The best investment of your life: investing in health

The best investment of your life: investing in health

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recently, a Douyin online celebrity with 41.37 million followers announced his tearful retirement.

words are full of bitterness. Xue Zhiqian and Pan Changjiang strongly support and comfort:

his name is Guo Mingming. He is only 23 years old, and he is at the age of great display and hard work.

he has just collaborated with Xue Zhiqian to enter the entertainment industry;

he has just come through the difficulties and obstacles from the nameless grass roots and ushered in the light.

when he first showed his edge, he had to withdraw with regret, and his eyes were full of reluctance and helplessness.

and all this is because his body lost the battle.

he is an idiopathic tremor. Recently, his condition has deteriorated so sharply that he can no longer pick up the microphone, his expression and voice can no longer be controlled, and he has to tremble and rely on handrails to support even going downstairs.

in desperation, he had no choice but to admit to his body and bid farewell to his favorite career.

writer Ikeda Daisaku said: "No matter how outstanding talent and strength, no matter how wise, once bedridden, life will come to naught."

in the face of disease, human beings are so small that everything is vulnerable.

Disease is like a silent thief, always inadvertently eroding the body and stealing health.


Youth is not capital, but health is

not long ago, I saw a news:

Xiaoxin, who was in his 20s, suddenly had severe chest pain and was rushed to the hospital by his parents.

when Xiaoxin was pushed into the emergency room, there were large anterior wall myocardial infarction and ventricular fibrillation.

the doctor said that if it had been a few minutes later, there might have been cardiac arrest halfway there, which would be difficult to rescue.

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the doctor present could not help but sweat for Xiaoxin. Fortunately, his parents bought him rescue time.

Xiaoxin underwent the operation of opening and occluding the blood vessels and saved his life. But from then on, the heart function is damaged, can no longer carry out strenuous exercise, walking a little faster is likely to appear fatigue, asthma.

later, the doctor found a clue in his new habits.

he likes to play games and often stays up all night until 6: 00 in the morning. He also prefers fried foods that are high in calories and fat.

usually do not like sports, can sit never stand, can lie down never sit, height 1.7 meters he weighs more than 90 kilograms.

for a while, Xiaoxin often felt chest pain and chest tightness, but he didn't pay much attention to it, thinking that he just didn't get enough sleep and that he would get better after a sleep.

unexpectedly, I almost lost my life because of this.

they all say that "youth is capital", and many young people have nothing to fear and enjoy themselves.

at the beginning of the year, Sun Qiaotong, who played the role of "Barala Little Devil Fairy" Maggie, died of a sudden heart attack due to excessive drinking at the age of 25.

in a live broadcast, she has revealed that she spends millions of dollars on drinking every year.

in the mood for love, so hastily stagnant at the age of 25, it is regrettable.

Mr. Tao Xingzhi said: "ignoring healthy people is tantamount to joking with their own lives."

it is the greatest ignorance to regard youth as capital and consume it unscrupulously.

No matter how young you are, there will be diseases, and no matter how strong you are, there will be days when you are hollowed out.

Life is hard to get what you want, only the world is unpredictable.

the pain will not be lenient because you are young, and you will show no mercy once you find an opportunity.

in front of health, everyone is equal, and there is no distinction between old and young.


Health is the most expensive in a person's life.

in Zhihu, some people ask, "what things did you wake up after you fell ill?"

the highly praised answer quoted a sentence: "apart from life and death, which is not a small thing?"

netizen @ positive energy Mr Li shared his feelings after a period of illness:

in the cramped ward, he lay on a small hospital bed, hanging cold drips into the blood, and felt very much.

he said: "only after illness do we know the value of life and the importance of health."

when people are in good health, people always disapprove of it, and they don't feel sad until they lose it.

A letter of complaint from the employees of a large factory was circulated on the Internet.

he is a game planner. He graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University and worked in a well-known enterprise for 5 years.

during the past 5 years, he often worked late into the night in order to achieve good results and make a good future.