The best health care in the world, only these 10 words! (recommended collection)

The best health care in the world, only these 10 words! (recommended collection)

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the Doctrine of the mean says: "if you practice morality with virtue and benevolence, great virtue will gain its longevity."

Modern people have a variety of ways to keep in good health, but they forget that the real way to keep in good health lies in keeping the heart.

No matter how hard life is, keep peace of mind so that you won't be held back by unpleasant things and won't be knocked down by hardship.

there is no phase in the world, the phase is born from the heart, and the environment is born from the heart.

A person who has a good mind will naturally have a bright life.


there are always some regrets in life, so why take it too seriously and pursue the so-called perfection.

reconcile with life, maintain a positive attitude, less sad, more happy.

people often say, "phase comes from the heart."

A person's appearance will change with different mindset.

there is such a clip in Lu Xun's hometown.

when she was young, Mrs. Yang was the prettiest girl on the street. There is a tofu shop, and all the neighbors like to buy tofu from her.

but many years later, Mrs. Yang changed from a slim girl to a fat "compass" because of the pressure of life.

people also become mean, stingy, and sometimes even play rough with others.

Brother Xun moved, and Mrs. Yang wanted to take the furniture home. When she left, she took a pair of gloves from his mother.

the original natural beauty has become abominable because of perennial love taking advantage.

A person's appearance is determined by his heart.

because the face is born, but the face is acquired.

keep an optimistic attitude, no matter how difficult life is, it will become relaxed and pleasant; no matter how ordinary it is, it will be amazing.


"diligence" can make money

as the old saying goes, "A man is diligent, but not long poor; lazy, rich is not long."

if you want more wealth, you must make an effort.

hard work, adhere to self-discipline, when a person's efforts surpass most people, they will certainly get rich rewards.

"sketch queen" Cai Ming once staged "Robot" on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala.

in order to perform the perfect shape of the robot, Cai Ming did not eat staple food for two months in a row, eating only fruits and vegetables every day.

during the official performance, when Cai Ming got up from the box and appeared, it was dark in front of him.

but she still tries to keep herself awake, showing the audience the image of a perfect robot.

sure enough, Cai Ming became famous in the first world war by virtue of this role. He not only became a "regular guest" of the Spring Festival Gala, but also earned several times more money.

behind all the splendor, it is inseparable from unknown diligence and hard work.

in this world, everything will deceive yourself, but not hard work.

every effort is a process of accumulating strength, making yourself more, and becoming an excellent person.

and the higher your value, the better the return.


"good" can cultivate morality

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the three-character Sutra says: "at the beginning of man, nature is good."

kindness is a person's innate instinct and the foundation of doing things.

be kind to others and be convenient to yourself. When you are kind to others, you will naturally reap a lot of kindness.

I have heard such a story.

A taxi driver sent an old woman to a nursing home.

on the way, the woman stroked the ring hanging on her chest and said something.

A few days later, the woman called the driver and cried, claiming that she had left her ring in the taxi.

but the driver clearly remembered that the woman's ring was hanging around her neck all the time.

as soon as he tried to refute it, the woman talked about the origin of the ring.

that ring is a gift from her deceased daughter.

after her daughter left, she hung the ring on her every day as if her daughter were by her side.

after hearing this, the driver could not bear to tell the truth and lied that the ring was in the car. He asked the woman for a picture of the ring. He spent all his savings and ordered a ring that looked the same.

A year later, the driver received a letter and a list of inheritance.

it turned out that shortly after the woman left, she found the lost ring. Moved by the driver's kindness, she gave all her inheritance to the driver.

as the Buddhist saying goes, "Blessing comes later."

those who are kind will be rewarded with kindness. Those who have done good deeds, the kindness paid, will one day, will give back to themselves.


"Qian" can gather the edge

full of losses and benefits.

the degree of humility determines the height of one's life.

being humble and courteous, has nothing to do with rich or poor, has nothing to do with status, it embodies a person's character and upbringing wisdom.

Jin Yong wrote in The Legend of the Condor Heroes:

the more modest you are, the faster you grow, and the smoother the road to success.

at a gathering of writers, a well-dressed young man, holding his novel, walked up and down the venue.

seeing the lady sitting in the corner, she went over to show off:

the lady nodded politely and said nothing.

the man was displeased and asked loudly, "how many novels have you written?"

the lady replied, "I only wrote one."

the man's face showed disdain, and the lady replied, "gone with the Wind."

Rousseau once said: "the most knowledgeable and knowledgeable people are always modest and prudent."

the low water becomes the sea, and the low man becomes king.

the more modest a person is, the more he knows how to lower himself.

the road of life is long and blocked, and keeping modesty is the best way to harvest and grow.


We often say, "making friends is sincere."

the most important thing to get along with others is honesty.

being sincere, not deceiving, not sophisticated, making friends with sincerity, exchanging hearts with hearts, is the best way to get along with each other.

as Lu Xun said, "the quality of a great personality is an honest word."

No matter what the appearance and identity of a person, as long as he is sincere, he will naturally gain a piece of sincerity.

because people are inherently mutual.

how you treat others, you will naturally get the same treatment.

Fleming is a poor farmer in Scotland. On his way home, he rescued a little boy who had fallen into a deep ditch.

the next day, a luxury carriage stopped in front of Fleming's house, and a gentleman of extraordinary temperament came down.

the gentleman said:

"I am the father of the child you rescued yesterday, and I have come to thank you today.

I want to sign an agreement with you. I will take your child and provide him with the best education.

if he is as sincere as you, he will certainly be someone to be proud of in the future. "

Fleming thought for a moment and signed the agreement.

A few years later, his son, as a gentleman said, graduated from medical school, invented the antibacterial drug penicillin and became the famous Sir Alexander Fleming.

later, the gentleman's child was infected with a bad disease, and Alexander Fleming, who was raised sincerely by the gentleman, once again saved the child's life.

there is a saying: "there is no road to sincerity, sincerity itself is the road."

if you want to get the heart of others, you have to give it.

only when you treat others with sincerity and make friends with your heart can you gain recognition from others.


"Learning" can learn

"my life has a limit, but there is no limit to knowledge."

Life is actually a process of continuous learning, progress and growth.

as the saying goes, "it is never too late to learn."

in this era of rapid development, only by continuous learning can we not be eliminated by the times.

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, is not only recognized as a rich man in the world, but also a person who loves to learn.

No matter when, he never stops learning: at home, on the playground, on his travel, on his mobile phone.

he uses all possible time to help himself absorb knowledge in different ways.

Bill Gates once said that he insisted on reading one book a week for 52 years, books with professional knowledge and many books that had nothing to do with work.

every year, he arranges two weeks as a reading holiday.

the more you learn, the wider your knowledge will be and the smaller you will feel.

there is a popular saying on the Internet: "people spend their whole life paying for cognition."

only by constantly learning and increasing knowledge can we have a larger pattern and see a wider world.


"patience" can nourish happiness

"Zengguang Xian Wen" says: "endure calm for a while, take a step back and the sky clears up after the rain."

there are always bad times in life.

know how to put up with the impatience of ordinary people in order to achieve the impossibility of others.

I believe many people have heard such a short conversation.

the monk Han Shan asked his brother:

pick it up and said:

We always think that tolerance is a kind of grievance, but in fact, it is a strategy, a kind of bearing, and a strength to rise abruptly based on our accumulated strength.

it's like the story of Han Xin's humiliation under his crotch: for a seven-foot man, although it is a great shame, he can endure a temporary humiliation in exchange for a long life.

if Han Xin at that time could not help it and drew his sword to kill the scoundrel, he would not have a chance to become a famous general of later generations.

so, sometimes tolerance is not stupid, but a kind of wisdom, so that you can get more blessings and have a wider world.


"stillness" can nourish the heart

and be indifferent to sex.

A person has time to meditate on his past only when he is calm down.

when he was young, Zeng Guofan was impetuous and often offended others because of his temper.

he paid a special visit to his teacher for an answer.

the teacher gave him the word "quiet".