Self-discipline and non-self-discipline, the difference is a whole life.

Self-discipline and non-self-discipline, the difference is a whole life.

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Matsushita Konosuke once said:

those who are self-disciplined can always be strict with themselves and strive for the goals they want. People who are not self-disciplined generally lack perseverance and persistence and eventually give up failure in regret and remorse.

self-discipline is only a slight difference in habits, but the distance in the end is enough to change the whole life.


people who are self-disciplined can control their own lives

are there any such people around you?

at the beginning of the year, a lot of goals are listed. To lose weight, to keep fit, to read two more books, to go to bed early and get up early.

there are lofty ideals written on the schedule, but when it is really done, it begins to push three obstacles and four excuses one after another.

talking about working out, I went to the gym for two days and began to try not to reply to my coach Wechat.

make up your mind to lose weight. If you don't lose ten pounds in your moments, don't change your avatar, turn around and have a lot of meat with your friends. Retweet collected hundreds of good books, picked and picked no titles he liked, and ended up reading none of them. I swear to God that I must go to bed early and get up early. As a result, I was still holding my cell phone at 1: 00 in the morning, staring at the small video. Imagine that you should be healthy, knowledgeable, do things quickly, and move towards a wider road of life step by step.

in reality, it is intermittent complacency, long-term eating and waiting to die.

actually, this is the difference between self-discipline and non-self-discipline.

my friend Xiao Lin is a person with high self-discipline. Get up at 6 o'clock every morning and do morning exercises for half an hour, rain or shine.

at first it was to lose weight, but now it's to stay healthy.

less than 7 o'clock, spend 10 minutes on homemade breakfast, turn on the English radio at breakfast every day, half an hour, from preparation to washing dishes, the time is right.

around 07:30, take a bath and wash for half an hour or so to keep yourself clean and clean. She goes to work at 09:30 in the morning, commuting for only 20 minutes, and the rest of the time she can safely find a book or comb through her work for the day. From graduation to the present, she has persisted for only two years or so, and the change is amazing.

700 days, she read more than 200 books and took 3 certificates. Because of her outstanding ability, she got offer from two big companies that she had been longing for for a long time.

all this seems to be getting up a little early every day, but in fact there is a huge change behind it. She is no longer sleepy to stay up late, no longer in a hurry to get up late, and no longer remorse for failing to achieve her plan. A methodical and self-disciplined life makes everything easier.

self-disciplined people, all their goals can be approached step by step, the life they want is within reach, and everything is developing in the best direction.

people who are not self-disciplined are both anxious about their current situation and unwilling to make up their minds to change themselves.

there is a saying in


self-disciplined people who can control their careers

Bai Yansong once said:

in the past two years, the goods of live broadcasts have become popular, with several hundred million yuan per live broadcast, and the annual income of top anchors is in the eight or nine figures. More and more people want to join the team and make a fortune.

in the eyes of many people, it's nothing more than looking for a few goods and talking about how good it is in front of the camera. It's very simple.

but the truth is, it's not that easy.

some time ago, there was a popularity of Weiya's schedule on the Internet.

from getting up to working and going back to bed, the rest time in a day is less than 5 hours. There are 365 days in a year, and Via has 330 days to stand still.

on Singles' Day, she once broadcast live for 12 hours in one day. When she talked about lack of oxygen, she took out an oxygen tank and took two sips and continued to insist. Although she has stood at the head of the anchor, she still knows it in her heart.

it takes an unprecedented effort to get something you've never had before.

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the harder you work, the luckier you are.

the more self-disciplined people are, the more successful they are.

set a goal, progressive approach, persevering efforts. This alone can defeat most people.

Wang Jianlin, once China's richest man, has exposed a schedule.

at 4: 00 in the morning, when most people are still asleep, he has already got up. Exercise, breakfast, business trip, work. The itinerary is full.

he succeeded because of self-discipline, but he did not give up self-discipline because of success.

once saw a joke on the Internet.

two college students, after reading an article about the old couple's subway sales earning 300000 yuan a year, their blood boiled and they wanted to do a big job.

Research, site selection, restocking, design of stalls, detailed and thorough planning, look more professional than ordinary small businessmen and hawkers. And when everyone wanted to see them make a lot of money, the two of them announced that their business had failed.

the reason is: it's too early to get up.

sounds like a joke, but in fact that's why most people fail.

putting aside IQ, we all have two arms and legs, and no one is bad. But the biggest gap between people, apart from thinking, is left with self-discipline.

those who are successful do not make plans, but also do what they say and do. There is a reason for everything and a response every time. There is a good saying:

"self-discipline can almost determine the success of your career."

"indulgence is the eternal excuse of the weak. And self-discipline is the instinct in the bones of the strong. "


those who exercise self-discipline can control their own lives.

writer Gladwell said in "Aliens":

"the reason why genius is outstanding in people's eyes is not superior talent, but continuous efforts.

10,000 hours of training is a necessary condition for anyone to change from ordinary to world-class master. "

in the past few years, I have seen a lot of great people who shine brilliantly on various platforms. Some people can quote the classics as soon as they open their mouth.

some people have a standard posture, are energetic in sports, and have a figure that they can't envy.

there are people who can travel around the world and broaden their horizons with the money they earn. Instead of staring at the phone, we envy them that they can live a better and freer life.

it is better to understand one thing first: they are not born to take control of their lives, but through self-discipline and persistence day after day.

people who export into chapters have a thick book wall at home. When others giggle at their mobile phones and spend their emptiness in the game, they are feeling the height of other people's thoughts and feelings about life.

people with standard posture have calluses on their hands. When you stay up late, they go to bed early and have a rest. When you stay in bed, they are getting up early to work out.

those who can travel around the world, as early as when you take two photos and clock in in a hurry, begin to accumulate hundreds of materials just to share the most beautiful visual enjoyment with everyone. Although the relationship between self-discipline and non-self-discipline is made up of little things, what is bad is the whole life.

the more self-disciplined people are, the more able they are to control their own lives and the freedom to choose their lives.


many people feel that they cannot overcome the laziness of getting up early, the craving for eating less, and the difficulty of self-discipline because they have not yet tasted the benefits of self-discipline.

Clark once said:

when you really stick to it, you will find that those temporary relaxations that muddle along are just wasting your life.

but if you settle down and get through the painful bottleneck, you will be greeted by the great changes brought about by self-discipline. When you can turn getting up early into a habit.

when you can regard restraint as an instinct.

when you can treat self-discipline as a habit.

the seeds of self-discipline have already taken root and sprouted, filling your life with a sense of accomplishment.