Ten years later, the most promising children come from these six families.

Ten years later, the most promising children come from these six families.

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the success or failure of children's education is largely related to their parents.

I remember that extreme Challenge took a small test. They chose a middle school and asked high school students to stand on the same starting line of the court.

six hosts, each with one question, move forward if the answer is "yes", otherwise they can only stay where they are.

these six problems are closely related to parents and represent the financial support, vision and psychological support that parents can provide to their children.

after the Q & An is over, some children take 36 steps forward, but some children still stay where they are, brutally showing the gap between people on the "starting line".

the child who is far ahead should be grateful for the advantage his parents have created for him.

educator Sukhomlinski once said:

"to a family, parents are roots and children are flowers."

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the healthier the root, the more beautiful the flower will bloom.

We cannot walk the path of a child for him. The only thing we can do is to give him a good growing environment and correct teaching when he is young.

most of the children raised by these six excellent families will not be bad when they grow up, and they are more likely to stand out in the future competition. By comparison, how many do you have in your family?