Some things are not unsaid, but there is no one to say.

Some things are not unsaid, but there is no one to say.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

after a long walk through the years, we finally understand that those difficult and difficult days can only be endured by ourselves;

those lonely and sad feelings can only be realized by ourselves;

in fact, it's not that we don't say it, it's just that no one can say it.

nowadays, we no longer talk about our pain to everyone, because we know very well that "like a person drinking water, we know whether it is warm or cold."


there is no incurable silent disease, only the untreatable heart

has seen a question: what are women most afraid of in marriage?

there is an answer that says, "No response, nothing to say."

in the movie "No questions to the West", Liu Shufen said to Xu Bochang:

teacher Xu disagreed and said, "nonsense, when did I beat and scold you?"

Liu Shufen replied, "you didn't hit me with your hand, you used your attitude."

she yelled hopelessly, "you make me feel like I'm the worst person in the world."

the cold violence in marriage is a dagger to the lover, which undoubtedly hurts the other person's heart.

there are many people who feel that marriage should become dull after a long period of time, and that marriage means living together without talking about love.

so, more and more silent, less and less want to say.

as everyone knows, it is the days that are dull, not the feelings between husband and wife.

listen to friend Xiaohui leave a message at the bottom of an article saying:

We are the best bosom friends, and we still say everything after ten years of marriage.

this state is enviable, and many people wonder why they have so much to say.

Xiaohui says that it is nothing more than a common goal-

to set a good example for children to grow up healthily in a loving environment.

Xiaohui is a stay-at-home mother who is responsible for everything, big and small.

my husband loves Xiaohui and never thinks that the housework she does is meaningless. He often says to his son that his mother is the hardest person in the family, and we should love her more.

in order to reassure Xiaohui, he will not socialize without going out and go home on time.

he will take the initiative to share what he has seen and heard that day with Xiaohui, and he is also seeking Xiaohui's advice and comfort when things are not going well at work.

Xiaohui will also talk to him about the changes in food prices, or the novelty of the neighbors in the neighborhood.

they are needed for each other, working towards the same goal, their days are becoming more and more prosperous, and their wealth is becoming more and more prosperous.

those who feel unhappy after marriage are all lazy people in marriage-- too lazy to communicate, too lazy to put love into action, and too lazy to work together for a better life.

after two people get married, if one doesn't say much and the other doesn't ask, the marriage will get worse and worse.

you should know that there is no incurable silent disease in this world, only a heart that does not want to be cured.

Marriage is never done after marriage, it requires us to take care of and manage every dull day seriously.

to be together is the greatest fate, and to be able to go to the end is the best blessing.


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each has its own joys and sorrows. In difficult times

Aoyama Qihui wrote in "A person's good Weather"

in the final analysis, in countless dark nights, we still have to wait until dawn by ourselves.

I went to Suzhou last week and met my friends I haven't seen for a long time.

when I went downstairs to her house, I found that she had moved from an upscale neighborhood to a small house of more than ten square meters. I was too embarrassed to ask, but I just followed her upstairs.

the room is small, with no balcony, no sunshine, no water heater, no gas stove, only a bed, a table, a bookshelf, several basins of different sizes.

before I asked, she smiled helplessly and said: unemployed and lovelorn.

in the later chat, I learned what happened to her.

at the beginning of the year, because of the epidemic, the cash flow of her company was unable to flow, and the wages of her employees could not be paid.

she is a senior leader of the company. when her boss was at a loss, she took the initiative to lend 120000 of her savings to the company to help her boss pay part of her employees' wages.

I thought everything would be all right after the epidemic, but what she waited for was the closure of the company and the disappearance of her boss.

the company owes her half a year's salary and 120000 in arrears, which goes down the drain.

her boyfriend could not understand her original decision. He quarreled many times and finally broke up when he was tired.

what pains her is not the experience of being deceived, but when she needs warmth most, the most beloved chooses to leave.

she couldn't figure out whether she was stupid or whether others were ruthless.

she stayed in that ten-square-meter house, boiled noodles three times a day, lay on the bed after eating, didn't sleep or look at her cell phone, but wept with her eyes open.

I blamed her. Why didn't I tell some of our friends that she just smiled and said, "you all have your own business, and I'm sure I can make it."

she survived, all by herself.

there are many green plants and flowers in the small house of more than ten square meters, and the table is full of healthy food. when she found a job, she began to laugh heartily.

many times, when you need company, you will find that there is no one around you.

it's not that they are ruthless, but that we all have our own joys and sorrows, and we all have our own things to fight for.

after all, we must learn to be strong and calm in the face of great winds and waves.

when you slowly accept loneliness, you will no longer talk to everyone about your bitterness, don't be understood or complain, but choose to laugh instead of saying anything.At that time, you are really reconciled with loneliness.


people who really understand you can understand

Yang Qianli has a lyric:

We are all very stubborn, always holding on alone and not talking to others when it is difficult. In fact, it is not unwilling to say, just open the contact, can not find someone to talk to.

so we thought, forget it, go through it a little longer, and it will be over.

during dinner with a friend, he told me a short story about himself and his father.

half a year after he resigned from the TV station, he hasn't found a suitable job.

he doesn't want to compromise with life, he wants to wait for a job he really likes. So in those six months, he spent his life while interviewing.

during those six months, my friend looked for it and waited until he saw that there was only 300 yuan left in his bank card.

at two o'clock in the morning that night, he couldn't stop. He picked up his cell phone and found that there were no calls he dared to make or could make.

finally, he dialed his father's number.

after the phone was answered, the friend was silent and didn't say a word until the call was over.

at 9: 00 in the morning, his bank card was overloaded by 5,000 yuan.

his father sent him a text message: no matter how difficult it is, his parents are still here.

it is becoming more and more clear that family members are the ones who are most distressed and know themselves best.

if you are really sad and there is no one to say, you might as well call your family and they will give you an unconditional hug.

the warmest word I've ever heard is: you're back.

finally understand: if you meet someone who really knows you, if you don't open your mouth, you will have a choking voice.


not saying does not mean that it does not hurt, does not suffer, and does not want to

everyone wants to have an umbrella on their head and the rain will not get wet;

everyone wants to be accompanied in difficult times and will not be alone any more.

everyone wants company when they cry and help when they are in trouble.

No one is born strong, just tortured by real life over and over again.

when you go through some hardships alone, you slowly learn to pretend to be fragile and pretend to be strong.

but I know that just because you don't say it doesn't mean you don't suffer, don't hurt, and don't want to.