Slow tone, good luck, spleen temperature, good luck

Slow tone, good luck, spleen temperature, good luck

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Zeng Guofan said:

A person who wants to be in high spirits and high spirits cannot do without good luck and good fortune.

however, luck and luck often depend on tone and temper.

as the saying goes: the slower the tone, the better the luck; the warmer the temper, the greater the luck


the slower the tone, the better the luck

in life, we often say: people who love to laugh, their luck will not be bad.

as the old saying goes: smile when you meet people, but don't pat people with smiling faces.

most of the time, a person's luck is hidden in his tone of voice.

Buddhists believe that

speech reflects a person's character, while the tone reveals the truest appearance of a person's heart.

in many cases, the tone is mild, which is still a rare accomplishment.

the Song Sisters is the brightest sister group in China in the 20th century.

each of the three sisters has their own beauty and strength, but the most respected one is Soong Ching-ling.

Soong Ching-ling is generally recognized as having a good temper. She is gentle and kind all her life. She has never blushed or shouted loudly.

item Beauty recalled in the Song Sisters: "Mrs. Sun speaks slowly."

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Soong Ching-ling has a babysitter named Li Yan'e.

Li Yan'e is nearly 20 years younger than Soong Ching-ling, but she has always called Li Yan'e "Sister Li".

she never regards Li Yan'e as a "servant", but as a relative.

in life, she always makes people feel like a spring breeze in the treatment of nannies, drivers, medical staff and colleagues.

even when dealing with sisters who have different political views, Soong Ching-ling never "frowned coldly."

once, Soong Mei-ling invited Soong Ching-ling to live in the Huangshan villa and refit the room for it.

although Soong Ching-ling disagreed, she did not bluntly refuse, but declined politely as "the environment is very good, but it is too inconvenient."

Sisters get along with each other, never hurting people because of their political differences, and never misbehave their words to each other.

it is with this good self-cultivation that Soong Ching-ling won the help of many people even after Sun Yat-sen's death.

in the end, she overcame one difficulty after another and took on Sun Yat-sen's unfinished mission with a weak body.

people often say, "if something is too rigid, it is easy to break."

the tone is too tough, it is easy to cause disgust, and it may even bring disaster to yourself, resulting in a bad fate.

by contrast, a gentle tone is easier to conquer.

as Haruki Murakami said,

"speak gently, which does not affect all your persistence."

A warm and kind person has a strong appeal and can inspire dignitaries and attract good luck.

as the old saying goes, "one word is enough to hurt the sum of heaven and earth, and one thing is full of happiness for life."

the tone is soft and good luck comes.


the warmer the temper is, the more blessed he is.

Hu Shi once said:

"the most abominable thing in the world is an angry face;

the dirtiest thing in the world is to show an angry face to others, which is worse than beating and scolding."

Life is inherently trivial, and too many casual little things can detonate a person's emotions.

it's not terrible to have a temper. The terrible thing is that you can't control your temper.

there is a saying in the Hua Yan Sutra: "when you think of anger, a million barrier doors open."

if people can't control their emotions, they often lose their temper at the expense of others.

during the Western Han Dynasty, Zhou Yafu was the second son of the famous general Zhou Bo with outstanding military talent.

during the rebellion of the Seven Kingdoms of Wu and Chu, he commanded the Han army, pacified the rebels for three months and saved the Han Dynasty.

but his character was too grumpy to control his explosive temper, because the empress's elder brother Feng Hou and the Xiongnu Emperor Feng Hou offended Liu Qi, the emperor of Han Dynasty.

after that, he was unjustly sent to prison and killed himself.

as the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic says, "all diseases are born of qi."

angry, hurt and sad, hurt others and hurt yourself.

and temper and fortune are like a seesaw, raising one end and falling the other.

therefore, if you want to keep your luck, you must first stop your temper.

the better the temper, the easier it is to be favored by fate.

during the reign of Zhengde in the Ming Dynasty, King Ning rebelled.

Wang Yangming quickly put down the rebellion, and many treacherous officials in the dynasty envied him.

the eunuchs even more vainly attempted to do meritorious service, so they encouraged the emperor Ming Wuzong to release King Ning and arrest him himself.

Ming Wuzong was naturally playful, did not ask about the imperial government, and was aggrieved when he listened to the slanderers.

so he ordered Wang Yangming to release King Ning and drive himself!

but Wang Yangming knows very well that if King Ning is released now, he will release the tiger back to the mountain, and it will be difficult to arrest him in the future.

but he also knows that outspoken remonstrance, that is, bumping into the muzzle of the gun will only make Wuzong more angry.

so he chose "do not fight", took the initiative to give the credit of pacifying King Ning to the eunuch Zhang Yong, and hid himself in the temple.

after Zhang Yong got the benefit, he tried his best to deal with others, and Wang Yangming dodged a bullet.

at the critical moment, we can deal with it calmly and often get the best results.

to hold your temper and not to fight rashly is the biggest pattern for a person.

and a person with a good temper is the greatest blessing in life with good health and a long natural life.

there is an old Chinese saying: turn hostility into peace.

A good temper can bring good.Popularity, blessings will come uninvited.

"if you are in full bloom, the breeze will come." the better your temper, the more blessed you will be.

in life, a good temper is a good reward!