Staying up late and not staying up late lead a different life.

Staying up late and not staying up late lead a different life.

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in the past two days, Yang of Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, who stayed up late and was tired of driving, hit the railing in the middle of the road.

for a time, dozens of guardrail steel pipes rushed into the air, the scene was very dangerous. Fortunately, there were no casualties in the end.

after the event, the driver Yang told himself that when he first got on the bus, he felt a little sleepy, but he thought he would be there for a while, and I didn't know what was going on.

Yang often stays up late because of business. He had stayed up all night before the accident.

after work, he was supposed to have a good rest, but he played with his friends and didn't get a good rest, which led to the car accident.

I can't imagine what terrible consequences will happen if the guardrail is inserted into Yang's body.

when it comes to staying up late, the Internet is full of such words: "I didn't stay up late, I was free." It is used by many people as an excuse to stay up late.

staying up late, there is irreversible damage to the brain, such as memory loss, slow response, etc., but also promote the decline of immunity.

staying up late for a long time may not only lead to an irreparable disaster, but also seriously affect your health.


there are 8 types of insomnia

which one are you?

writer Turgenev said: "Sleep is like a cool spray that will wash away all the turbid business in your mind."

however, in an era of fast pace of life, high stress at work, and proliferation of electronic products, a quality sleep is becoming more and more rare.

the White Paper on exercise and Sleep 2021 shows that more than 300 million people in China have sleep disorders, which means that about 5-6 people suffer from sleep disorders.

more than one-third of adults don't get enough sleep on weekdays, and few can make up for it on weekends.

such a small amount of sleep is causing irreparable damage to the body over time.

not long ago, People's Daily announced eight types of insomnia to see if you are up to the standard of sleep:

1, wake up

to sleep time, but after 3-4 hours of sleep, you are extremely awake.

sleep less than 4 hours a night, and get up dizzy in the morning.

2. Morning birds

because they are too busy during the day, they fall asleep as soon as it is dark at night.

however, when you sleep until around two o'clock in the morning, you will habitually wake up.

there are many reasons, such as being woken up by snoring or the crying of a child.

3. Night owls

get excited at night, watch TV, read books, surf the Internet, and go to bed at two or three o'clock in the morning.

although you can go to bed as soon as you can touch the bed, over time, you will "turn passivity into initiative" and become a real "night owl" before you know it.

4, anxiety

in the sleep process, will wake up many times, and then worry about the trivia in work and life.

even if you fall asleep, the body will be in a state of tension and unable to go into deep sleep.

5, bed-dependent type

can't sleep at night, can't wake up during the day, and often lie in bed.

in the international classification standard of sleep disorders, "bed dependence" has been included, and it is called "paroxysmal narcolepsy" in clinic.

6, chronic insomnia

fall asleep for a long time, wake up many times in the process of sleep, and often talk in your sleep.

Sleep disorder occurs for more than three days a week and lasts for three months.

7, overstimulation

work overtime until two or three o'clock in the morning to finish the work, and then can't sleep because of overexcitement.

or exercise too much at night, adrenaline soars, and people can't sleep.

8, anaesthesia

often sleep less than five hours, memory and attention become worse, are the characteristics of this kind of insomnia.

and long-term lack of sleep will lead to a decline in immunity and confusion of the nervous system, thus entering a more sleepless state.

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the quality of your sleep

determines your quality of life

for a long time, there is such a wrong message on the Internet:

"Why should you sleep long in life? you will sleep long after death."

"it's not enough to talk about life without seeing a city at four o'clock in the morning."

many people deliberately misinterpret the meaning, use this as a shield, stay up late at will, regardless of their physical condition.

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similar to the news about physical problems due to late-night indulgence in TV dramas, the playwright Shakespeare once said, "comfortable sleep is naturally given, gentle and missed care."

A high-quality sleep can bring productivity and creativity the next day, and even the mood will become positive and optimistic.

Arianne Huffington was born in Greece, published many books and was named the most influential woman by Forbes.

when she founded the Huffington Post website, she turned herself into a round-the-clock workaholic.

because there are only five employees, Arianne not only has to write his own blog, but also has to find someone to be a signed blogger.

finally, Arianne, who used to work all night, fainted at his desk due to fatigue, causing a fracture of his cheekbone.

it was also this incident that gave Arianne an epiphany: "when I am exhausted, I amIndividuals are at their worst-more passive, less empathetic and less creative. "

what's the point of working hard for such a person? What is the quality of life?

so Arianne started his business again, becoming an "eight-hour sleep" evangelist, helping people relieve stress and persuade people to learn to sleep.

when we get a good night's sleep, the toxins in the brain are cleared, our emotions are adjusted, and the rest of the day is better quality.


how to have a good sleep

writer Qian Zhongshu said: "Sleep is a strange thing. If you don't want it, it will come. Invite it, coax it, seduce it by all means, and it will hide away without even seeing its shadow."

Yes, the more you care about sleep, the more it wants to play hide-and-seek with you, so you might as well "be careful" and let sleep come to you.

1. Keep a suitable sleeping environment before going to bed

provide yourself with a good sleeping environment, which can make you fall asleep faster.

Huang Tingjian, a writer of the Northern Song Dynasty, paid great attention to sleep appliances.

he likes to use cassia seed to make pillows. He feels that such pillows can clear heat and calm nerves, clear eyes and help sleep. He also left a poem: "Pillow sac instead of bending brachium, sleep to listen to Fenghui."

of course, everyone has different emphasis on sleeping environment.

some people are easy to fall asleep in dim light;

some people can sleep better in suitable temperature and unobstructed air;

some people need to stay away from cell phones and delicious food to get to sleep quickly.

2, shorten the time occupied by bad habits

everyone has more or less procrastination.

the novelist Sydney ∙ Colette, author of Wanderers, is a serious procrastinator.

before writing, she will "pet the dog" first: clean the dog, carefully look for lice in the dog's fur, and then cuddle with the dog.

I didn't start writing until there was nothing to play with the dog.

Bill Gates once said: "A lot of people like to procrastinate, they are not bad at the task at hand, but do not do it, this is the biggest vice."

procrastination is like a monster with full feet, which takes up the time of doing things during the day. When you have to, you can only sacrifice your sleep at night.

so, when it's time to do things, do things efficiently and get everything done during the day, you can relax and have a good sleep at night.