The best life: no illness in body, nothing in mind

The best life: no illness in body, nothing in mind

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there are always people who say that there are many ways to live.

you can go from nine to five, or you can wander around the world. You can stay at home or travel all over the world. You can be full of friends, or you can be alone.

it is undeniable that everyone has their own choices and preferences, but in my mind, the best life is to be physically and mentally free, so good.


A person must first be in good health before he has the energy to do what he wants to do, the ability to love the person he wants, and the spare power to pursue everything he wants.

if you have good health, even if you fall to the bottom, even if you fall into a desperate situation, even if you lose everything, you still have the possibility of counterattack.

but if you lose your health, even if you are rich, even if you are rich, even if you get all the fame and fortune, it will come to naught in the end.

in fact, everyone knows the truth, but if we can't do it, we will still put our health behind us and turn a blind eye to the endless contracts and the endless business


but when you find the red light in your body, the lighter one can be remedied and treated for a while. If it is heavy, there is no chance to recover it at all.

at that time, even if you had millions of dollars, it was in vain to hire the most professional doctor, to stay in the best hospital, and to pay the most expensive medical expenses.

remember the German philosopher Schopenhauer said: "A healthy beggar is happier than a sick king."

everyone likes to be healthy rather than sick. Everyone wants to live longer and better,

rather than let life end prematurely, or become a patient who needs to be taken care of at any time.

so from now on, please eat well, sleep well, pay attention to the routine, combine work with rest, don't stay up late, be less angry, and exercise more.

only when you are in good health will everything be all right. On the other hand, no matter how good the living conditions are, they can't make up for the defects and regrets of physical illness.


although everyone has a different way of life, we all yearn for happiness.

but happiness, more time, is outside the basic food and clothing, a kind of feeling, a kind of experience, a kind of understanding.

in the real world, you will find that although some people have a lot of money, they live an extremely depressed life, while others are destitute, but they can enjoy themselves.

the biggest difference between them is whether they have something in mind.

for example, there are always a lot of people who feel tired.

in fact, what makes them really tired is not all the difficulties and setbacks.

but they are always haggling over the trivial, trivial, irrelevant past, and the people and things in life.

in fact, people and things in life are wrong when they are wrong. If they pass by, it is better to laugh over them.

for example, there are always people who feel that they are living a hard life.

in fact, what really makes them feel bitter is not how unhappy the reality is, but that they are always too stubborn.

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there are opportunities and luck in life, some or no, the fate and share in the relationship should be yours, it will be yours, not yours, and you can't force it to come.

for example, there are always people who find it difficult to live.

in fact, what really makes them feel difficult is not that their future is uncertain, but that they are too worried.

No one can predict fate, no one can predict the future, no one knows what tomorrow will be like.

instead of worrying too much, it is better to have the calm state of mind that "the troops will stop, and the water will cover the earth". After all, there is no dead end in this world, only people who can't turn.

there is a poem that says:

Please remember, from now on, don't regret what has happened and don't worry about what hasn't happened.

when you achieve "nothing on your mind", focus on the present, no lead, no connection, no hindrance, life will become clear, clear and at ease.


the body is disease-free, which is the basic requirement for a person to survive.

because health is 1, the rest of career, family, status and money are 0.

if you are healthy, the more zeros you have, the richer you are. And if you don't have health, it's out of the question.

having nothing in mind is a necessary factor in a person's happy life.

because only when a person can keep a normal mind, not thinking about the past, not welcoming the future, can he /p>

be accepted, more interesting people, better things, and a more meaningful life.

only do both. In the end, no matter where you go and where you go, you can feel truly secure, satisfied and at ease!