Suddenly I understand... (a good article in the bones)

Suddenly I understand... (a good article in the bones)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

suddenly understand:

there are some things that can be big or small.

A small thing, if you take it as a thing, it is a thorn in your heart, it is difficult to pull out;

A big thing, if you can not take it to heart, forget it later, it will not affect you.

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when the heart is small, things are big; when the heart is big, things are small.

advise yourself not to always ask for the advice of others. Everyone's growth path is doomed to loneliness.

suddenly I understand:

when others say you have you in their heart, it is better to accompany you when you need it especially.

if you don't have a problem, you don't know anyone.

sweet-talking feelings, forget it, get along with your heart and heart, and live up to him.

not all people can be friends and bosom friends in this life, so one or two is enough.

Don't invite everyone into your life, because some people are not good enough for you.

suddenly I understand:

what you really care about doesn't need you to do anything.

you don't need to do anything, but you can't do nothing. Because I am nervous about you, I treat you in every detail; because I care about you, I take you to the end.

Thanksgiving to those who are good to you, they are good to you, not because you have to, but because they are too affectionate!

if you don't care about a person, don't accept what he gives to you. This is respect for others.

owe money is easy to pay, debt is difficult to pay!

suddenly understand:

it is the most meaningless thing to hate someone.

what do you think of him? people don't take him seriously at all.

the more you hold a grudge, the more uncomfortable you are, and the more you hurt yourself, the more you lose!

your emotions can only affect those who love you. For those who don't love you, it doesn't matter what you do.

it's silly to beg others to care at the expense of hurting yourself.

suddenly understand:

as we get older, we have seen more and more things that have happened to people, and the more we have to learn to let go.

what happened, just face it instead of thinking about it.

is a person who has his own selfishness and his own life. Even if he is as close as a lover, don't interfere too much.

the best feelings must be comfortable with each other, no oppression, no slaves, mutual respect, and move forward hand in hand.

Women, less nagging, more happiness; men, less socializing, your life will be better!

suddenly understand:

We are all ordinary people, and we all have only a hundred years to live, so we must learn to cherish the present.

Don't envy other people's days and improve your life as much as possible.

Man, what is happiness? Happiness is actually very simple, as long as there are sincere people around, the people we love are healthy and alive, and it is the most rare to get together when we miss them.

if you don't have immortal skills, not everyone cares about you, but there are always a few people who hold you as a treasure in the palm of their hand. That's enough!

cherish owning, be grateful for life, life is too short and difficult, the most important thing is to make yourself happy!