The best living condition of a woman (must see at the age of 25-55)

The best living condition of a woman (must see at the age of 25-55)

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have a person's ability to live a good life

in King of Comedy, Zhou Xingchi's words "I raise you" moved countless people to tears. But in reality, women with palms facing up often end up miserably.

A really smart woman will never let go of the three things she has: the ability to make money, her social circle and the reassuring balance on her card.

they give you the ability to clean up the mess and ensure that you don't have to lose your dignity in the event of an emotional accident.

in this world, only what is in your hand belongs to you. After all, you have to give your sense of security by yourself.


skin care exercise, maintain self-discipline

how many people worry about getting old every day, but do not realize that the years will never spare anyone.

and behind all the beauty and delicacy you see, there is ascetic self-discipline.

No one has an obligation to explore your excellence through your sloppy appearance.

Clean, not only be responsible for your face, but also show a simple, bright, unsettling attitude towards life.

starting today, less indulgence and more self-discipline: go to bed early and get up early, drink more water, exercise for half an hour every day, persist in skin care, and maintain a refreshing and generous image at all times.

although the years are not forgiving, you don't have to go around them. How self-disciplined you are, how beautiful you will be.


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form the habit of reading

Lin Yutang once said:

Reading can be reasonable, understand meaning, and let people slowly precipitate. A woman who loves to read has her own temperament and character.

they always have their own thinking about everything in the world, confident and not blindly follow. They have their own temperature in doing things and always face the world with a peaceful and calm heart.

the belly is full of poetry and books, and the temperament of that pen and ink is the best cosmetics for a woman.


regular travel

travel is not only an open-minded way of life, but also a positive attitude towards life.

the best time is on the way:

make an appointment with two or three friends, or travel alone with a backpack, press a pause for life, and put the tiredness and trivialities on your shoulders. Get rid of all distractions, with an empty body and mind, away from the secular noise, walk all over the mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, taste 04:00 elegant.

stop and go all the way, enjoy free and easy and comfortable, give yourself a soft time, let the soul bloom in the quiet place.


keep emotionally stable

Bi Shumin once said:

"the most harmful things for a woman are resentment and guilt.

the former allows us to aim vicious energy at others, while the latter turns the gun around and targets this negative emotion at ourselves. "

No one in the world can have a smooth journey. What emotions you use to face the problems of life, what kind of future life will give back to you.

Women who can maintain emotional stability tend to have high EQ and large patterns.

deal with things rationally and deal with setbacks calmly.

forget when you should, and put it when you should. As a result, they are more broad-minded and can grasp the happiness of the moment.

emotionally stable, it is a woman's top accomplishment. Only when you have a good mood can you keep a good fortune.


know the world but not sophisticated

Li Bihua once said:

this is true for both friendship and love.

there are some things that don't need to be too sensitive, and some things you don't have to worry about leaving. Don't give everything you have, leave yourself some pride and heartache.

A comfortable relationship never requires you to please, and a relationship that is really worth it doesn't need to be maintained carefully.

you don't need too many bosom friends, just three or two. Seven points is enough, and three points is for yourself.

No thankfulness, no deliberation, no compulsion. Put yourself first in order to live a free and easy life.


there is a companion who knows the cold and the hot

writer Ma de once said:

the vigorous feelings are unforgettable, but when they enter the besieged city of marriage, there are many trifles and long streams of water.

the man who loves you may not be so perfect and can't give you the whole world.

but he will spare no effort to protect you from the wind and rain, to protect you from the malice of life, and to give you all tenderness and carefulness.

when you are with him, you don't have to worry about gain or loss, so as to prevent you from wandering.

when you are with such a person, you will be content with each other until the end of your life if you respect, love and understand each other for the rest of your life.


Love the present and look forward to the future

Lu Yao once wrote:

the script of life may not be written according to our heart, but we can follow our heart to take the next step.

Don't be shackled by secular vision, and don't worry about gossip.

every new day is a gift of life, and every minute you can live a wonderful life for yourself.

Love yourself and love life is the best feedback to life and the best explanation for the rest of your life.


in this life, nothing is more important than being true to yourself.

Women who are good at managing themselves and love life can have unlimited possibilities no matter what age they are. At any time, be a bad, no discount, not cheap, not bad girl.

do not love the past, the present is not miscellaneous, the future is not welcome, things come to adapt.

you will eventually meet a better self every tomorrow.

click"watching", may you feel the goodness and light of the world every day;

May every step you take be on the road you love;

May you not think about the past and fear the future, and may the beloved you trust smile like flowers.