to this ill-fated year, and let every ordinary moment shine.


in late autumn and winter, I advise you to have more meals

how long has it been since you haven't had a good meal?

I don't know since when, having a good meal has become a luxury.

people are busy with their lives all day, and they often pick up a few boxed lunches to perfunctory their stomachs under the pretext of being busy with their work. There are also people who eat while chasing the drama, but do not know the taste. What's more, it doesn't matter if you have enough to eat.

you don't know that your body will retaliate every meal you owe yourself.

nowadays, cancer is becoming younger and younger, and gastric cancer has become the second largest cancer in China.

the body is the capital of the revolution, and when health is gone, no matter how much wealth or high position you have, it will be a thing of the past.

have a good meal, not only for your own care, but also for your family.

We must not let medicine become food at the end of the story.

Georgia, an English woman writer. Woolf once said:

indeed, food can not only warm our stomachs, but also comfort our hearts.

A person's attitude towards life can be seen from his attitude towards eating.

maybe you have 1000 reasons not to eat well, but I want to say to you: "only when you have enough food and drink can you have the energy to do what you want to do and the strength to fight this fierce world."

No matter how hard and tired it is, if you can eat every meal carefully, you will have excellent self-healing power. Even if things are hard, there is no hurdle that cannot be overcome.

the smoke and fire in the world is the most appealing to the hearts of the people.

whether it's the sweet potatoes in the iron stove or the steaming soup in the kitchen, it makes people salivate.

in life, only food and love can not be disappointed.

Love yourself and start with a good meal.

starting from today, prepare a meal carefully and feel the flow of love in the fireworks of one porridge and one rice.


although there is a high wind, life will not give up in 2020, under the cover of

epidemic situation, it will not be easy for everyone. Some people are unemployed, some people are sick, and a spate of bad news continues to hit our hearts.

but in any case, you have to believe that the sky will clear up after the wind and rain.

in the face of the impermanence of fate, there is nothing we can do, but as long as there is breath, there is infinite hope.

this world is a trivial matter except life and death.

it is not easy to be a man for a lifetime. On the way forward, we will inevitably encounter difficulties and obstacles.

in the face of these problems, some people face up to the difficulties, some people retreat in the face of difficulties, and different attitudes lead to very different situations.

the former will have a hard time, and one day I will be on top of you; the latter can only remain silent and regret.

it's easy to give up, but hard to stick to it.

when you are discouraged for a moment, it is easy to let go of the burden on your shoulders.

but once you give up, it's even harder to start over.

it is often the darkest before dawn, but if you get through the night, you will turn the corner and there is another village.

Life is like this, you get it and you lose it.

however, after every breakdown, you have to learn to heal yourself. After every heavy blow, you have to have the courage to make a comeback.

as May Day sang in "stubbornness": "persistence is just to me."

We have gone through rough and steep paths and crossed the narrow path, and no matter what happens in the future, we should move on more firmly.

even if a storm strikes, don't give up easily.

keep going, and every effort you make will not be in vain. Every time you struggle, your contribution will not be worthy of donation.


the past is clear, and everything can be expected

. Sometimes, the reason why people live a miserable life lies in their obsession with the past.

Isn't it marvellous and exhilarating to find a stunning long sleeve beaded wedding dress for your event? Allow to be served with the coolest tastes available.

people who indulge in the past often waste their time in unnecessary nostalgia and their energy in false fantasies.

in fact, all the things that worry us, the sad things, and the painful things will pass.

the choices that bother us, if we look at them five years later, are not really a big deal.

instead of carrying too much creeping forward, it is better to put down everything and travel light.

only by wiping out the past, can we walk lightly and have a better future.

on the contrary, you will be as difficult as a snail and overwhelmed.

as Wong Kar-wai said:

Life is really hard, and there is nothing others can do to help.

after crying and laughing, life goes on. Every minute and every second of the future is worth looking forward to.

every morning is a brand new day.

each season has its own beauty.

there are flowers in spring, moon in autumn, cool breeze in summer and snow in winter.

living in itself is a beautiful thing.

the world is worth it, but you are more worthy. Although you can't decide whether it is sunny or cloudy today, you can decide what mood to use to spend

the past is irrecoverable, the future is still in the future, and the only thing we can grasp is the present.

Let bygones be bygones.

people of the past, stop pestering.

forget the unpleasant things and shake hands with yourself.

forgive those who are unkind and say goodbye to obsession.

for the rest of my life, the past is clean, love and hate are random, let's go to a better tomorrow.


this winter, may all the good things come to


some people see starlight, others see dust.

now is the time to officially say goodbye and start a new month.

see you in November. How are you in December?

New December,

May you be as pure as winter snow,

Let bygones be bygones,

enjoy the beauty of the present;

New December,

May you be as warm as the warm winter sun,

forever young, always filled with tears,

to try more different challenges.

New December,

May you be as strong as winter pines and cypresses,

be tougher after thousands of trials,

let the winds from east, west, north and south.

everything in the past is a preface.

every day in the future, may we all have less sorrows and more joys and live well.

December, which is full of infinite possibilities, I believe that everything will come as expected.