Spend the rest of your life with gentle people.

Spend the rest of your life with gentle people.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the ancients said, "stand at thirty."

the age of 30 is like a dividing point in life, separating youth from maturity.

before the age of 30, youth is the best capital.

if you fail, you can start over; if you are lovelorn, you can find someone else.

after the age of 30, family and career are like two mountains under pressure. If you take any wrong step, you may fall into the abyss.

in the adult world, no one lives easily, and everyone moves forward with a heavy load in the quagmire of suffering.

Life is so tiring, we should be nice to ourselves.

I have read such a passage on the Internet:

with the increase of age, those who feel more gentle are the best treasures in the world.

they are kind, soft and bright, like a ray of light that can give you a rainbow in rainy days and warm your heart in winter.

if you are 30 years old, be sure to walk with gentle people.


gentle people tend to be kind

Lin Qingxuan said, "gentleness is a lotus flower, which blooms because compassion makes mud for water and wisdom."

in the latest issue of the Reader, Dr. Tao Yong was cut by a patient and told a story in a gentle voice:

at the age of 29, he went to Jiangxi for a free free clinic and met a grandmother Wang who suffered from cataracts.

Grandma is a lonely old man whose husband and son died early.

she has a hunchback of nearly 90 degrees and a huge tumor on her abdomen. Time is running out.

and her only wish is to cure her eyes.

considering the complex situation of granny and the poor conditions of the free clinic, the risk of operation is great, and Tao Yong hesitates.

until Grandma Wang said in dialect, "before I die, I want to make a shroud for myself."

Tao Yong was deeply moved.

it turns out that there is a custom in Jiangxi that the old man has to wear a shroud made by himself before he dies in order to get together with his relatives in another world.

so Tao Yong overcame all the difficulties, operated on Grandma Wang and successfully restored her eyesight to 0.6.

A week later, Grandma Wang passed away peacefully, wearing a shroud she had sewed herself.

she asked her liaison to tell Tao Yong:

I can't see anything these years. I'm lonely in the dark and want to go home.

Thank you for helping me find my way home.

this story made many netizens cry, saying: Dr. Tao Yong is so gentle.

such tenderness is different from the superficial softness and thoughtfulness, but compassion and tolerance, releasing the greatest degree of kindness to all lives.

is that after seeing the deepest darkness in the world, you can still give light to others; after seeing the greatest evil of human nature, you still choose to be kind.

there is a saying:

"people, like the earth, should soften their hearts, so that all Bodhi, wisdom, compassion, and good qualities can grow well." A soft heart can transcend everything and contain everything. "

those who are gentle in nature have a soft land at the bottom of their hearts.

use compassion as fertilizer and water it with goodness to produce the most beautiful flowers in the world.


people who are gentle will never be humble or arrogant.

sometimes, softness and firmness is the greatest maturity and decency of an adult.

in the second season of the popular variety show offer, intern Zhan Qiuyi is a sweet and gentle girl.

during the interview, she was so nervous that she forgot her words, but she always smiled and was polite.

Qiu Yi gradually calmed down when the interviewer asked what her parents expected of her career.

she said that her parents wanted her to find a secure job, but she refused. It was the first time in her life that she chose to rebel against her parents.

the interviewer continued to ask, "as a good girl, how do you have the determination to eliminate the influence of your family?"

Qiu Yi replied firmly: "because I like it so much, I want to be a kind of person so much that it is not so much a rebellion as what I most want to be."

hearing this, the interviewers smiled admiringly and commented:

"this girl looks weak, but she is actually very resilient."

Zhan Qiuyi's later performance also confirmed this statement.

she either watches quietly or hits the nail on the head, becoming a dark horse among this group of interns.

Laozi said, "the most rigid between heaven and earth must be the most gentle."

the softest thing in the world can often control the hardest thing in the world.

Water is gentle, but dripping wears away a stone; if a man is gentle, he can split mountains and cut rivers.

true tenderness is never timid and submissive, nor is it pandering to please and drift with the current.

but in a posture that is neither humble nor arrogant, all the inner strength is watered down to an external and agreeable face.

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is like a lamp that illuminates others as well as yourself.


being with gentle people is the best way to keep healthy

Xiaoyu is a girl who complains a lot. If something goes wrong, she will complain in moments.

groans all day long, negative energy explodes, so that the friends around me never tire of it.

it turns out that Xiaoyu has made a very gentle boyfriend.

when Xiaoyu is bothered by a trivial matter and complains about a dozen messages in succession, her boyfriend will listen patiently and comfort her and say, "are you better now? let me call you!"

when Xiaoyu was late for her appointment because of overtime work, she asked her boyfriend not to be hungry, but he replied, "it's all right. I'll wait for you."

once, Xiaoyu accidentally broke the CD that her boyfriend had treasured for many years and said he would make it up to him.

the boyfriend pretended to be sad and said, "then hug me."

finally, Xiaoyu said to me:

have you ever picked up tofu with chopsticks?

if it is too light to pick it up, it will break if it is heavy, so you need to take good care of it.

and that's how I was loved by my boyfriend.

looking at her smiling face, her eyes are full of tenderness, and the hostility on her body has disappeared.

there is a saying in "Summer friends account":

A gentle person is like a cup of milk tea in a cold winter, neither cold nor hot, just enough to warm you.

it's not that they don't have a temper, but they have their own principles and bottom lines, so they don't take things for granted and don't impose ideas when they meet people.

with an inclusive heart, empathize with each other's joys and sorrows, and put yourself in each other's shoes.

gentleness is not so much an expression of high EQ as a person's love for life.

because Ta loves the world, he also cares for everyone and every life around him.

getting along with gentle people is like a spring breeze on your face, comfortable and just right.

if you are in a good mood, there will be no disease and no disaster.


it is not easy to meet. People who cherish those who are good to you

have statistics: 29.2 million people will meet in a lifetime, and the probability of two strangers meeting is only 0.00487.

many of them just pass by in a hurry, and there are very few people who can really accompany each other.

it's not easy for two people to get to know each other, not to mention meeting someone who praises you on the tip of your heart.

the writer Qi Pansy year said:

because people's hearts are exchanged and feelings are mutual.

if you give me a peach, I will give you a piece of jade; if you treat me gently, I will give you a rainbow.

it is taken for granted that no one is good to whom; no one will give his whole life to each other silently.

A good relationship requires joint efforts and mutual fulfillment.

otherwise, the true heart will not be treasured and the true feelings will not be responded to, but will gradually chill and turn away.

if you can meet someone who is nice to you, don't consume the other person's kindness easily.

pay attention to what you should, and cherish what you should cherish.

only if you treat the world gently, will you be treated gently by the world.

half of his life away, he is still a teenager.