Thank you for holding an umbrella for you silently in your life.

Thank you for holding an umbrella for you silently in your life.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

in our lifetime, we will meet many kinds of people.

those who are kind to you are the most important people in your life, so cherish them.

when you are frustrated, they will lend you a helping hand to help you tide over the difficulties;

when you are satisfied, they dare to speak up about your shortcomings and help you make progress.


when you are frustrated, the people who help you

all say that it is easy to add icing on the cake, but it is impossible to find charcoal in the snow.

think about it, it is true.

when people are proud, everyone around you is brothers with you, but when you encounter difficulties, most people choose to turn a blind eye to them.

there will always be difficulties in your life. Those who are willing to give you a hand when you are down must be kept in mind.

A young businessman saw a ragged young man on the street, trying to sell his products to passers-by, but no one stopped to pay attention to him.

the businessman immediately felt compassion, stuffed a hundred yuan into the young man's arms, and turned away.

having just taken a few steps, the businessman thought carefully and felt that his behavior was inappropriate.

then he returned and apologetically explained to the young man that he had forgotten to take the product just now.

and do not forget to encourage young people, do not give up hope for life.

A few years later, the businessman lost a lot of money because of the failure of his investment, and the company was facing bankruptcy.

at this time, a mysterious salesman invested a sum of money to solve the company's shortage of funds.

afterwards, the businessman went to the door to thank the salesman and found out that he was the young man whom the businessman had helped.

he said that he was very grateful for the kind deeds of the businessmen at that time, and it was those words of encouragement that helped him rebuild his courage and confidence.

later, with his own efforts, he finally made some achievements in the sales promotion industry.

when he learned that the businessman had encountered difficulties, he came to help without saying a word.

Yang Jiang said:

when you are down and out, the person who is willing to help you must be an important person in your life.

the height of the tree is ten thousand feet high, never forget its roots, and if you are brilliant, don't forget your gratitude.

whether you are rich or powerful in the future, remember those who have helped you.


when you are complacent, the person who wakes you up

has a saying that is very true:

sweet words are easy to get, but words from the heart are hard to find.

in life, everyone is willing to say good things because they will not offend others, but unpleasant criticisms will add to people's hearts and make people dislike.

however, those who are willing to tell you the truth and criticize you are the ones who really treat you well.

during the period of the three Kingdoms, Ma Ludai and Xu Yuan, the chief officers of the State of Wu, became friends because they were like-minded.

Lu Dai is a man who loves talent. He admires the talented Xu Yuan so much that he recommends him as an official.

Xu Yuanjing, who was born in poverty, was highly recommended by Lu Dai to enter the official career and become an official to the imperial history.

Xu Yuan is straightforward. Whenever Lv Dai does something wrong, he always criticizes his faults and shortcomings in public without mercy.

A lot of people talk behind their backs, thinking that Lu Dai has both gratitude and friendship to Xu Yuan. Xu principle should support Lu Dai, but he did not expect to be so ungrateful.

when these gossip reached Lu Dai's ears, instead of getting angry, he explained:

later, when Xu Yuan died, Lu Dai was so sad that he thought that no one in the world could point out his mistakes in time and spur him to make progress like Xu Yuan.

those who dare to point out your shortcomings and correct your mistakes are rare mentors and even more important people in your life.

I remember what Zheng Yuanjie once said:

"A friend who dares to tell you the truth and point out your shortcomings is unwilling to see you repeat your mistakes without knowing it.

I don't want to see you waste your time. I don't want to see you regret but find it too late to change."

unpleasant criticism is the most sincere.

if someone is willing to take the risk of thankless to criticize you, please cherish such a person.


Thanksgiving, the dignitaries in life

there is a saying in the Book of changes: to receive the grace of others, bear in mind.

if you accept a favor from others, you should bear it in mind and repay you if you have the opportunity.

it is obligatory for others to help you, but it is duty not to help you.

not everyone in the world will treat you sincerely.

those who are sincere to us in life must be cherished. They are our honorable people.

in ancient times, there was a young man from a poor family who had been begging for a living since his parents died.

the young man likes reading very much, often because he is so attentive that the money is taken away by the thief and is unaware of it.

once, the boy fell ill because of the rain and fainted while begging in the street.

A mother and daughter living opposite saw this, took the boy home, invited a doctor to treat him, and specially prepared a hearty meal for him.

the boy got better, and the mother and daughter learned that he wanted to go to Beijing to take the imperial examination, so they gave him some silver taels as travel expenses.

the boy was very grateful to the mother and daughter and promised: "if I go to high school in the future, I will repay it well."

after the boy entered Beijing, he really went to high school. The prime minister at that time knew that he was a talented person and attached great importance to him. It was not long before the boy achieved Shangshu.Location.

later, the boy specially returned to his hometown to visit the mother and daughter, and found that they were now living in distress, so they took the mother and daughter to their own house and treated each other like relatives.

to be a man, you should always be grateful and receive favors from others, which should be rewarded.

after all, in this world, no one owes anyone anything; we should be grateful to those who are willing to help us.

as the saying goes, the grace of dripping water is rewarded by Yongquan.

Life is short and rare for dignitaries.

the true feelings should be kept in mind, and the kindness should not be forgotten in this life.

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the last thing you should forget in your life is the kindness of others to yourself.

as the old saying goes, "Honors and benefactors, never forget!"

when we are in trouble, we should not forget those who help us; when we get carried away, we should cherish those who wake us up.

those who have sincerely helped us in our lives are the nobles of our lives, which we should be grateful to remember.