See you in October: to the people I care about, may time go slowly, and the years treat you gently as usual.

See you in October: to the people I care about, may time go slowly, and the years treat you gently as usual.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

in the twinkling of an eye, late autumn has come.

October, farewell begins.

is like the cycle of the four seasons, from the green in spring to the green in summer, to the yellow in autumn, and gradually to the white in winter.

Hi, the person I care about, cooling down, remember to keep warm and add clothes frequently.

May the time go slowly and the years treat you gently as before.


Life is short, don't cultivate bitterness

days always rise and fall, everyone's life curve is ups and downs.

there will always be a trough when everything goes wrong, giving rise to some troubles and worrying about everything in vain.

Hi, the person I care about, life is short, don't cultivate bitterness.

label all bad emotions as "will pass"! People who love to laugh, life will not be so bad.

as you comforted me, no matter how difficult it is, there will always be a sunny day, grass will grow in the corner of the wall, wild flowers will bloom in the wasteland, and the beauty of life is that there are opportunities everywhere and infinite possibilities for everyone.

Thank you for the strength you gave me when I was on the verge of giving up, for the tenderness you inadvertently gave me, for your timely help, chicken soup, and for really giving.

May you, no matter what weather or life you meet, always smile like flowers, as before, sunny, and be the best and most sincere yourself.


say goodbye to staying up late and don't let your body go on strike

We are used to saying "Don't stay up late", but we take it less and less seriously.

as a matter of fact, we all know that staying up late hurts both the body and the brain, but too many people do not care because they think they are young, strong, healthy and painless, including you and me.

if you don't hold an umbrella in rainy days, you can endure minor ailments again and again, and eat and sleep irregularly, but you can't be startled until you get the physical examination report and the pain is too bad.

when a nodule appears, when the red light is on again, and when the indicator shows a rising danger arrow.

only then did I repent. Why do you want to be so perfunctory to your own body? why can you take good care of others, but not yourself?

Hi, people I care about, say goodbye to staying up late and don't let your body go on strike.

as you once advised me, no matter how difficult the problem will not be solved by staying up late, and no matter how annoying things will not disappear, it is better to borrow an hour more from the morning, go to bed early, get up early, and take good care of yourself. after all, in this world, I am my absolute master.

work together to be a person who goes to bed early and gets up early, eats regularly, exercises persistently, and makes progress in self-discipline. It doesn't matter whether the age is old, the economy is good or bad, or the joys and sorrows of life. This is something that all of us can do.

May you be a little fool with a regular life, keep your "favorite" to yourself, treat your every discomfort attentively, and take good care of yourself is the best reward for those who love you.


if you can't be as broad-minded as the sea, how can there be a calm life

before, you always advised me to be more open-minded and far-sighted, and it would not matter if everything was unhappy and bad at the moment.

people live, live a state of mind. I used to think that this was an old-fashioned remark, but after much experience, I found that chicken soup is not only chicken soup, but also a truth verified by too many people.

but everyone, whether you or I, is used to forgetting to relax when things happen.

frown hard, too hard and you will wrinkle your life.

Hi, the person I care about, if you can't have a broad heart, there will be no peace of life.

the tide of fate is endless. Thank you for pulling me ashore again and again, for cheering me up again and again, for being afraid of my downfall, for waking me up, and for accompanying me through so many lonely days.

May you, no matter what kind of present moment you face, remain calm and calm, less entangled, less complaining, and less angry. After all, people who are fat and happy are a little confused.


May the years live up to you and me, and may the true feelings last forever

I'm willing to give. Do not regret

there is a feeling called-- as long as you are happy

there is a warm call-- Don't be afraid, you still have me

there is a true love call-- I miss it all the time

. I want to see you

in fact, all your sincerity is not only expressed in words, but also in action.

like every little thing you have done for me in so many days and nights.

Hi, the people I care about, my loved ones, my friends, my dignitaries, and myself.

people's life is not long, we meet day after day, we may quarrel occasionally, may occasionally have a cold war, but always care about what we care about.

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the days are getting faster and faster, and the age is getting older and older, and it is only 61 days before this extraordinary 2020 ends.

I hope time, ah, time, go slowly, and lengthen all the warm and beautiful moments.

in this life, it is enough to have you.

May the years live up to you and me, and the truth will last forever.