Take your children to these five places for a walk. it's hard to get nowhere when you grow up!

Take your children to these five places for a walk. it's hard to get nowhere when you grow up!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the child is the hope of a family.

the child is the treasure of the family.

they decide the success or failure of the family.

if you want your children to be successful when they grow up,

bring glory to the family and honor the family,

let them get a good education.

teach children

not only to learn from books, but also to understand the true meaning of life.

if children are to be successful when they grow up,

be sure to take them to these five places.

only by letting the children experience it,

can they be impressed!


go to the fields and experience the hardships of farming in labor

Today's children,

most of them grow up in cities with heavy traffic.

know nothing about fields and farming.

they don't know where rice and wheat come from, and

they don't know how crops grow.

so it is impossible to realize that "every grain is the hard work of the peasants."

parents with real foresight will often take their children to the fields.

parents with real foresight will often take their children to the fields.

only in this way will they cherish food and never waste it.


go to the gym,

improve personality education in sports

for children,

study is important, but health is more important.


mobile phones are rampant, games are attractive, studies are heavy,

takes up a lot of children's exercise time,

so that some children are either obese,

or lose weight.

only when you often take your child to the gym to take part in physical exercise,

can you help your child to promote his development and keep fit.

and through competition and cooperation,

can sharpen children's will and enhance their self-confidence.


go to the library,

fall in love with reading

reading, can help children understand the world,

can improve children's writing ability.

and the library is the place with the best reading atmosphere.

quiet environment, many books,

can satisfy children's curiosity and desire for exploration, and

can also help children improve their concentration.

so parents should not always play with mobile phones or TV dramas.

often take their children to the library, so that your children can fall in love with reading.

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go to the university campus,

feel the campus atmosphere, set a reading goal

Today's children,

have great resistance to learning,

I don't know why I want to read,

I don't know the use of learning.

at this time, we need the correct guidance of their parents.

take them around the university campus,

look at the beautiful campus scenery,

feel the strong learning atmosphere,

stimulate their desire for learning,

help them set up the goal of reading,

let them understand the meaning of learning on the university campus.


go to the place where parents work,

understand the social value of family members

Children are not adults after all,

they have not experienced the pressure of life.

they have no responsibility to support their families.

even if their parents are hard and tired,

they can't empathize and understand.

instead of constantly complaining and nagging in children's ears,

it is better to bring them to their own place of work.

Let children feel the hardship of work,

and the sources of family expenses. Parents are not easy.

this can not only enhance the relationship between parents and children, but also enrich their experience.

whether children can become talents or not depends not only on their own study, but also on the education and traction of their parents.

parents have not only the grace of raising their children, but also the responsibility of educating their children.

so while letting children study hard in books,

should also show the truth in practice and action.

often take them to these five places for a walk.

can we educate excellent and promising children.

make parents feel at ease and bring honor to the family!