Ten years later, promising children come from these seven families, please read it!

Ten years later, promising children come from these seven families, please read it!

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since ancient times, parents have loved their children earnestly.

We all hope that our son can become a dragon and a woman can become a Phoenix. On the road of life, we have a grand vision and a bright future.

however, what kind of person a child can become depends, to some extent, on his parents.

educator Rousseau once said:

whether a child will succeed in the future or not is often inseparable from the influence of the family.

if the family style is good, the parents are harmonious, and the children are bound to be filial.

especially the following seven families, it is easiest to raise promising children, which is very accurate!


families who attach importance to education

as the old saying goes: no matter how poor you are, you can't be poor in education, and you can't save money on books.

how much a family attaches importance to education directly determines the future life trend of their children.

the more attention is paid to education and cultivation, the more children can change their fate and succeed through knowledge.

in ancient times, Meng's mother moved three times, constantly looking for the best learning environment for her son's future.

Today, Wu Yi-Shu's father spends her energy, educates and entertains, and accompanies her daughter to read poetry and literature since childhood.

thus achieved a generation of sages and trained excellent students of Peking University.

there is a saying in the warring States Policy: "parents' love for their children is far-reaching."

as parents, we do not have to be rich in learning, but we must firmly believe in the power of education. We should not only be the nurturing person on the way of children's growth, but also be the leader on their way of education.

with this vision, children will have more strength to ride the wind and waves and make their way up.


optimistic and positive family

writer Dickens once said:

mentality is the core of a person and the cure for everything.

have a good state of mind, can calmly face the wind and rain of life, the vicissitudes of the years, so, life is full of hope.

and the state of mind of a person is affected by the family to a great extent.

if parents are negative and lazy, children learn to be full of grievances and are bound to complain often;

if parents are optimistic and positive, children will be happy from an early age and take things easy.

there is a good saying: "adversity is better than adversity."

truly good parents value the cultivation of their children's mentality, which will far outweigh the pursuit of foreign objects.

they know very well that there is a long way to go in life, so that children can have peace of mind, even if they live a life riddled with holes in the future.


families who love learning

have seen a question on Zhihu:

Long for a perfect formal dresses for senior citizens that flows around your curves, flattering your height? Shop now and enjoy the pleasant shopping experience.

"Why is there such a big gap between children in the same class and the same teacher?"

in the final analysis, it lies outside the school-the family.

when many parents come home, they either watch TV or play with their mobile phones. They never set an example for their children.

if you don't like learning, how can you ask your child to have a good grade?

Minister of Education Chen Baosheng said:

in the final analysis, parents' attitude towards learning is the most important love for their children, which is related to the fate of their whole life.

parents must shoulder the burden if they do not want their children to do nothing at school.


emotionally stable families

in the CCTV documentary Mirror, there was such a family:

the boy was so grumpy that he took action whenever he disagreed.

once, because his mother sent him fruit to disturb the game of chess, he reached out and began to beat his mother.

later, I found that it was the father's bad temper that influenced the child's character imperceptibly.

after witnessing the quarrels and fights of his parents, he also became very emotionally unstable.

Yu Minhong said:

the course of life is long, and childhood is only a small part of it.

parents who are truly far-sighted are never lukewarm. With a tolerant heart and a stable mood, they help gently outside the track.

because they know: let the child have a stable mood and correct values, and then continue to work hard, will certainly reach their own end.


families that respect their children

what is the most important thing to be a parent?

respect and love.

this answer sounds corny and vague, but it is the golden key to solve most family conflicts and children's psychological problems.

Professor Li Meijin of the National people's Congress once said:

everyone has self-esteem, and children are no exception.

if they are often beaten and scolded by their parents and lectured regardless of the occasion, their children will gradually become unconfident and even dislike themselves.

only when they are respected, trusted and affirmed can they have the confidence of acceptance, which is the most important motivation for them to move forward.

one netizen said very well:

"to train children to have their own ideas, to have their own rules, and the ability to have their own goals in mind is the most successful education for children."

respect is not only a "knowledge", but also a scenery of life, it is worth every parent to explore and appreciate, but also hope that you and I can become "respected and elegant" parents, escort for their children.


families with neat houses

homes are only square inches, but they will develop children's behavior habits.

Therefore, "Zhu Zi Family precepts" begins by warning grandchildren:

cultivating children's ability to clean up their own rooms from an early age can not only improve their life autonomy, but also enhance their sense of self-independence.

with an imperceptible influence, children will become positive and self-disciplined and develop the good habit of not being careless, perfunctory, and having a beginning and an end.

and when a person develops good habits and has a cleaner environment, the quality of life will continue to improve in the future.

your room is your feng shui.

A person who can live a steaming, exquisite life every day can feel the vitality at any time.

fear not the past, not the future!


A family that pays attention to rules

since ancient times, there have been no rules.

from the country to the individual, rules are the most important foundation.

Liang Qichao once said:

Children are playful and rebellious by nature, and if parents blindly follow their own temperament and do not exercise restraint, they are likely to go astray.

just like six-year-old Liang Qichao, he was severely reprimanded by his normally gentle mother after lying to his mother for a trifle.

from then on, his mother laid down the rule of "no lying" for him.

there is a sentence in the book Family Education:

if there are no rules in the family, the children have no principles.

people without principles, most of them lack awe of things and are not disciplined, so it is naturally difficult to achieve success.

the rest of life is long, and children still have a long way to go in the future. what they need is lofty goals, the right direction, and guidance along the way, all of which only parents can afford.

in life, the pony, the golden house and the thousand-hour millet are not as important as raising a good child.

educating good children is the most precious asset for parents in this life.

I remember that the mother of "genius girl" Wu Yi-Shu once said:

"genius does not exist."

any good child is not a miracle born out of thin air, but a cause and effect that can be followed.

its cause is in the family. Its roots are in the parents. "

parents can become better parents only if they become the best of themselves.

May you and I both understand, and then grow up with our children and nourish each other.

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