Ten homely words written by an old man to his children and grandchildren are thought-provoking.

Ten homely words written by an old man to his children and grandchildren are thought-provoking.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

as the saying goes, "an old man at home is like a treasure."

sometimes an ordinary and tasteless saying of the elderly can reach the heart of the children, untie the "pimples" that their children and grandchildren can't understand, and make them calm down.

remembering that the grandma of the host Ni Ping was an old man who had not been to school all day and did not know a word, she often told the big truth that gave Ni Ping an epiphany.

as Ni Ping believes: grandma's words are simple but philosophical, full of worthless things like radish and cabbage, but they are the most palatable and good things for the stomach.

every family has had old people like Grandma Ni Ping. Their words are like a simple Xinhua dictionary, and a careful study of each word has its inner meaning. Family words are the most heart-nourishing ordinary words in the world, and careful reading can make people stable and comfortable.


Don't look at other people's footprints when you walk.

you must have your own heart

before you can have your own life.

when she was young, Mrs. Thatcher's father was the owner of a grocery store. On her fifth birthday, her father pulled her over and said,

"son, remember-- you must have your own mind in everything. Use your own brain to judge what is right and wrong, and don't follow others. This is a life motto given to you by your father, and it is also the most important birthday present your father has given you! "

when Margaret Thatcher began to attend school when she was a child, she saw that her class had a rich arrangement of free time, either taking to the streets or playing games, or going on a picnic by bike.

her heart itched when she saw it, and she said to her father, "Dad, I want to play, too."

after listening to this, the father said earnestly, "son, you have to make your own decisions; it's not that I don't let you go out to play, but if you just choose to do what others do and go with the flow, you will accomplish nothing."

Lady Thatcher, who was a little girl, thought: "Yes, why should I be like others?" I still have a lot of work to do. I haven't finished the book I just bought. "

if you have your own opinions on all choices, you will find the most suitable path for you; only when you walk in your own direction will you glow with due brilliance.


before you do something, work hard;

if you can't do it, let it go

to see the story of a netizen changing careers.

because netizens like computer programming and feel that they can find a good job with a high salary, without much experience and foundation, he resolutely quit his clerical job and turned to the computer.

but because it is almost zero, there are few responses to hundreds of resumes sent out when looking for a job.

whether looking for a slightly lower salary or other slightly related jobs, they were turned down one by one.

during this period of leaving, netizens send resumes during the day and learn programming knowledge in the evening, saving enough strength to achieve the goal, but there is a big gap between ability and job requirements, and finally they can only accept the reality.

the situation at that time dealt a heavy blow to netizens, often doubting whether the previous decision was correct and whether they were really interested in this industry.

friends around him enlightened him when they saw his decadent appearance:

later, netizens slowly calmed down and decided to study deeply first so as not to let themselves get tangled up in the present.

before doing things, we are 100% prepared with the determination to win.

at the same time, we should also be clear that everything cannot follow our heart. As Li Ruzhen wrote in "Flower in the Mirror,"try your best to listen to your destiny."

there are too many variables in one thing, do what needs to be done, accept that it is contrary to one's wishes, and don't wring yourself.


We should have reliable "companions" when we are away from home, and

be able to help each other when needed

"Hua Hua Jiao er people lift people" is a Hangzhou saying, which means that people cannot do without mutual maintenance and help.

Hu Xueyan is a famous Hongding businessman in modern China, who pays special attention to helping each other with others when he is away from home.

in the early years, Hu Xueyan helped Wang Youling sit in the position of governor of Huzhou, which made it convenient for his later career.

Hu Xueyan plans to let his bank take care of the silver and silver of Kufu, but if he wants to implement this, he must find a way to master Qian Gu.

but get to know Mr. Qian Gu and let him agree to his request. Wang Youling did a key favor.

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that year, on the Dragon Boat Festival, Hu Xueyan asked about the resting place of Master Qian Gu's family, so he took the initiative to send the money and food needed for the festival, only in the name of Wang Youling.

Master Qian Gu went to thank Wang Youling after knowing this, but Wang Youling said it was Hu Xueyan's intention. The two skillfully helped each other, so that the matter of taking care of the silver and silver in Kufu was quickly reached.

in many cases, one more person helps, and the final effect is far beyond the ability of two people.

"the house will collapse sooner or later without beams. If there is no one to help you, you can't afford to live!" Grandma Ni Ping's words echoed in her ears and pointed out the necessity of helping each other.


be a man before doing things.

people can't do things well, and they can't do things well

teacher Nan Huaijin has an idea. Why should one read books?

Reading is to be reasonable, that is, to understand the truth of being a man.

if people do not do well, things will not be done well, and life will be even worse.

only when you are reliable, can you feel at ease when others tell you things, and only when your character passes, can things be done well.

for example, people you know want to ask you a favor, but many people around you say you have no character.OK, this gives the person who asks for help an unknown risk.

Bai Yansong said:

being a person is the key to doing things well. Being a man before you do something can work anywhere.


everyone comes from different backgrounds.

see the good ones are not "greedy", while those who meet the bad ones do not look down.

see a report that makes statistics on the family background of the grantor since the establishment of the National Supreme Science and Technology Award in 2000. The results show that

38% of the winners have good and affluent families, and their parents have a college education or important positions in the government; 27% of the winners have a relatively advantageous family background and their parents have professional skills; while the remaining 12% of the winners have no advantage in their family background, and even drop out of school because of poor families when they are young.

people's birth environment and background are very different. Some people are born in Rome, while others are born in very ordinary families.

but as far as the result is concerned, even if the gap is not small, we have a good chance to achieve the same result through our own efforts.

so when you see a person with favorable conditions, you don't have to be too timid or feel inferior, but you can learn from him and chase after him.

when you meet conditions that are not as good as your own, you should not look down upon them. If you can help, you can help them. After all, everyone has their own difficulties.


if you want to have your own money, keep your hand when necessary

Life is like a sailboat sailing in a vast sea, it is hard to avoid big winds and waves.

Family illness and work accidents are all places to spend money.

having a plan to keep some "savings" for yourself and giving yourself a way back is the most reliable way to survive.

I have read a real news:

he Tingbo, president of a certain product of Huawei, revealed in an internal letter that Huawei had made a "spare tire" plan for "chips" many years ago. if one day advanced chips and technologies from abroad cannot be obtained, then the chips and technologies that have been independently developed for many years will be "converted" to ensure the strategic safety of most products.

in fact, life should be the same. We don't know if and when accidents will come, so we have to pave the way for unknown risks so that we won't be knocked down and overturned by sudden changes.


which comes first in terms of body, family and earning money?

which comes first in body, family

this sentence points out the importance of health and family. Without a healthy body and a harmonious family, no matter how much money you earn will not bring a strong sense of happiness.

relatives are often around, and no disease or disaster is the source of happiness.

when you don't earn all your money, don't be greedy and be content. Don't "lose watermelons and pick up sesame seeds". In order to make money, you ignore the red light that your body shines and don't care about your family. In the end, it's really nothing.


all one's life, one should not be impatient or impatient.

A lot of things come naturally, and there is no hurry.

any good result will not come easily; life is a cause and effect, good fortune and misfortune depend on each other, after suffering, good fortune will come.

Wang Yangming was once demoted to Longchang, which is a desolate and uninhabited land.

but there he did not give up hope, but had a good state of mind, honed himself unhurriedly and lived a good life in the present with an ordinary heart. Because of these experiences, he founded Yangming Theory and became a famous thinker and litterateur in Ming Dynasty.

it is said in

that I will do my life and ask for my own happiness. "

every time I shed sweat for the present, it will be firmly recorded by fate, and fortunately, blessings will come to those who work hard in the future.


if you have enough to eat and drink, it is important to feel comfortable.

sorrow is a day, and happiness is a day


Human life is a state of mind.

when you ask for something and don't ask for something, don't do something, don't go to snobbery, but simply be yourself and live a happy life, then you are happy.

A benevolent wise man's home was robbed, and his friends wrote to comfort him, but he said, "Thank God, I'm very well now."

because the thief only took things, not hurt my life; only took part, not all; he was the thief, not me.

A good state of mind is the secret of happiness. Dickens said:

A person's life, mixed with joys and sorrows, bittersweet is normal; in the face of bitterness and happiness, learn to be free and easy, try to be light, have a normal mind, is the most correct attitude of life.


do not listen to the words of the elderly, suffer losses in front of the eyes

this is a popular mantra among the people. It makes a lot of sense to think about it carefully. The elderly have a lot of experience and knowledge, and under their suggestions, they can take a lot of detours.

during the period of the three Kingdoms, there was such an old man who asked his offspring to do something on his deathbed, but the descendants did not take it to heart and paid a heavy price for it.

the old man is Liu Bei.

Liu Bei told Zhuge Liang Tuo Gu that Ma Fu was exaggerated. Although he had read a lot of books, he had no real ability, so it was best not to use him.

but Zhuge Liang didn't take it to heart, and he still attached great importance to Ma Jing. Later, during the Northern Expedition, he sent the street pavilion in the town of Ma Guan, but because he was bent on going his own way, the street pavilion was finally lost in the hands of others.

A commonplace or vulgar sentenceWords are the crystallization of the wisdom of the elderly, and what they say is generally sincere advice.

although the times have been moving forward, we can take into account our own actual situation and refer to the advice of the elderly as appropriate. After all, the more the message of wisdom is deposited, the more interesting it will be.

the most universal truth is the most convincing.

those home-cooked meals that support people are the most inseparable, and a word of home-made words from the bottom of my heart is the most important compass on the road ahead.

when you don't know what to do, when you are confused, you can take it out and read it over and over again; in the exhortation and entrustment of every word, you can slowly regurgitate your cud, and you can also understand the truth.

A plain vegetable and a meal can appease the restless people most, and the simple and easy-to-understand truth can best be said into people's ears.

the old man's home words are like clear boiled water. Although they don't have a variety of colors like drinks, they quench their thirst the most, and each point is simple, specific and beneficial.