Self-discipline determines a person's life!

Self-discipline determines a person's life!

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as the ancients said, "if you eat bitterness, you will be a superior man."

if you want to grow up better in your life, you have to go through a lot of hardships first.

to be a man, you may not be successful, but you need to work hard; you may not be excellent, but you need self-discipline.

the harder you work, the luckier you are, the more disciplined you are, and the more outstanding you are.


the biggest gap between people lies in self-discipline

"Zengguang Xian Wen" says: "Learning is like sailing against the current. If you don't advance, you will fall behind."

everyone's life is like a boat sailing against the current. If you don't work hard, you will eventually be overtaken by others. It is not money or status that determines the gap between people, but from inner self-discipline. In the Ming Dynasty, there was a bachelor's degree named Xu Pu, who was talented and studied very hard. When he was studying in a private school, he was often unsmiling and his behavior was very sophisticated. One day, Xu Pu took out a small book from his pocket to watch.

the teacher thought it was a child's plaything, but he walked in and found that there were numerous Confucian quotations on the book, and he was impressed.

in addition, Xu Pu has another habit. He has two bottles on the table, one for soybeans and one for black beans. The two represent progress and retrogression, respectively.

if you do good deeds, you will invest a soy bean when you finish the task, and if you procrastinate, if you make a mistake, you will throw in a black bean.

in his constant introspection and strict self-discipline, black beans become less and soybeans more and more.

until later, he became an admired official and kept this habit.

as the saying goes, "the gentleman blames himself, and the villain blames others."

A true gentleman is good at self-reflection and self-discipline, while the villain is always complaining and complaining.

self-discipline is the stepping stone to success. If you want to achieve something, start by constraining yourself.

Xunzi said:

the gap between people is gradually opened up bit by bit, day and night.


self-discipline determines a person's life!

as the saying goes:

the more sharpened the sword is, the colder the plum blossom is, the more fragrant it is, and the same is true of being a man. the more self-discipline, the better.

before Lu Xun became a writer of a generation, his childhood was very miserable. His grandfather was arrested and his father was bedridden for a long time.

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once, when his father was seriously ill, Lu Xun got up early in the morning and went to the drugstore to buy medicine to take care of his father. after going to school, the teacher saw him who was late and said angrily, "if you are too old to sleep late, you don't have to come next time!"

Lu Xun did not defend himself, but quietly returned to his desk and carved the word "morning" on it. From then on, no matter how many burdens he had on his shoulders, he insisted on being the first to come to school.

until adulthood, the word "early" on his desk still inspires him to move forward on the road of life.

so far, he has become a famous writer, thinker and revolutionary.

and the Sanwei study and the desk where Lu Xun went to school at that time are now placed in the Lu Xun Memorial Hall for everyone to enjoy.

as the saying goes:

people with self-discipline often have great self-control, while those who can control themselves can control life.

when you do your best, the whole world will make way for you; when you really discipline yourself, you will eventually win the life you want.

excellence is a habit, and self-discipline makes good people better!


Zeng Guofan once said, "if you don't get up in the morning, you will miss a day; if you don't learn when you are young, you will miss a lifetime."

there are countless possibilities in a self-disciplined life. The degree of self-discipline can determine the height of your life!

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