Self-discipline is the cure for all confusion.

Self-discipline is the cure for all confusion.

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once a young man wrote a long letter to Mr. Yang Jiang, pouring out his admiration and many life puzzles he encountered.

Yang Jiang replied and wrote a sentence:

people in such a situation as young people are not uncommon in life.

We are often temporarily complacent, but we spend a long time eating and waiting to die, confused and anxious, staying up late in the morning, lying in bed at noon, lemon essence, and procrastination addicted.

the fundamental problem is that you are too lazy!

people who really want to be better are constantly breaking through their comfort zone and will not keep the desire for change in their minds, because they all understand in the process of change:

self-discipline is the cure for all confusion.


the biggest gap between people lies in self-discipline

have you ever thought about what you will look like 10 years from now?

Last year, there was a topic on Douyin: # Challenge 10, and many people uploaded their changes from 2009 to 2019.

some people fell to their hearts 10 years ago, were dissatisfied with mediocrity, started a self-disciplined life, read, wrote, learned professional skills, and honed their expression skills. Ten years later, they have changed greatly, from a cowardly introvert to a company executive who is now calm and confident.

some people are still lazy and their appearance has not changed much, but their weight has shown a steady upward trend. For 10 years, they have been living a normal and uneventful life. Apart from wrinkles reminding them of aging and rising prices reminding the world of change, they have always stayed in their comfort zone.

the same time, but not the same change.

3650 days and nights, 87600 hours, the gap between self-discipline and undisciplined life is thus opened.

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there is a sentence in the Road that few people take:

A lot of pain in life is not an irresistible natural disaster, but a small obstacle that can be solved, moved, and changed.

if you always live passively and passively, the days will not change. A year later, you will still be the same, only one year older, and the pain will still be painful.

but when you take the initiative to solve the problem, the pain will become a small grain of sand in the pearl clam, and one day it will be dazzling and brush off a sleeve of dust.

writer Stephen Gus wrote at least 50 words a day, practiced day after day, and finally wrote the best-selling book Micro habits.

in order to maintain a light dance posture and a graceful figure, Yang Liping, a dancer, has not had a full meal for more than a decade. She started Peacock Dance and was named "Dance God" by Southeast Asian audiences. She is now in her sixties, but she doesn't have any fat on her body.

actor Peng Yuyan, in order to give himself a more authentic expression when making a film, kills a skill every time he makes a movie. So far, apart from being an actor, he is also a bachelor of economics in Colombia, a dolphin trainer and a professional cyclist. In addition, he can also surf, gymnastics, sign language, Thai boxing, Brazilian jujitsu and other skills.

if you don't accumulate steps, you can't reach thousands of miles; if you don't accumulate small streams, you can't become rivers and seas.

the result of long-term self-discipline is the achievement that is getting brighter and brighter day by day.


those who can control their own destiny

there is an unforgettable passage in the movie Farewell my Concubine:

Little Laizi sings with beans. He asks with admiration:

"when can I become a corner?"

the master said, "you have to fend for yourself."

A person's life is always in his own hands and has nothing to do with others.

some people insist on getting up early every day, use the hour before going to work to learn English, pass the BEC and advanced interpreter certificate, and receive a high salary of offer a year later.

some people failed in the college entrance examination and chose to repeat their studies, forcing themselves to strictly follow the schedule every day, and finally they were admitted to the ideal university without slackening, and their examination scores reached the best in the class every semester.

some people are stimulated by the fat on their bodies, and they are ruthless to lose weight. Every day, they boil meals and are high in protein, forcing themselves to quit barbecue fried chicken, beer and cigarettes. They exercise for 1 hour every day and lose more than 30 jin in 6 months.


people like this are all around us all the time. They used to be ordinary people, and there are not many bright spots on them, but when they choose to exercise self-discipline and force themselves to work hard to achieve their goals, it's dazzling enough.

but there are more people who can procrastinate and slack off on anything, that is, they can never let go of sleeping late in playing games; they are used to covering up their mental laziness with foolishness in action, pretending that they have tried their best, but actually haven't done what they have to do.

there are some people who clearly say that they will work hard and make n plans, but after sticking to it for two days, they still choose to say to themselves, "Sorry, I give up."

Bai Yansong once said:

Don't wait until you are repeatedly humiliated by fate, but have no power to backhand, to realize that every step you take has already been quietly recorded in the archives of life.

if he cannot suffer from self-discipline, he will suffer the crime of mediocrity.


self-discipline, there are no shortcuts

American psychologist Clark once said: the early stage of self-discipline is excitement, the middle stage is pain, and the later stage is enjoyment. When you begin to enjoy self-discipline, you will find that life is less frustrated and confused.

the reason why many people try to be anxious while giving up and chagrin at the same time is because they can not maintain the excitement in the early stage and can not bear the pain in the middle stage.

in fact, there are not many shortcuts to self-discipline, but there are ways to follow.

1 the first step in self-discipline: get up early

early psychologists have found that for people who get up early, their subconscious has more time at their disposal, while in contrast, in the consciousness of late risers, the day is much shorter.

get up an hour early, and you will find that you can easily accomplish things that you can't try because of lack of time and energy.

such as reading, writing, making breakfast, running in the morning, learning English, listening to online courses, etc., when you start to get up early to do positive and meaningful things, you are already on the starting line of self-discipline.

2 the second step of self-discipline: stay away from temptation

the biggest reason why self-discipline is difficult is that there are "temptations" around you.

think carefully about what you often deserted in your study and work. Is it Douyin short videos, mobile games, romance novels, or friends often ask you to go out for drinks.

find the biggest temptation that bothers you, stay away from it, and don't let it test your willpower.

3 the third step of self-discipline: make a daily schedule

everything is done in advance, and nothing is wasted.

the calendar is basically the standard for every self-discipline. when a person has a plan for his own time, he or she will have the direction and motivation to act.

Ouyang Nana once shared her schedule on her vlog.

she starts with a daily routine: drinking 200cc, hanging her throat for 5 minutes in the morning, 8 minutes of yoga in the morning, 60 minutes of cello practice, 30 minutes of vocal music, and 12 minutes of exercise.

in addition, because the work and schedule are different every day, she will make another to-do list that needs to be done that day.

this method is simple and efficient. If you don't know what to do each day, make a to-do list in the morning, complete your daily tasks according to your own plan, and tick off each completed task at the end of the day. You will feel a sense of achievement from the bottom of your heart.

start your new life of self-discipline, with a high degree of self-discipline, you can be highly free!