Shallow water is noisy, deep water is silent (deep)

Shallow water is noisy, deep water is silent (deep)

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The poet Shelley once said, "shallow water is noisy, deep water is silent." The same is true of


the more shallow a person is, the more likely he is to boast and bluff with words.

and those who are really good tend to be silent and show weakness.


shallow water

Li Tiaoyuan, a great talent in the Qing Dynasty, was once invited to a banquet.

at the banquet, many talented people were showing off their talents, touting each other, and taking this opportunity to make friends.

but because of his seclusion, people only heard of his name and did not see him, so he did not recognize him.

at the

table, in order to elevate himself, a man threatened to say that his talent was above the great talent Li Tiaoyuan, and even ridiculed him in every way.

Li Tiaoyuan, who was present, only listened silently and did not say much.

later, the host official asked everyone to make a pair of couplets headed by "chunks" and "jade beads" in the box. At the end of the couplet, the words "Qi" and "Lai" must be added.

for those who were just boasting about their talents, for a moment, no one came forward.

Li Tiaoyuan came out and wrote down a couplet: if you throw a big piece into the river, you will know that the text starts with nonsense; when the jade beads beat the drum, you begin to believe that the poem comes from farting.

it turns out that "throwing a big piece into the river" means plop, and "jade beads beating drums" does not make sense, which is mocking talented scholars in vain.

at this time, people recognized that this was Li Tiaoyuan, and the person who was just showing off his talent above Li Tiaoyuan bowed his head in embarrassment.

there is a saying: there are Castle Peak buildings outside the mountains, and there is a strong hand in the strong.

the more limited one is, the more likely he is to be complacent.

the more people who compete with each other, the more they will expose their incompetence.

there was a famous scholar in the Song Dynasty who thought that he was so knowledgeable that no one in the world could beat him.

later, when he heard that the poet Yang Wanli was more knowledgeable than he was, he was very dissatisfied, so he wrote to say that he would compete with him.

after reading the letter, Yang Wanli did not put out harsh words, but only replied, "I heard that your hometown is very famous with salt. Please bring some when you come."

the famous scholar froze after reading the letter. He had never heard of such a thing, and finally came to see Yang Wanli empty-handed.

after the two met, he asked sheepishly, "what is the salt shampoo you mentioned in your letter?"

after hearing this, Yang Wanli silently picked up a copy of Yun Lue and opened it, and it said, "Soy sauce, with salt."

this famous scholar suddenly realized that this was ordinary Douchi, and he was so ashamed.

there is a saying: "No mountain, no plain; no sea, no stream."

the silence of the mountain cannot reduce its majesty, and the running water cannot hide its deep seclusion.

those who have half a bucket of water will jingle.

people with real talent and learning keep a low profile and modesty and do not compete for the limelight.


Deep Water does not defend itself

there is an old saying: "Sheung Shui is silent and does not speak great virtue."

truly mature people, like water, do not make unnecessary explanations or refute when they encounter slander and misunderstanding.

one day, the Great Ru Cheng Yi of the Northern Song Dynasty went to visit Fan Chunren, the outgoing prime minister.

they chatted while drinking tea. When they talked about the past, Cheng Yi criticized bluntly: "there were a lot of things you didn't handle properly."

Fan Chunren didn't know what happened to Cheng Yi, so he said, "you might as well say it."

Cheng Yi said: "in your second year as prime minister, there was a mob grabbing grain in Suzhou. You should have spoken bluntly in front of the emperor, but you said nothing, causing many innocent people to be hurt."

Fan Chunren quickly bowed his head and apologized: "Yes!" I am supposed to speak for the people. "

Cheng Yi added: "in your third year as prime minister, there was a natural disaster in Wuzhong. The people there could only satisfy their hunger with grass-roots bark. Local officials reported it many times, but you ignored it."

Fan Chunren said guiltily, "this is indeed my dereliction of duty!"

then, Cheng Yi blamed him for several things, and Fan Chunren frankly admitted his mistake.

after many years, the emperor summoned Cheng Yi to ask about politics.

Cheng Yi talked freely to the emperor about the strategy of governing the country and peace. After hearing this, the emperor said with emotion, "you have a lot of the demeanor of those days!"

Cheng Yi couldn't help asking, "did Fan Chunren ever advise the emperor?"

the emperor ordered a box to be carried, pointed to it and said, "it is full of notes from Fan Xiang's advice at that time."

Cheng Yi opened those manuscripts doubtfully and found that Fan Chunren had already advised the emperor about the things he accused Fan Chunren a few days ago, but it was just that for some reason he had not been well implemented.

there is a saying in the Book of morality: those who are good do not argue, but those who argue are not good.

in life, we will inevitably encounter misunderstandings from others.

in many cases, the more you explain, the more like a cover-up, the more eager you are to clarify, the more ambiguous you are.

instead of proving yourself by words, it is better to remain silent.

there are some misunderstandings, which will eventually be revealed with the precipitation of time;

some criticisms will naturally be self-evident under the test of the truth.

be a man and do things with a clear conscience.


as the saying goes, "the depth of water does not speak, people do not speak."

the deeper the current, the less sound it will make.The more stable it is, the less likely it is to speak out.

in the Romance of the three Kingdoms, the counselor Yang Yi is the most effective general around Zhuge Liang.

that year, Zhuge Liang died in the original army of Wuzhang. He led the main army of Shuhan back to Hanzhong, and he also quelled the rebellion of Wei Yan.

but after Zhuge Liang's death, Yang Yi was not reused and was only appointed as a military advisor.

with dissatisfaction, he not only publicized his exploits everywhere, but also complained to Shu Minister Fei Kui that if he had raised his troops to join the State of Wei, he would not have come to such a situation today.

unexpectedly, this remark was taken as a handle by Fei Yi and passed on to the later master Liu Chan.

as a result, he was demoted to a common people and exiled, and later committed suicide for fear of being punished by the court.

at the beginning, Zhuge Liang did not play an important role because of his pride in taking credit, and his dismal ending was precisely because of his rude remarks.

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "there are few words for auspicious people, but many words for irritable people."

those who love publicity will only bring themselves unnecessary troubles and disasters.

Feng Yi, a famous general of the Eastern Han Dynasty, was famous for helping Guangwu Emperor Liu Xiu to establish the regime of the Eastern Han Dynasty.

although he holds great power, he is very humble.

on weekdays, when he meets other generals on the road, regardless of the position of the other party, he will ask people to drive his carriage away and wait for the other party to go far before hitting the road.

every time they lead troops to fight a battle, the officers all report their meritorious deeds together, show off their meritorious deeds, and ask Liu Xiu for praise.

but Feng Yi hid under the tree to enjoy the cool, reflecting on the gains and losses in the battle, without mentioning his own efforts.

later, some ministers, jealous of Feng Yi, repeatedly impeached him to Liu Xiu.

even so, Liu Xiu did not doubt him, but deepened his trust because of Feng Yi's low profile.

there is a saying in Cai Gentan: "there is no need to take credit in dealing with the world. No fault is merit."

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just immerse yourself in doing things, but you don't have to invite them.

there are some things that are yours if you don't ask, and others can't take them away.

the more you ask, even the last favor will be completely erased.

not striving for merit is the greatest work.

people who are really smart never show off or show off.

as the old saying goes, "the virtue of water is the practice of man."

being a man is like water, the still water runs deep, and there are no waves in the deep pool.

not fighting for superiority is a pattern; it is broad-mindedness without debating right or wrong; and it is a rare sobriety without talking about merits and demerits.

when you become more knowledgeable and thoughtful, there are naturally fewer things that can disturb and stir your mood.

click on it. The more mature you become, the more you will know how to be silent.