The 36 golden laws in social communication will certainly make you understand a lot of truth.

The 36 golden laws in social communication will certainly make you understand a lot of truth.

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1. Trust Law: don't trust others or not.

2. The law of cleverness: the smartest person is the one who hides his cleverness.

3. Law of reward: excessive eagerness to repay the kindness of others is a sign of ungratitude.

4. Gift Law: how to give a gift is more important than what.

5. The Law of Truth: you need to think twice about revealing the truth as well as hiding it.

6. Bow Law: either don't bow, bow deeply if you want to.

7, the law of protection: you can't rely on the fence to protect yourself, you have to rely on your friends.

8. Law of voice: the louder the two sides are, the more difficult it is to have a conversation.

9. Law of trouble: half of the troubles in life are caused by saying "go" too fast, or saying "no" too slowly.

10, the law of shame: the first time you lied to me, it was your shame; the second time, it was my shame.

11. Ponder the law: think about what a person says, not the person who speaks.

12. The law of deception: people who are most easily deceived are those who think they are smarter than anyone else.

13. Law of respect: self-esteem is the source of self-discipline, and those who can say "no" to themselves are the ones who respect themselves the most. 14. The law of foolishness: there is no one who doesn't say stupid things, but it is those who deliberately say stupid things that are terrible.

15. Law of promise: those who make slow promises are the fastest to fulfill their promises.

16. Law of modesty: modesty is the art of letting others take the initiative to discover how great you are.

17, the law of prejudice: prejudice makes a person's mind like a pupil: the stronger the light, the more it contracts.

18, Law of Honor: if you really want to do something, don't worry about who will get the honor when it is done.

19. Friend's Law: if we knew that friends would change, we wouldn't be in a hurry to change friends.

20. Law of relationship: there are two ways to maintain a relationship-one is to cooperate with each other, the other is to compete with each other.

21, Law of worship: we always like the people who worship ourselves, but we don't necessarily like the people we worship.

22, the Law of detail: smart liars make up details, but smarter liars avoid mentioning details.

23. Law of misunderstanding: telling the truth to people who misunderstand you usually leads to more misunderstandings.

24. Law of advice: advise friends to praise friends where there is no one, and praise friends in situations where there are many people.

25, praise Law: when the enemy praises you, you should think about what you have done wrong.

26. Vanity Law: we can't stand the vanity of others because it hurts our vanity.

27, the law of truth and falsehood: some words in life are true, but they sound false; some words are false, but people firmly believe them. 28. The law of rumors: those who will spread rumors to you will also spread rumors about you, and those who will lie for you will also lie to you.

29, comment Law: there is only one way to avoid being commented on: do nothing, say nothing, and be inappropriate to anyone.

30, Law of Imagination: if you find that others are not as good as you think, please don't be angry, because you are not as good as you think.

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31. Law of giving: there are two kinds of people in the world: the taker and the giver. The former may be able to eat better, but the latter can definitely sleep better.

32. Forget the law: don't forget what you should remember, but don't remember what you should forget. Those who forget history will repeat it.

33, the Law of Silence: sometimes you have to be silent to be heard by more people; those who do not understand your silence will not understand your language.

34, Law of doubt: trust is a virtue, but doubt makes me learn more;

Don't do something when you're not sure, let alone give up what you're doing because of public doubt.

35, Law of opinion: only ask for advice from people whose abilities are similar to yours;

those who need to listen to other people's opinions most often don't like others to give them advice.

36. Law of judgment: accept everyone's blame, but keep your own judgment;