Simple people deserve deep acquaintance.

Simple people deserve deep acquaintance.

Good morning, accompany you to read.

there is an old Chinese saying: "people are afraid of making the wrong friends, and they are afraid of giving them to the wrong people."

people come and go, not all people are worthy of deep acquaintance and can become friends.

unclear acquaintance is a disaster, and carelessness in making friends is a disaster, so you must be careful in choosing friends.

I agree with the writer Liu Tong: "simple things are not necessarily the best, but the best things must be simple."

this is the case in life, and so is making friends. The simpler the person is, the more worthy of our acquaintance.


simple people have a kind heart

"Zengguang Xian Wen" says: "easy to rise, easy to fall, easy to reverse, easy to restore small hearts."

means that the stream rises and falls, and the mind of the little heart is unfathomable.

often laments that the world is cold and the heart is easy to hurt, which is all due to the lack of kindness.

A shrewd person is inevitably calculating and capricious, while a kind-hearted person always holds a heart and treats others with sincerity.

such people are mostly simple, their eyes are not personal gains and losses, and they are reliable and sincere, with other people in mind.

I have seen a fable.

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the fox and the dog are good friends. The fox is shrewd and cunning, and he always likes to take advantage of small advantages in communication, but the dog is simple-minded and pays no attention to losses on weekdays.

once, they met a hunter and were accidentally caught.

the hunter said, "you guess your fist, the winner can leave, and the loser will come home with me."

as a result, the fox won and the dog lost.

the dog was puzzled and said sadly, "clearly agreed to have a stone together, but I have a stone, but you have a paper."

although this is a fictional story, it illustrates a truth: people who are shrewd and calculating all day long, from small to small, to the moment of life and death, can only know each other deeply.

contrary to such people, simple people, who are kind-hearted, always think of others and would rather suffer their own losses than those around them to get hurt.

they value affection and righteousness, do reliable things, treat people sincerely, and make people feel at ease when they meet each other, so they can gain more sincere feelings.

as Ma Yunsheng, chairman of Jingbo holding Group, said: "altruism is selfish. We should treat everyone with altruistic attitude, treat superiors, colleagues, and subordinates, achieve subordinates, and grow partners."

being kind, it is the best pass for a person to socialize.

at the end of a relationship, it is not smart and capable, but character.

stay away from those who are smart but not kind. Only by passing the test of character can we not get tired of it for a long time.


simple people get along comfortably

Qin Feng in the Book of songs says, "if you think of a gentleman, you are as warm as jade."

the simpler a person is, the more noble he is, and he is warm and kind to others.

they have great love in their hearts and tenderness in their eyes. when they interact with others, they are often able to think of others, understand that it is not easy for others, and exude tenderness and goodwill, and get along comfortably and comfortably.

I saw a story a long time ago.

on the crowded train, a drunk got on and hit a lot of passengers.

the little girl saw everything. She looked up and asked her mother, "is he a bad guy?"

the mother shook her head and gently said to her daughter, "No, he's just unhappy."

people who are really comfortable with each other have goodness rooted in their hearts, and they will put themselves in other people's shoes to understand the situation and feelings of others.

the highest charm of a person is not good appearance or talent, but to get along like a spring breeze.

No matter who you associate with, you can always be considerate of others, be considerate, and be kind to everything around you.

writer Su Cen said: "stay with whoever you are comfortable with, including friends, and stay away when you are tired."

for the rest of my life, I have a deep acquaintance with people who are comfortable with each other, and stay away from those who do not agree with each other and do not know how to think of others.

there is no intrigue, let alone guard against each other. You understand that my sadness is not easy, and I understand your uneasiness.

No matter how bitter life is, it will become light in front of those who know you.


simple people are optimistic and open-minded

like Shi Tiesheng's sentence: "smile and sing the ballad of life."

as the saying goes, if the heart is sunny, the world is beautiful everywhere.

We can't choose who we meet, but we can choose who can stay with us.

make friends must make simple people, they are optimistic and open-minded, bring their own light, not afraid of sadness.

when you are with them, you will find that the world is so beautiful that you will bring your own light over time.

Life will inevitably experience a period of misery, and Mr. Yang Jiang is no exception.

since 1966, Yang Jiang has become a "cow ghost and snake god" and has been criticized and sent down.

she, who has always been pleasant and gentle, was ordered to clean the toilet without the slightest complaint, but to clean up the filthy toilet.

when she was cut "Yin and Yang", she found her daughter's old hair, made up a wig, and joked that she envied her brother's bald head since childhood, which was half realized this time.

later, at the age of nearly 60, she was sent to a cadre school in a remote area to burn bricks to build houses, drill wells to draw water, and grow grain for a living, but she was also able to steal her spare time, read and write.

Mr. Yang Jiang has never chewed on the bitterness and difficulties of life over and over again, but often has an open-minded and optimistic heart and smiles at the ups and downs of life. No matter how difficult the days are, he can find a place of happiness.

it is precisely this optimistic attitude that has contributed to her 105 years of legendary life and influenced generation after generation.

Mencius said, "I am good at nourishing my lofty spirit." Hao ran Qi is what we often call positive energy.

everyone has their own magnetic field, and when they walk with simple people, they choose to keep company with the positive energy of open-minded optimism.

they have good conduct, self-cultivation, quality, love of life, and can enjoy every ordinary day.

when you are negative and lazy, they are role models that rekindle your fighting spirit; when you frown, they are the sun that turns you from yin to sunny.

Life is a hard journey. Only by being with simple and optimistic friends can you ride the storm and advance by leaps and bounds.

there is a saying in Zengguang Xian Wen: "A bad friend is far away, and a good friend is close to him."

who you are with is really important and determines the fate of your life.

choosing a circle is to sort out your life; making good friends is the beginning of self-improvement.

to make friends with the good, to choose the good, is to be with simple people.

they are kind-hearted, comfortable with each other, optimistic and open-minded, and they are not confused and confused.

May you be your best friends and friends for the rest of your life, and live with simple people the way you want them to be.