Son, I'd rather owe you a crazy teenager than see your humble adulthood

Son, I'd rather owe you a crazy teenager than see your humble adulthood

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

son, during this period of final review, you are nervous about your study, and we will try our best to create a quiet learning atmosphere for you.

yesterday you complained to me: "the exam is really boring, study is also very tired, fortunately, the winter vacation is coming soon, then I can play happily!"

I know what you're implying and what answer you want me to give, but I want to tell you that winter vacation will certainly give you time to play, but it's impossible to put your study behind you completely.

Learning is a long-term process. If you just play crazy now, you must have an empty head after the start of school.

Learning requires persistence, which is a hard process, but no one can escape.


when you were a teenager, you should not be willing to be mediocre at every stage of your life. You have your own mission. When you were a student, studying hard is your greatest mission.

son, I am a vulgar mother, I have to admit, I have vanity, I hope my child can get secular excellence, but at the same time I am also very sober, I know that this excellence can not be forced.

after all, there are only a handful of excellent children, and most of them are ordinary mortals.

you asked me, "Mom, what if I'm not a very good person when I grow up?"

at that time, I just gave you a simple answer. No matter whether you are good or not in the future, you are my favorite child.

now I still think so firmly, but I also want to tell you that hard work is more important than talent, and attitude is more important than the result.

writer Liu Jirong once wrote an article entitled "people sitting by the roadside applauding" in which a girl was called "No. 23" because she was always ranked 23rd among the 50 students in the class every time she took the exam.

the girl said, "the teacher said that when a hero passes by, someone must sit on the side of the road and applaud." I don't want to be a hero. I want to be someone who sits on the side of the road and applauds. "

son, I can accept that you are the one who sits and applauds by the side of the road, but I can never accept that you do not want to make any effort, but regard the ordinary and the most valuable as your belief.

as a teenager, you should be ambitious, arrogant, have infinite expectations and yearning for the future, and repel mediocrity.

Children, the ordinary and brilliant after hard work, but the ordinary without making progress is a delay to their own life.


sweat today, don't wait until tomorrow to cry

Child, I once read a sentence on the Internet:

people eventually have to pay for their youth and ignorance. I bought it, it was too expensive. When I looked back, I deserved it. I didn't hate anyone, but I couldn't forgive myself.

for you now, it is difficult to understand the remorse in this sentence, because your life is too short to think about the past and just hope to grow up quickly.

what I want to tell you is that once you grow up, there is bound to be something to regret, perhaps because you made a mistake when you were young, or because you didn't know how to hurt someone.

but what most people regret is that they are not working hard enough, so that they are now trapped in the only choice and unable to break free.

but you can't go back in time, and no matter how you regret it, you can't go back to the past to make up for it.

Child, after half of my life, I have learned a lot of truth, and I also know that some mistakes cannot be made, but I can't let you grow up under my experience, because you haven't experienced it, so no matter how much truth I say, it just makes you upset.

I just want to say that anything can be bad for you, but learning will not, knowledge will not, and until we are not sure what we want to do in the future, we can only study hard and give ourselves one more choice in the future.

writer Wu Xiaobo said:

"every wonderful thing that is different is based on incomparable diligence. It's either blood, sweat, or a lot of good times. "

Child, although you work hard and work hard, you are never alone on this road. Our parents are your strongest backing, your teacher is your best help, and your classmates are your companions to fight together!

just work hard, God has his own plan!


Reading is useless, it is the biggest lie in the world

some time ago, you came back under the influence of a classmate and said you wanted to learn to dance. I asked you why you want to learn to dance. You said that when you learn to dance, you can be a star when you grow up, so you don't have to study hard.

also said that study is of no use. After studying for more than 20 years, I can't earn as much money as stars.

son, this theory of uselessness in reading is simply wrong!

you say that study is useless. Is it difficult for you to watch TV and the electrical appliances used at home are danced by scientists?

dancing is a hobby, learning is the future, what is the use of dancing without the future? Doomsday carnival?

son, you can learn to dance, but you can't deny the importance of learning. When you go out by car, travel by plane, or take a boat vacation, which kind of transportation is not painstakingly developed by scientists?

in the past hundred years, our country has gone from poverty and weakness to prosperity and strength today, not all created by our ancestors with their knowledge and painstaking efforts?

A person who does not study has no future, and a nation who does not learn has no future!

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I saw a passage the other day and thought it made sense:

in the farming era, ordinary people could take an examination of talents and use it for a lifetime after a few years of study;

when industry developed, people had to study for more than ten years before they could last a lifetime.

now, only by persisting in readingLifelong learners of books may not be left behind and can keep up with the changes of the times.

Children, with the rapid development of the times, learning is not just a matter of student days, how many people are still learning and making progress after work, because only in this way will they not be abandoned by the times.

in this context, if you still believe in the so-called theory of the uselessness of reading, you will only become an early outcast of the times.


Don't choose to live at ease when it's time to struggle

Last year, in the college entrance examination, a big brother was admitted to the engineering experimental class of the University of Electronic Science and Technology with a score of 666 and 122 points above the score line.

Why did you mention him? Because this big brother is the rooftop scraping boy you saw on the news before.

Last February, when he was a senior high school student, he could not go back to school during the special period, so he could only use his mobile phone to surf the Internet for lessons.

but helplessly, the boy doesn't have broadband installed at home, so he can only ask his neighbor for help and take classes on his WIFI.

because the signal on the roof is the best, at 8 o'clock every morning, he moves a small stool and studies on the roof in a cold air, so the roof becomes his classroom.

at that time you said, "it must be cold on the roof. How can he hold on?"

but he has ideals and goals in mind, so in the cold winter, he does not complain, but is more self-disciplined and strict with himself, so fate will live up to him.

Child, you are at your best age, carefree, stress-free, and can study without distractions.

so, at the age when you can study hard, don't be stingy with what you give, don't dawdle along at the age you should work hard, and don't muddle along when you should struggle.

because life cannot start all over again, it is absurd to live when it is time to accumulate capital. When you really grow up and walk out of the ivory tower, you will find that you can only be beaten passively with your bare hands.

the world has never escaped from this saying, only with some difficulties in exchange for others, all the efforts today will make your future road smoother.


A writer once said something appropriate to the situation:

son, I ask you to study hard, not because I want you to compare your grades with others, but because, I hope you will have the right to choose a meaningful and time job in the future, rather than being forced to make a living.

Child, you feel that learning is very hard now, but when you enter the society, you find that the suffering caused by not studying hard is really bewildering you, and you really have no choice.

so, please remember: please try your best to make a bright future for yourself, do not let down, this is a great time!

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