The best health care in the world, just two words!

The best health care in the world, just two words!

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Huang Di Nei Jing says:

if a person is in a bad mood, a healthy diet and more exercise will not help.

Modern science has also proved that 90% of human diseases are related to emotion.

only by keeping a good state of mind can one reduce diseases and keep healthy.

the editor has sorted out five ways, which can effectively regulate mood and maintain a good state of mind.


laughter is a nutrient

to solve a thousand sorrows with one smile, and to solve a thousand worries with one smile.

in the state of happy mood, the various functions of the human body can coordinate and balance each other, making the body healthier.

usually discover the happy things in life, taste good food, exercise, listen to music and watch movies.

try to cheer yourself up.

encourage yourself and cheer yourself up. In the face of the troubles in your life, think of the good things first.

after a long time, the state of mind changes naturally.

stay positive and optimistic, and life is slowly clearing up.


"speech therapy" is a specific medicine

people are social animals, and if there is no one to talk with, they will be depressed and lonely.

after a long time, the disease will come.

Health care doctors in the White House once prescribed a secret recipe for Bush's health:

communicate more with family, communicate more with friends, and talk more with loved ones.

many people like to keep things in their hearts, but they don't realize that if they hold them for a long time, they will get sick.

Communication is a kind of talking, in which emotions flow and the heart knot slowly opens.

if there is no depression in mind, people will naturally be relaxed and happy.


the more friends a person has, the more extroverted the person will be.

such people do not hold their breath and carelessly have nothing to worry about.

the more friends a person has, the fewer boring days he will have.

friends chat, travel, eat and do things together.

if you live a vivid life like this, life will naturally be rich and colorful.

positive emotions can be contagious, so please be a person who loves to laugh and spend more time with people who love to laugh.


tolerance is the regulating valve

the ancients said: people who often laugh at the world have a big belly and can tolerate things that are difficult to tolerate in the world.

the pattern of a person is not how much he sees clearly, but how much he despises.

people, the more they care about, the more distant they become; the more they worry about things, the more annoying they become; the more they care about feelings, the colder they become.

in communication, it is inevitable to be wronged and misunderstood.

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the more you argue with bad people and things, the worse your state will be.

take it easy, don't worry about it. The more open-minded you are, the more beautiful your mood will be.


indifference is an immune agent

Zhuge Liang said: calm clear mind, tranquil and far away.

in modern society, many people are impetuous, anxious and worried about gain and loss. In the final analysis, they still have too strong desire and want too much.

A hundred years of life, you can't eat three meals, but you can't sleep.

No amount of wealth can be taken away. Instead of being obsessed with fame and wealth, it is better to keep it cool and indifferent.

he who is content is rich.

crude food, health and safety are the greatest blessings of a person.

such people live a more comfortable, free and easy life and naturally live a long and healthy life.

the best way to keep in good health is to keep the heart. In the impetuous and chaotic life, maintaining a good state of mind is the best panacea.