The best investment in life: choose the right wife

The best investment in life: choose the right wife

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Camel Xiangzi says, "to take a wife, you have to be serious; if you are kind to your wife, you are like a thing."

the best feng shui in a family is to be kind to his wife.


being kind to his wife

is the greatest wealth in a man's life

A good marriage is a firm marriage that is willing to be of one heart and never separated from each other; it is the companionship of two feelings, holding hands, holding hands and growing old together.

I have a colleague who has a very good relationship with his wife. His trick to maintain a relationship is to listen to his wife.

this colleague often goes home on time to take care of the children and do housework when we go out for dinner.

several times he invited us to his house for dinner, and then he was cooking all the time, and his wife was beside us to chat with us.

when eating together, he would pick up food for his wife and let us eat a handful of dog food.

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according to him, when his wife married into his family, from the apple of his parents' eye to being the mother after giving birth, he felt that his wife had paid too much.

after giving birth, he realized that it was not easy. Watching his wife conceive in October, edema, vomiting and strong reaction, he vowed to be doubly kind to his wife in the future.

he said that he should love his wife more, share more of her sufferings, and regard her as a treasure.

wife is the one who tastes all the joys and sorrows of life with a man, has a common goal, a common responsibility, and works hard for the beauty of the family.

being kind to his wife is a man's greatest wealth.

the pattern of a man is not only whether he can give a woman a material life, nor whether he is good at words, but in ordinary days he will put his love into action and give you the softest side in every detail.


be kind to your wife

No matter how poor you are, you can make your family rich.

movie actor Liang Jiahui is recognized as a representative figure in the film industry. He has created more than 100 classic characters, and many film awards have been won by him.

but what many people do not know is that he also had a very low ebb.

he was banned by the Taiwan media for filming in the mainland. During that time, he even set up a stall in Causeway Bay.

it was also at his lowest point that he met the true love of his life-Jiang Jiannian.

at that time, they had no money, so Liang Jiahui held a wedding with Jiang Jiannian with only HK $8000, with only a banquet and a diamond ring.

in those poor days, they shared happiness and troubles with each other. Liang Jiahui also expressed his love for his wife with action.

he would take his wife by the hand and walk the streets together;

he would take his wife to an ordinary shop, invite her to breakfast and chat happily while eating;

he would lead his wife to take a leisurely walk in the vegetable market, and then go home and cook together.

he will also take his wife shopping and buy her things she likes.

later, Liang Jiahui's career became more and more successful and became an actor.

but his wife is out of shape and looks old because of illness.

many media filmed them saying: "unlike husband and wife, like mother and son."

but Liang Jiahui replied, "the most beautiful woman in the world is not as attractive as my wife."

facing the reporter, he asked him: "as a gossip insulator in the entertainment industry, how do you resist temptation?"

he smiled and said, "it's very simple. I think my wife is the most perfect woman in the world. I can't resist the temptation at home. How can I have the energy to deal with the outside?"

be kind to your wife, no matter how poor you are, you can make a family rich.

if a man is kind to his wife, he will benefit from it in the end.

what you give to your wife is what you give to yourself.

Love for your wife is, first of all, an understanding, even a look, a word of concern, a hug.

this understanding is enough to make all the hard work worthwhile.

the husband knows how to love his wife, and the wife knows to be considerate of her husband, so no matter how poor he is, he can slowly become rich.


being kind to your wife

is the best education for children

A good marriage is not only the most beautiful interpretation of love, but also the best education for children, which will quietly affect the direction of their lives in the future.

in the variety show "my Girl", Jiao Junyan is optimistic, cheerful, rational and independent, which is inseparable from the affection of her parents.

Jiao Junyan bought a puerarin cake, and when she was ready to eat it, her father grabbed it and gave it to her mother.

once, when I got off the bus, Jiao Junyan's mother shouted, "do me a favor, old man!"

so her father came right away and tied her mother's shoelaces.

parents have good feelings, so that their children can learn to love and be loved, and can live more freely and independently in the world.

teaching children how to behave is not as good as setting an example and spoiling and taking good care of their wives.

as psychologist Wu Zhihong said, "Children are happy to see their parents fall in love, rather than competing for love with their children." If parents love each other, the child will feel at ease to be a happy child. "

in this life, money rises and retreats sometimes; fame and wealth disappear like a dream, and only the family is the richest thing in our life.

Wang Han once said: "Men are a grain of dust at the beginning, because a girl accepted him and said to him that I love you, so the dust has the strength and becomes a small stone."

he and his wifeZi Yang Lele's feelings are not so vigorous, but more of a long stream of water, taking good care of them.

Yang Lele liked the music of Whitney Houston and Macy Gray, so Wang Han asked someone to go abroad to help bring back their CD.

Wang Han often prepares romantic surprises for her birthday, and once prepared a fireworks party for her.

he also said a famous saying: "it is better to be happy alone than to be happy alone, and public happiness is not as good as Yang Lele."

at the first time when Yang Lele gave birth, he did not go to see the children, but kissed his wife.

and the child's name Xiaomu, which is the side of "Wang" and "Yang", implying the crystallization of love.

in order to lighten Yang Lele's burden, he also specially set aside more time to take care of and accompany his children.

gradually, children continue to grow up, more optimistic, strong, confident than their peers, and have many interests and hobbies.

A man is kind to his wife, and the wife will be grateful for her husband's care, which sets an example for the children.

the core of a family is the husband-wife relationship, followed by the parent-child relationship.

the relationship between husband and wife is the foundation of the family. Only with a solid foundation can the branches and leaves flourish.

the mother's character determines the child's character, while the husband's love determines the wife's character.

if the lover loves to return, the family will be happier and happier.

it is the man's responsibility that determines the temperature of the home.

in a happy marriage, there is a husband who is kind to his wife.